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  • 政府名稱: Quaheem愛德華茲
  • 註冊號碼: 10800-084
  • 年齡:28
  • 服務時間:6 + 歲.
  • 家鄉:百德新, NJ
  • 句子:20 歲
  • 電流充電:串謀分發, 武器, 恐嚇證人
  • 別號:OX-水花
  • 發布日期:2024
  • 監獄所屬:
  • 影響圈:Charles Taylor Jr., 大衛無人機, 約書亞Carrell的, Tewhan巴特勒
  • 機構:USP圖森
  • 現在我知道我想要什麼自己的生活, 我的家人和我的社區. 我嚴格有關重建和變革. 在紙面上, 我將永遠為下屬. 我宣讀誓詞! 但我一鼓作氣現在真正的原因, 或幾個原因: 更改, 生活水平提高和繁榮. 興起!


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If there is one thing you should know about our world, it is that everyone’s on “Geographic Time.” You are around people from all around the world. 在這裡, everyone belongs to a “car” and don’t mistake this for that Cadillac truck that you traded in for a prison sentence. In our world cars are a group of individuals from a state and region. Let’s use the tri-state area. 紐約, 新澤西州, 波士頓, Delaware, 康涅狄格, 等等. All states up north are under the same umbrella. And usually one shot caller completes the car.

Some people have different definitions or their own opinion of what a “shot caller” might be. Some consider this person to be “diplomatic”, while others look at the title as an informant for the institution’s administration. Depending on what type of yard you’re on, and the caliber of men you’re dealing with, both of these definitions of a “shot caller” are accurate. 在我看來,, the shot caller’s job is to keep structure and discipline amongst the individuals in the car. The shot caller is strict, but reasonable when it comes to dealing with conflict. Shot callers lead a group of militant “men” and ex out the knuckle heads and those who are self-centered and irresponsible. 但, during my time in the penitentiary, I have seen less strong shot callers and a whole lot more of “Administration Informants”.

例子: The yard can be on lockdown because two cards crashed. The first thing that the administration does is pull out who they believe” are the shot callers for both sides. Now the administration’s informant will inform the staff of everything just to “keep the noise down.” This is a no-no! The shot caller does not offer any information, but he doesn’t “play tough” either.

其次, a real shot caller does not allow the administration to dictate what happens in a car he oversees. 期! But now a days, there are a few cars who don’t have shot callers. The way that they operate when it comes to decision making is, the majority rules. An approach that I like best.

Now unlike the State system, lets use Virginia for example, where there would be a Richmond clique, Tide Water, Roanoke etc. Here in our world, those areas would fall under one umbrella. 弗吉尼亞州. Depending on what or region you’re on, the car situation can be a little different.

Another example:

If you’re housed on the west coast or Midwest region and you’re from the east coast, the car get’s bigger. Your car would be something like this: NY, NJ, Phi., DC, 弗吉尼亞州, 馬里蘭. 等等. Then there’s the dirty south car, which will be: Georgia, 路易斯安那州, Mississippi, Tennessee, 德州, and even the Carolina’s. You will run into guys who say: “I ain’t no car, I’m on man time” a saying that has become abused and so over-rated. What he means by this is, he isn’t into the geographic thing, or politics. He usually deals with individuals from all over.

This is also considered being “independent.” But, if this is you, and you’re a person who loves going to chow for every meal, there’s a chance you will eat standing up. Because even the kitchen is set up for cars, and you can only sit where your car eats; Unless you’re cool with a guy from another car, and there’s an understanding. There is even cars for religions and organizations. Christians, 穆斯林, Jamaican, 先世, 瘸子, 白種人, Mexicans etc. And if you’re a Muslim, a devoted Muslim, one who is on his deen, and let’s say you’re from New Jersey. When you arrive to an institution, one of the first things people ask is: “Are you on Jersey time or Muslim time.” And usually you will have to make a choice. 現在, if you choose to be in the Muslim car, and your homeboy from Jersey gets jumped, you can aid and assist him if you want, but don’t expect the Muslims to follow suit.

好歹, there is no freedom to bounce around from one car to the next. You will learn that there are plenty of people who do not agree with the geo-politics of federal prison, but this is the way it operates. The system is much bigger than you. 所以, the worse thing you can do is be a fresh face trying to dictate and make up rules. Sad, 但真正的. If you’re feeling anything like superman, there’s always an air lift on stand by. This goes to my next topic.

“Homie Time”

A questions that is asked often once you step off the bus. “Are you on homie time?” or “Are you on count”?

在我們的世界, a “homie” is considered someone who is apart of your car. Someone who is from the same state or city as you. This term is used so much, I can’t even believe it still exists.

I happen to be one of the few who hate the word “Homie,” even as an active blood member. A homie in my opinion is someone you’re close to, someone you go to “bat” for and vice-versa. A homie is someone that you break bread with. Not just a dude who’s from the same state as me. You can have a homie in your car that you may never speak to or even know his name. “Homie” is a replacement for “brother” but this is just my opinion. Let’s be honest with ourselves, a homie will more than likely be the first person who you have conflict with, especially in our world. 但, dealing with homies goes on outside of these walls as well. Your homie will be the first to backbite and stab you in the back. 但, real homies don’t do that.

如果, and when, you get settled in on the compound and you’re one of those who has money coming in regularly, be on the look out for the “homie card.” No, this isn’t anything like the Rush Card, or a Black Card, but it can be if you’re green, vulnerable or scared. This is in other words, “the five finger discount”.

Fresh off the bus, all eyes are on you and this is after your paperwork has been stamped. Vultures from all over are watching to see what you can be used for. It could be months after you arrived and that dude who’s supposed to be your homie, but never speaks, and is always mean-mugging, he’ll be on your heels on the day of canteen.

“Ay homie, you going to the store? Get me a ice cream”.

And you may not even remember this dude’s name. 您知道它之前, this homie is borrowing things with no intention of paying you back. In his mind, you won’t sweat it, for the simple fact that, “ya’ll homies”.

Or let’s say you’re hustling, selling sodas maybe. There will always be that homie with his hand out, expecting something “on the strength” or he comes to you with short money, then later on when you come looking for what’s owed, you’re considered “thirsty” and “petty”. But how can you be petty by asking for what’s yours? One would think, if we’re “homies” like you claim, you’ll wanna see me doing good, 右?

Welcome to the geo-politics of our world, where “homies” are on the prowl, and cars are ready to crash. Not all homies are scavengers, some actually have good intentions. It’s up to you to separate the two.

Be careful how you choose to do your time. Welcome to Our World #WTOW


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