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    The following is a guest post written by Roosevelt Wilder while at Stateville Correctional Center (喬利埃特, 伊利諾伊州). Wilder has since been transferred to Danville Correctional Center (Danville, Illionis) where he is serving a 60-year sentence for murder. He has been incarcerated since 1995. Fruit of the loom Saggin’ from the ass of the fruit of the womb. Ashy backs and ass cracks Sadly, howling at the moon, Doomed . . . before they could learn to eat with a spoon Consumed . . . by the...閱讀更多



    這是邪惡, 這是邪惡! 我是人類, but I wish I didn’t know people I’m better with no equal, 將沒有續集, 開頭和結尾是我, Alpha and Omega to believe Seize thoughts of envy, 控制你的嫉妒, 所以你告訴我, bears no relevancy The legacy’s mine! 現場一位傳奇, 死了一個傳奇, in time You ain’t happy, 苦惱, 試探我與你吐惡, lips drip poisonous venom Your limbs testify to...閱讀更多


    Bear Witness to America’s Massacre

    It was seven when I heard the sirens I had to get away, but my legs wouldn’t move. I was running nowhere fast. 突然, I was face down. 1, 2, 3 officers hard tackled, knee in my back, arms wrestled behind me. My rights were never read; was told I had none. To take another man’s life is said to be the most egregious sin, and so is the denial of justice. Head mushed down, cop car door slammed shut. “We got ’em Capt!” Mistaken identity, my guilt...閱讀更多


    Justice and Peace

    I used to fight over colors I used to fight over territory to hustle on I used to fight over disrespect I thought I was hard I thought I was like that I thought I was a man, but deep inside I was emotionally distressed, mentally depressed. I was cold; I was just-ice I was in a state of imprisonment within myself In my prison I had fights with me I had constant lockdowns I felt all alone, with thoughts of homicide, suicide and many other violent injustices. I believed I was a victim of...閱讀更多


    Look at Me

    When you look at me — I’m more than the flesh you see. You see a person, but that’s not me. I’m what your eyes can’t see. I’m the spirit that occupies me. I’m more than me. I want you to get to know who I really am, outside of what your eyes may see. This body is something I use to navigate this existence because we existed before the body we chose to inhabit. We fall short when we associate who we are to the body we dwell In darkness, we navigate the...閱讀更多



    系統湮滅, 方案,缺少愛的, 欺騙性智能, 大眾困惑流血- 無辜的, 雖然他們認為他們是有罪, 邪惡的污點, 那些誰是精神上的污穢教- 說謊者, 欺騙者和非信徒犯下欺詐, 他們好色做惡人比狗少紀律- 這是誰的野獸啟示談到? 創建問題, 惡魔製造情況- 這是一個男人, 不是間諜, with a diabolical...閱讀更多


    King of Hearts

    在鎖和鑰匙 籠混凝土, 距世界 在沒有親眼所見, 在衛兵之下 無窗門用鐵棒, 這裡存在 紅心國王 – 話是鋒利 他能言善辯,絕不允許啟動 鍊式手和腳, 他必須保持 局限於一個籠 殺王的聲音,我們再也不需要擔心他的憤怒; silence him in an above ground grave, 誤導和安撫 人們在無聲的痛苦遭遇 miseducated他們知道自己的...閱讀更多


    A Mother’s Worth

    章 2 Verse-1 Mom speak for me Mom tell the world about your pain that I helped create Mom even though I’m not there, please find someone who will listen Mom there must be someone, somewhere that will listen because there are far too many of us in here and we want to know, 為什麼? Mom speak for me Mom ask, why did your only son have to get so much time so he could live free? Mom, 是, I was bad but, did I truly deserve to be betrayed and sentenced to all this time while still in my...閱讀更多



    Black Lives Matter — Black Lives Matter — Black Lives Matter — 我保證決不罷休的slavemaster死亡 我保證尊重需求 我承諾要求您通過黑度接受 你壓迫孕育我們的性, 心愛 我發誓效忠黑 — 黑色愛情, 站穩, 站起來, 永不退後 如果我們不能呼吸, AMERIKA將無法呼吸 AMERIKA將無法入睡, AMERIKA不會吃 AMERIKA將被帶到她的膝蓋 我承諾...閱讀更多


    Visualize: A Time Without Oppression

    Momma who am I? 你的最高孩子 然後, momma, why we poor; why so often you cry? Don’t worry about that, God will provide . . . 但是,媽媽你一直說,因為我是五 祈禱的男孩,我們會活下去, we’ll get by . . . Momma, you prayin’ God drops that pie out the gray skies? A change gonna come son, 早於你意識到 媽媽做上帝的謊言? 不, and you shut up that blasphemy! Momma does God love me? God loves us all equally. 神...閱讀更多