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    Justice and Peace

    I used to fight over colors I used to fight over territory to hustle on I used to fight over disrespect I thought I was hard I thought I was like that I thought I was a man, but deep inside I was emotionally distressed, mentally depressed. I was cold; I was just-ice I was in a state of imprisonment within myself In my prison I had fights with me I had constant lockdowns I felt all alone, with thoughts of homicide, suicide and many other violent injustices. I believed I was a victim of...閱讀更多



    Transition is the most uncomfortable experience I have endured, and in turn it has been one of the most beneficial. When I took a hard look at my life I was able to point out a number of things I disliked. Of course I do not mean things like my height or the size of my nose. Those are simply things that separate from the rest. Let’s talk about my height and unhealthy eating for instance. 在 2009, 我是 192 pounds, the heaviest I have ever been my entire life. It may not sound extreme,...閱讀更多


    A Child of Addiction

    帶著我散步. 看我的眼睛. 看到我所看到的. Feel my reality. 我出生在Fontana, raised between there and the East Side streets of Los Angeles. I am the epitome of a product of a broken home and a child who was born with a heart of gold that the world turned cold. 我失去了我的母親一共有四次. 一旦從年齡 2-5, 然後青睞 5-8 從年齡 8 直到我十一歲生日後約兩個月. All three times my mother served three year bids in one of...閱讀更多


    Bonding from Behind Bars: An Incarcerated Parent’s Story

    Imagine being a father of a one-year-old and a six-year-old. 現在設想一下,在監獄服刑就是字面上這麼久,這些孩子的兩個你監禁期間將成長為大人. Take another minute to imagine the psychological strain and trauma thrust upon the children and the father. 這種心理上的影響可能對這些兒童造成破壞性影響. 1-in-28 children under the age of eighteen have an incarcerated parent. This translates into more than 2.7...閱讀更多


    Flagrant Foul on All Fakes #ISeeYou

    Not too long ago it had been brought to my attention that the streets were in dire need of a “zero-tolerance” type conversation. Hoping it would possibly bring a few back to the essence and away from the Frank Ocean type behavior. With my ear to the pavement, I’m hearing it’s entirely too much faking taking place. Pretend thugs, Grammy Award winning gang-bangers and simply put scared n!**as with mean mugs. No disrespect to the real ones! 好, as you can see somebody...閱讀更多


    Feel My Pain: 4:00在

    在年輕的時候我被教導要保持鋼材 不理解我自己的意志 不能自由地感受 情感是不是交易的一部分,甚至 房子是充滿了愛與恨 不知道要創建什麼 生產經歷一個失去靈魂的充滿仇恨的 只希望由同級日期被愛 從遠處了解到遊戲 這是很容易處理我的生意 彩繪幻想世界 但那些接近只聽懂了我的世界 太聰明的街道,但太愚蠢理解 監獄是..,,en,,,en,我想給你們一堂歷史課..,,en,,,en,防噴器定位檔案,,en.閱讀更多


    Change Starts in the Penitentiary

    When you have become accustomed to doing things one way change can be extremely uncomfortable. But be mindful that the things we don’t enjoy are often best for us. Often I here guys who have longer sentences question change. It often comes with the questions of why or what is the purpose. Then I usually ask this question: How would you like to be remembered? A drug dealer, gang banger, sex offender, murderer, car thief, bank robber, pimp? The lifestyles we once lived do not have to...閱讀更多



    如果生活是一種行為,來到沒有做旁白, 沒有什麼會是什麼. 我們的完美天堂的看法是,但一個空的框架. 我們的錯誤將很容易的成為意義不大. 每天會發揮出我們很遺憾另一個場景; 質疑為什麼沒有人叫喊, “切!” 並讓我們有機會把我們最好的一面. 所有彌補了世界看到, 我們是對事不對人. Appealing to the Grammy family as an exercise to be everything and everyone other than your self....閱讀更多



    你可以聽到它? The gut wrenching hollers of hell Can you feel it? 那些被困在這裡的精神和體力上的負擔. 偷來的自由呼應整個晚上. 我已經通過, 我希望不是我最大的敵人. 每天我的奮鬥更大的成長, 結束遙遙無期. 因此,許多人痛罵, 做沉默的殘忍和不尋常的報復的受害者. 不受歡迎的黑暗, 脫了衣服心理折磨得太厲害可以不再夢想的光. 永遠腳鐐. 矜持. Hidden....閱讀更多



    一個脫衣舞娘,她成為, 她烏黑的頭髮在她的肩膀上摔了下來就像階段雨/跳舞, 在電線桿的滑動, 得到報酬在V.I.P.好處, 美元來到私人表演和派對/輸出窺視孔和窗口,她倒是一目了然, 抓住我的長相的人,她想成為她的男人厲害/可悲, 她會拿啤酒燕子逃離世界,她擔心, 然後清除她喝, 她會香煙吞雲吐霧想到/可怕的反思我的秘書,她才還俗, had a...閱讀更多