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    The Harsh Reality of Prison

    Kevin King, known as KK, has just been convicted of Armed Robbery and sentenced to 65 年徒刑. KK is 24 years-old. He must serve 85% of his 65-year sentence, which will make him about 70 when he is released from prison. KK is an only child, no nieces, 侄子, cousins, 叔叔, or aunts. His mother is on crack and the streets raised him. Once KK hits the jail most of the streets abandoned him. His homies disappeared. His girlfriend left. He could no longer provide the funds and good...閱讀更多


    The Mind of My True Enemy

    #RaiseUP – 和平的囚犯的國家和真正的家庭成員和親人誰從來沒有離開過我的角落. Today I’m approaching the session from a totally different angle . . . I call this angle “The Mind of My True Enemy”. Before I drop FREE JEWELS, let me say G-lookin’ to KB and the Big Homie Mass for even making a social platform like Live from Lockdown even possible. I believe in the power of dedicated minds. I greet you from the confines of USP...閱讀更多


    提高UP: 增長與發展是萬都

    這是 2016! 新的判例法! 提高UP! 和平的大猩猩囚徒國家和誰分享我們的真理,自由世界的追隨者從鎖定住. 當我寫到這裡, my cell door has been locked for four days due to another set of Gorilla Convicts governing their own. 每天獸之內繼續鬥爭. “逆境是滋補食物分給那些強大到足以消化它。” 我今天消息: We must transform from top criminals into genius businessmen. I say this...閱讀更多


    Patience is a Virtue

    All my life I was told that patience is a virtue. I never really understood that sentiment until everything in my life was turned upside down, and I had to exercise patience to maintain my sanity. In prison and in life we all at some point in time experience some kind of obstacle or setback that tests our will, 信仰, 信念, 和理解. Life is hard, so I won’t front like it’s not. You have to be equipped for all the troubles that come your way, in all aspects, 物理,...閱讀更多



    這些過去的幾個星期已經非常困難的,我在這裡FCI麥基恩. 對於初學者, 在城市裡,我倉庫 (布拉德福德, 賓夕法尼亞) had a water main break. 這樣不僅你有沒有水的城市, 你有數以千計的囚犯誰不能除其他事項外喝水的監獄和沖洗廁所. It was difficult for us to eat certain nights as well. If someone in this prison did not understand the importance of water I can bet my life they do now. We...閱讀更多


    邏輯: 好, 壞, 醜

    要使用的邏輯是用一種思維理性意識; 它是有一個良好的基礎. 要使用的原因是形成公平的結論, 權衡和平衡所有相關情況和看法. 邏輯和理性有助於釐清觀念. “所有的邏輯是理性, 但並非所有的理由符合邏輯的標準。” 讓我們來看看大臣馬爾科姆X沙巴茲作為一個例子. 好: 馬爾科姆是一個真正的男人和心靈. Malcolm’s work explains the sincerity and...閱讀更多



    我的'罩, 我的社區, 我的環境, 不再提高孩子的一個村莊. 我的鄰居不覺得為孩子遺棄在街頭罰站眼睛充滿飢餓. Uncompassionate和無知了一個真理,我們的鬥爭是一樣的. 你的家可以在漂亮的油漆裝飾. 你的草坪可剛修剪, 而我的除草草是蓬頭垢面. 這是否讓你更好的? 這是否證明,在面對未來的門砰擊? Do we not...閱讀更多



    你得看你把你的身體. 雖然食物是必不可少的, 食物的每一個項目是不是適合你. 你有你的好碳水化合物, 和你的壞碳水化合物. 你有食物,導致高膽固醇, 高血壓, 糖尿病. 一種保健意識的人練習和吃正確的食物,以維持他或她的健康. 這些誰並不十分關心自己的健康自己吃成肥胖等並發症,可能導致死亡. 我們做這一切的感覺, 一。.閱讀更多


    Preschool to Prison Pipeline

    They call it preschool to prison; America’s pipeline funnels mainly poor, inner-city children into everlasting darkness. I call it a shame. This absurd notion that isolation is the key to all problems. 今天, our young are given up on before they are given a chance. Five, 6, and seven years old. What does this truly say of our land, which is supposed to be so full of compassion? To turn our backs, close our eyes, and dismiss “我們的” children is a form of murder. We are...閱讀更多


    什麼是生活像 (部分 4)

    萊斯特“特富龍”奧爾福德目前在新澤西州監獄的管理控制單元所擁有的囚犯誰擁有對新澤西州未決訴訟,挑戰其使用單獨監禁. 在這裡,從鎖定奧爾福德股文檔在線的揭示對他伸出隔離的極端情況下的光. 在共享這些文件奧爾福德希望能開導的團伙參與的後果青年和等待他們的是在監獄黑幫成員. These...閱讀更多