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    Letter to the Mayor of Newark

    A letter to the Mayor of Newark Ras J. Baraka Peace to you and yours. I first want to thank you for everything you have done for me in the past. Second, I want to apologize for the rough patch they put you through because of me. I had no idea things were that big and that was my mistake. I did not realize the seriousness of who I was. For that I deeply apologize. 現在, it has taken me so long to sit down and write this letter. My peoples, before she passed away, told me to write you but I...閱讀更多


    Gun Control or Mental Health?

    Once again a massacre has taken place at one of our higher learning institutions. This time it was in Oregon. President Obama said, “it’s becoming routine,” in his remarks that were aired on news reports after the shooting. But still in all, there is no resolve. Gun control is still in constant debate, but my opinion is gun control is not the answer. Taking away our fundamental right to bear arms is not the solution to the actual problem. Since 2012 and the tragic Sandy Hook...閱讀更多


    Disdain for the Law

    This is straight from the heart, mixed with personal experience and a life time of engagement with the police of urban America. The police seem to have a secret/special code of conduct when it comes to engaging people with black skin. I have been incarcerated all of my life, in and out of prison since about the age of eleven. 所以, by no means do I make these inferences as to imply that I am the equivalent of a Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown and the rest of the precious lil brothers who were...閱讀更多


    芝加哥: They Don’t Really Care About Us

    A thousand pardons for taking longer than usual to provide you with some thought provoking material. I have been preoccupied with my ultimate objective- regaining my freedom! I was also patiently waiting to see if I would receive a response from the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, Father Michael Pfleger of Saint Sabina Church and a few other pastors throughout Chicago. I sent each of the aforementioned a letter titled “Saving Our Youth, Communities and Innocent Lives . . 現在!” 如...閱讀更多


    King Sankofa Sings the Blues

    I was sitting back listening to the big homie 2Pac this song came on and it hit me like a ton of bricks. At first I was going to name this “The Real Nigka Theory” but it didn’t fit right. 一, it was too common. And dudes nowadays don’t have any clue of what real is. Everyone seems to be out for self. 所以, please don’t judge me over what I’m about to say. You will probably still find a way to judge me, 所以, you know what, fuck it. 也, you might want to...閱讀更多


    Is It Mental or Criminal?

    Our country is suffering from an identity crisis? 我們的民選官員必須確定誰是精神病,誰是真正的犯罪問題,,en,這是為什麼當一個白人犯下可怕罪行,,en,他們立即被標記罪犯,,en,難道這些所謂的精神病患者個人不..,,en,,,en,我回顧麥克法登當美國最高法院首次作出最後判決,,en,因為沒有什麼報告,,en,除非你愛上下的類似法案,,en,現在,我有話要註明,,en,請打印出來給別人誰沒有看過這個,,en,Frankensteinians 我警告過你,,en,有人說,最暢銷的是希望和塗料,,en,我們Frankensteinians是在..,,en,,,en,,,en. Why is that when a white person commits a horrific crime, such as the Sandy Hook school shooting or the Aurora movie theater massacre, the public attributes these crimes to mental illness? And when a black or Hispanic does something far less destructive, they are instantly tagged a criminal. Are these so-called mentally ill individuals not...閱讀更多


    法庫: What is McFadden?

    Another Chance 4 Legal (AC4L) I reviewed McFadden when the United States Supreme Court first made its ruling. At the time I did not say anything, as I usually do, because there was nothing to report; unless you fell under the Analogous Act. Now I have something to state. To all the good men: please print this out for others who have not read this. Frankensteinians I warned you. I warned you. I warned you. It has been said the best sellers are hope and dope. Our Frankensteinians are at...閱讀更多


    現場鎖​​定: Nothing to Fear

    Just recently I was told by a reliable source that some people consider the writers on Live from Lockdown to be “scary”. The moment I received those words my mind went to the blind fear that many whites have of blacks. A fear that is largely built on insecurity, ignorance and a lack of compassion for fellow human beings. I am reminded of all of the ways that blacks are being oppressed. Many blacks have been murdered, incarcerated and abused as a result of the fears of others. ...閱讀更多


    Stop Signs: 5 Things To Stay Away From

    五事的名單從當你是正義的道路上望而卻步,,en,街頭 這不僅適用於正對角落熙,,en,黑幫 政府一直在工作多年努力等同團伙成員的恐怖分子,並與既有受同樣的法律,,en,因此,如果..,,en,,,en,男人喜歡我知道如何..,,en. 1. Street Corners This not only applies to being on the corner hustling. Those who are still out there getting it are slow. Now for those of you who are just out there, in today’s time, conspiracy is real and it is easy to be found guilty by association. 2. Gangs The government has been at work for years trying to equate gang members to terrorists and make and have both subject to the same laws. So if...閱讀更多


    Female Souljas and Down Ass Chicks

    This is to all of the female souljas, generals and all the round down ass chicks. When I see any one of y’all I be wanting to salute y’all because us men have it fucked up for real. So I want you to bear with me, while I take you on a ride with a real one who has been through some shit with real and fake ass chicks. 見, I’m a man who love females and everything about y’all. To be honest what turns me on is a woman who knows how to handle her shit. Men like me know how...閱讀更多