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    The Harsh Reality of Prison

    Kevin King, known as KK, has just been convicted of Armed Robbery and sentenced to 65 年徒刑. KK is 24 years-old. He must serve 85% of his 65-year sentence, which will make him about 70 when he is released from prison. KK is an only child, no nieces, 侄子, cousins, 叔叔, or aunts. His mother is on crack and the streets raised him. Once KK hits the jail most of the streets abandoned him. His homies disappeared. His girlfriend left. He could no longer provide the funds and good...閱讀更多


    Bear Witness to America’s Massacre

    It was seven when I heard the sirens I had to get away, but my legs wouldn’t move. I was running nowhere fast. 突然, I was face down. 1, 2, 3 officers hard tackled, knee in my back, arms wrestled behind me. My rights were never read; was told I had none. To take another man’s life is said to be the most egregious sin, and so is the denial of justice. Head mushed down, cop car door slammed shut. “We got ’em Capt!” Mistaken identity, my guilt...閱讀更多


    Happy Birthday: Massacre is Gone

    十月 1 was the day I was born. There are many stories that began this way. An innocent young child welcomed to a cruel world. The world that I entered in 1979 was still waning a hangover from the riots of the ’60s, and the noteworthy Black Power Movement. Shortly thereafter, when my feet began to get wet, Similac still on my breath, came the ’80s crack epidemic. I guess you can call this, out with the old, and in with the new. If everything happens for a reason maybe this is...閱讀更多


    Letter to the Bloods and Crips: Stop the Madness

    When I first started to write this post I told my brother Maal that it was going to be a banger, and I need time to get it right. I wanted my head to be in the right place. Before you read, know and understand that I’m addressing the Bloods and Crips of every state across the United States. I’m not just speaking on Jersey. I want to see change everywhere because we are losing this battle. Aren’t all of y’all tired of having your loved ones found dead in those streets?...閱讀更多


    A Man’s Man

    I’m so serious most of the time because, 在監獄裡, only the fittest and most aggressive survive. A second cannot be wasted. Once seconds are lost, you lose, and losing is for losers! I keep an attitude because I never want to become complacent or okay with being in prison. My disdain for prison is what keeps me focused, 規劃, plotting, strategizing, and executing to get out of prison ASAP! To some I am extremely cocky and arrogant. But that’s only because I believe in me. My...閱讀更多



    Black Lives Matter — Black Lives Matter — Black Lives Matter — 我保證決不罷休的slavemaster死亡 我保證尊重需求 我承諾要求您通過黑度接受 你壓迫孕育我們的性, 心愛 我發誓效忠黑 — 黑色愛情, 站穩, 站起來, 永不退後 如果我們不能呼吸, AMERIKA將無法呼吸 AMERIKA將無法入睡, AMERIKA不會吃 AMERIKA將被帶到她的膝蓋 我承諾...閱讀更多


    Back in Solitary Confinement

    People, I would like to apologize for my inconsistent contributions to Live from Lockdown and the #RaiseUP movement as of late. I have been placed back in solitary confinement for allegedly speaking language associated with a gang. 據稱, I was directing something. That is how the powers that be came at me. 在任何情況下, it was more political than that. I was transferred back to Trenton [新澤西州] State Prison from Rahway [East Jersey State Prison] and locked down. I spent sixteen days...閱讀更多


    Prison Conflict

    斯泰特維爾懲教中心 (喬利埃特, 伊利諾伊州). A meeting is taking place on the yard between the 39 Street Gents (fictional name). The leadership is confronting a lower ranking member on a rumor that he’s a snitch. T is the leader and Baby C is the second in command. The crowd includes various members of the Gents. The alleged snitch’s name is Lowdown. The brother bringing the charges is on the new [fresh off the street]! 牛逼: We want to call this meeting to order. Got a serious...閱讀更多


    Oath to Mission Statement

    I hereby take this oath . . . I remember reciting those words with aggression. With this oath I had no idea what I was really committing to. I had no ideas of the lives I was preparing to put at risk, including my own. I never believed or imagined speaking against this oath. 三月 29, 2000, at 12:31 am a boy joined the United Blood Nation. My permission was given in the form of excuses such as there was no love at home, I needed family, 而這樣的例子不勝枚舉. I told myself that I would...閱讀更多


    提高UP: 增長與發展是萬都

    這是 2016! 新的判例法! 提高UP! 和平的大猩猩囚徒國家和誰分享我們的真理,自由世界的追隨者從鎖定住. 當我寫到這裡, my cell door has been locked for four days due to another set of Gorilla Convicts governing their own. 每天獸之內繼續鬥爭. “逆境是滋補食物分給那些強大到足以消化它。” 我今天消息: We must transform from top criminals into genius businessmen. I say this...閱讀更多