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  • 政府名稱: Quaheem愛德華茲
  • 註冊號碼: 10800-084
  • 年齡:28
  • 服務時間:6 + 歲.
  • 家鄉:百德新, NJ
  • 句子:20 歲
  • 電流充電:串謀分發, 武器, 恐嚇證人
  • 別號:OX-水花
  • 發布日期:2024
  • 監獄所屬:
  • 影響圈:Charles Taylor Jr., 大衛無人機, 約書亞Carrell的, Tewhan巴特勒
  • 機構:USP圖森
  • 現在我知道我想要什麼自己的生活, 我的家人和我的社區. 我嚴格有關重建和變革. 在紙面上, 我將永遠為下屬. 我宣讀誓詞! 但我一鼓作氣現在真正的原因, 或幾個原因: 更改, 生活水平提高和繁榮. 興起!

孤- 三個單元格- 當它停止?

歡迎孤沙漠中的美國加州監獄維克多維爾. 那裡的工作人員是一個環境 80% 墨西哥的. 的環境中 “少數民族” (剩下的工作人員) 排長隊. 恨在你的心是如此扭曲的環境中,它可以創造和建立下. 在這種環境中的囚犯沒有贏. 也有極少數罪犯離開. 你是敗訴告終, 除非你會說西班牙語.

Some say that all Federal Special Housing Units are the same. Once upon a time I would have agreed, but allow me to “hip” you to why this isn’t true. Doing 23 和 1 time here in Victorville is hard time. This is a world of its own.

Most of the time we are served burnt food. To our knowledge, if we are talking lunch trays, the meals arrive around 10:30am and are stored in a hot box where they remain for up to two hours. Need I remind you the food arrives already cooked. After being reheated for two hours, we still don’t get fed until one o’clock and a lot of the time, later. We’re often served burnt rice, dry vegetables and even burnt oatmeal. How do you burn oatmeal?

Around the Federal system, most solitary units serve the meals out of similar trays. These trays are about a foot long and six inches wide. The trays are usually packed with food. Welcome to USP Victorville where the trays are half their normal size and portions are like snacks. The bread is stale and the milk is spoiled. The air conditioner only works on one side of the building.


Imagine being locked down in the cell with other men. Inside these cells there’s a shower, desk, sink connected to a toilet, and a bunk bed. A bunk bed for two. Now imagine having a third man as a roommate. He has no choice but to sleep on “half of a mattress” or the floor. The only space is near the door and inches from the toilet. When one of us has to use the bathroom, the third man either has to cover up with his blanket or stand by the shower and respect the very little privacy we have. When one of us is standing, urine will more than likely splash on the third man’s mattress. Many have “bucked” [刺傷] a third cellmate.

The results?

Imagine being shot by rubber bullets, while being sprayed with pepper spray, followed by eight C.O.s in suits with shields rushing you. There is nothing in the Bureau of Prison’s policy statement that states three men have to be in one cell. There have been other ways to buck. A way that I disagree with. There are those who accept the third man then beat him severely. There have been countless incidents at other prisons where the “三個單元格” was enforced.

Let’s take Big Sandy for instance. Back in 2006 it was reported during an ongoing beef between D.C. inmates and Blood members that a D.C. inmate was forced into a cell with two Bloods. After being forced into the cell, 該D.C. inmate was reportedly beaten to death. It was days later when this inmate was discovered.

Around 2007-2008 when the prison was considered “Bloody Beaumont” out in Texas, it took a few murders for the staff to realize three men in a cell was not working. 所以, is this what it takes? Guys have to kill one another before someone starts listening?


USP Victorville where inmates are forced to sleep on paper sheets for supposedly misbehaving. If I’m caught with a clothes-line up, I’ll be punished with paper sheets for seven days. But this is a risk that I am willing to take. 最近, laundry was done for the first time in a month! We recently were issued clean sheets for the first time in three weeks. We hang these clothes-lines because we have better chances washing our clothes and linen ourselves. We’re basically being punished for not depending on the staff to do their job.


好, 希望, soon. But out here in the desert, things only get worse. When one arrives here in solitary, he must wait thirty days before he’s given any personal property. But more than likely, those thirty days will turn into a few months. And this is if he has any property left. Just in case I lost you in the last sentence, walk with me..

There are three orderlies who are ll responsible for cleaning the ranges, doing laundry and loading trays. They’re all Mexican. We’ve had one Black orderly in the past and he was fired for defending himself against another orderly who is still working. Now just imagine being behind a cell door and watching the orderly walk by pushing a broom while wearing a pair of your shoes. Better yet, imagine not receiving a magazine you ordered months ago until the orderly comes around with hopes of selling it to you or anyone else. Here in solitary coffee is restricted. It isn’t sold in canteen, nor is it issued as part of breakfast. Our only shot at coffee is when the orderlies come by with it for sale. Nine times out of ten it is usually coffee from your property or or the man in the cell next to you. Here in Victorville, as well as many other solitary units, the C.O.s give some of our property away to the orderlies. But what can we do in an environment where we are forced to keep our mouths shut? It isn’t safe to be labeled a snitch in this environment. 所以, just like the animals we’re treated as, we’re forced to tuck our tails. Welcome to USP Victorville.

It doesn’t stop.


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