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    Black History Matters

    Great men and women have come from Africa and have exhibited the dignity and intelligence of their ancestors. The story of the so-called black man and woman cannot be told in a few bits about slavery. For there would remain too much untold. If we want to talk about the history of the black man we have to start with Eve, the mother of all civilization Her dark bronze skin and clever mind drew the pattern for our survival tens of thousands of years ago. Her imprint guides us to Egypt. There...閱讀更多



    這散文是關於告密者. 有些人可能會覺得反感, 但我不得不寫它啟發你對告密者如何才能適得其反社區著想. 在可以完全理解飛賊如何能妨礙到社會的繁榮, 你必須先了解打小報告是什麼,以及他們是怎麼來的. The History of Snitching Snitching has been going on for as long as man existed, but many seem to associate the term with crime and Black...閱讀更多



    年輕的兄弟進入監獄,並成為好奇宗教和各種精神道路. 30 兄弟見面樓上的健身房,斯泰特維爾懲教中心 (喬利埃特, 伊利諾伊州) to gain understanding about Hebrew Israelites and the Hebraic way of life. Once a month we have a question and answer in the spirit of universal brotherhood and righteousness. 這樣做的目的是讓所有在尋找救贖的實事,他們可以做, as well as historical information on our identity and...閱讀更多


    Pardon Me: Obama Commutes Sentence of Chelsea Manning

    一月 18, 2017, just 48 hours before Barack Hussein Obama was prepping to relinquish the Presidency of this nation, I received a faxed letter from the Office of the Pardon Attorney on his behalf that stated in part, “The application of Roderick Pavon Sutton for commutation of sentence was carefully considered in this department and the White House, and the decision was reached that favorable action is not warranted. The application of Roderick Pavon Sutton was therefore denied by...閱讀更多