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  • Government Name: Quaheem Edwards
  • Register Number: 10800-084
  • Age:28
  • Time Served:6 + yrs.
  • Home Town:Paterson, NJ
  • Sentence:20 yrs
  • Current Charge:Conspiracy to Distribute, Weapons, Witness Intimidation
  • Alias:Ox-Splish
  • Release Date:2024
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood
  • Circle of Influence:Charles Taylor Jr., David Drone, Joshua Carrell, Tewhan Butler
  • Institution:USP Tucson
  • I now know what I want out of life for myself, my family and my community. I am strictly about rebuilding and change. On paper, I will always be affiliated. I took an oath! But I BANG for a real cause now, or a few causes: CHANGE, UPLIFTMENT and PROSPERITY. RAISE UP!

Walk With Me- Life on the Inside of the SMU at USP Lewisburg

The white paint on the walls that surround me is chipped and stained from years of blood, sweat and tears. The doorways are so small you have to enter sideways and even a person standing at 5 feet 9 inches has to kneel. You may here the saying “Prison is prison.” This is far from being true.

This place where I lay my head every night may be the size of a walk in closet and that is without the normal furnishings. But even with the usual stainless steel sink and toilet, bunkbeds and table, these cells are only enough room for one person. If you have a roommate (and most likely you will) the two of you can’t even be on the floor at the same time. In this place there are holes in the walls where spiders and other insects hide until they think we’re asleep.

It’s hot as hell outside. I know America can relate to this summer’s heat wave. Now picture being trapped in a room where the window barely opens; not to mention the 12-foot pipe that sits in the corner of the cells. All year long this pipe is beaming! I’m talking about a pipe that is so hot, we can boil water in at least twenty minutes! In the hallways on the tiers there are two fans. What good are they on the other side of the door? Our only hope for not passing out is covering these pipes with our sheets and blankets then sleeping by the door. But remember, it’s two of us in a cell……

Welcome to USP Lewisburg a.k.a. “The Big House”, recently labeled the (S.M.U.) Special Management Unit in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. This is a super-max prison where you are locked down 23-hours a day with the chance of one our rec, but even that is not guaranteed. This is an 18-24 month program originally designed for inmates who were/are unable to conduct themselves respectfully in population. The SMU Program is ran from three institutions. The others are in Louisana and Alabama, but Lewisburg is by far the worst of the worst.

This is a place where speaking your mind can get you handcuffed and shackled with a belly chain. You can be in this position for anywhere from 72-hours to weeks, maybe even months. You are stripped down to your boxers and in a cell barefoot. A cell that may not have been cleaned in months! Imagine having to use the toilet shackled down…..It is impossible to wipe yourself properly. Depending on what side of the prison you’re housed in, you may not even get a shower.

Now you’re probably wondering what are we doing to get this treatment. Don’t get me wrong, there are some of us who raise hell but also, as I mentioned earlier, as little as speaking your mind will get you tied down. And the cuffs and shackles are tight to the point where your skin peels and bleeds. Where I live is far beyond inhumane. the treatment is brutal and has pushed many over the edge to commit suicide.

Imagine being locked in a cage with another inmate holding a shank (knife). God forbid if you’re getting stabbed, the person has at least a 30-second head start before the C.O.s show up. Even then they don’t go into the cages until both inmates are cuffed. You could be struggling to find your last breath and may be asked to “Cuff Up”.

Welcome to the Big House!

This isn’t a place for any human being. If you have been walking with me through this story, please take heed. This is as real as it gets. Brothers are dying behind these walls and the days continue like nothing ever happened.

To the children of today’s society, don’t become a victim to these surroundings because everything is a cover up. What you see on the Discovery Channel and MSNBC is only what they’re allowed to broadcast. Those programs are edited to scare kids and protect the prisons. This here on LIVEFROMLOCKDOWN.COM is as real as it gets.

To our youth, please take heed to situations and circumstances such as mine and stay positive. They have a cell open for the tough guys too.


OX a.k.a The Black James Patterson


12 responses to “Walk With Me- Life on the Inside of the SMU at USP Lewisburg”

  1. Bonnie Kerness says:

    The United States uses this kind of torture in violtion of the UN Conventiojn Against Torture, which the US has signed. There are these kind of isolation units in almost every state in this country and in US secret prison overseas. There is chemical abuse and physical abuse taking place. tthe AFSC getts testimonies from all over the country from people experiencing this and another form of abuse called “no touch” torture, which includes sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, humiliation, extreme cold or heat, extreme blinding light or dark, silence which can go on for years, or screeching gates and endless screaming. You cannot give me any reason for what the US does in it’s prisons.

  2. Sonni Quick says:

    I just got the address of an inmate on lockdown in Lewisburg and was doing a little research on the prison and saw this. I also write to a man on San Quentin Death row and my main letters go to Jamie CummiCummings in Huntsville (almost ten years now). I am aware of these conditions. Right now Jamie has been in the hospital following a bad epileptic seizure. A cardiologist found a problem with his heart. He has pericarditis. But the prison Dr said he’s fine. It can be fatal our turn Chronic and it’s painful. I’m working on what to do if anyone has any suggestions . . .

  3. In America they turned prison it to thriving business locking people up for crazy amounts of time have big fancy conversion selling all kinds of shit to prison services I have I have nothing against Americans but its goverment stinks they get away with all kinds of shit but try make out to the rest of the world that there are better than any one its true they much rather keep people in jail than help people through collage jails are a business to these arse holes treating men like this is a disgrace what this man has been through slash his sentence and set him free

  4. AJ says:

    Did time here in the 90’s and I couldn’t believe then it could get any worse. Was there for the DC Brotherhood beef and thanked God I made it to Fairton and eventually Ft. Dix. My charge was Marijuana conspiracy but because I
    wouldn’t cooperate I got sent there. Thank you federal government for making me fend for my life every second for selling a plant….just kills me that today as I write
    people are still getting treated like animals. The CO’s suck there as there was a boot camp or ICC when I was there and the CO’s bragged how sweet it was bossing people around(mostly rats anyway) but still they didn’t like REAL inmates which is what Lewisburg has…

  5. AJ says:

    Sorry I meant DC vs. Aryon Brotherhood…I am an Italian from South Philly so you know who I am with even though my bosses are from NY. Still RICO is a horrible thing and was charged with no evidence none not even a joint.

  6. Gail E Miller says:

    stop crying about your treatment.you thought you were tough and such a big man to commit your crime..be man enough to do the time.how many people did you hurt while you were involved in your illegal activities.how much thought did you give to them at the time.stop shinning and grow up

  7. Debra says:

    Wow Gail That was pretty harsh! Yes agreed many of these men (and women) have done horrible things! But many are victims from the society / the socioeconomic back grounds in which they were raised,knowing no other way to survive life’s next turn. Does that mean we the people have got to turn around and do the same? Only ego walks away with a benefit (maybe). The way these people are being treated is criminal and will only produce more criminal behavior inside and outside those dark walls. Yes they need to pay a toll a hardy toll depending on the crime. But where is the rehabilitation?, This system forces suicide , rape, anger and brutality! Is that helpful to anyone? This country’s rich breed on our prison system. Some of these folks were only kids when they came in and now life? Really? Do your time I agree.. But that time for many needs to be reevaluated. Maximum minimums, really? With all do respect to you Gail. Open your heart , open your mind. We are not born criminals, we are born innocent.. What happened to those who end up in these god forsaken hell holes. Peace and love to all gods children.

  8. Richard says:

    Wow Gail! I know a guy serving three life sentence for drugs. That’s a nonviolent crime the last I heard. This man will never get out all for being a drug addict himself. You make me sick.

  9. Bob says:

    “Speaking your mind will get you put in chains,” lol what the hell does that mean? If you made it all the way to Lewisburg it means you are a piece of shit. Should ask yourself why you got sent there and not blame for your mistakes. Take some accountability for yourself.

  10. sherri l sevco says:

    I realize that that these men are in lewisburg for crimes that they have commited, but if it is so hot in there, that you can’t breath, then things like this cause people to get heat strokes, and get angry too. I know is’t a place for fun and games, but give these guys something to do, besides spend every waking hour in a tiny cell! They need exercise everyday, and fresh air. They need to know that there is hope for them somewhere. Give them books to read, and therapists for them to talk to. Even the worst bad ass needs some help in prison

  11. Josie P says:

    I was in the SMU for 3 years..just got out of the feds in july of 2016. Lewisburg is fucking insane. Its inhumane. I dont give a fuck about what i did to get there..no one deserves to be treated how we are treated at the SMU.

  12. Misty says:

    My husband is there. I can tell you he never sold to kids. I can only pray it gets better for him and others. His kids and I have not seen him in over a year for we live in Arkansas. And he has to do time that he already did because of a messed up point based system yes he deserves to do some time but not 15 years. I know murders that get less time than that.

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