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  • Government Name: Quaheem Edwards
  • Register Number: 10800-084
  • Age:28
  • Time Served:6 + yrs.
  • Home Town:Paterson, NJ
  • Sentence:20 yrs
  • Current Charge:Conspiracy to Distribute, Weapons, Witness Intimidation
  • Alias:Ox-Splish
  • Release Date:2024
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood
  • Circle of Influence:Charles Taylor Jr., David Drone, Joshua Carrell, Tewhan Butler
  • Institution:USP Tucson
  • I now know what I want out of life for myself, my family and my community. I am strictly about rebuilding and change. On paper, I will always be affiliated. I took an oath! But I BANG for a real cause now, or a few causes: CHANGE, UPLIFTMENT and PROSPERITY. RAISE UP!

Unit Team and Point System #WTOW

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Your Unit Team will consist of a counselor, case manager and unit manager.

Your Counselor is responsible for approving your visitors, hiring inmates for the unit orderly jobs, as well as cell moves. He/she will also issue postage stamps for inmates who are indigent and provide phone calls if needed.

Your Case Manager handles your case load.

The Unit Manager oversees both your Counselor and Case Manager. If you have any issues with either, the Unit Manager is the beginning of the chain of command.


Your points will determine your level of security. Think of it almost as a demerit system.

Twenty-four points and over “welcomes you to our world,” the penitentiary (United States Penitentiaries). Twenty-three points and lower lands you at a medium security facility. And fifteen points and under will put you at a low-security facility or camp.

But, you can have medium points and still be housed in a penitentiary. It all depends on the seriousness of your case. Your unit team will usually add a “management verbal” hold on you, which can remain up to a year. With this hold, you will be stuck in a penitentiary. There is no way around it. And during that year you’re waiting for the hold to be lifted, your best bet is to stay free from any incident reports. That is, if you plan is to get to a medium (FCI).

Now, every six months, every inmate has to be teamed. In other words, there must be a meeting held with the unit team and the inmate. This meeting is a review of your progress from the previous six months. Your progress will determine if any points will be removed. There are many ways an inmate can have points removed.

Being over the age of 25 or being over 35
Program participation
Living skills
Family communication
GED/high school diploma

There are inmates who don’t pay the above requirements any mind. But, if you’re trying to stay out of our word, take heed!

Author is currently incarcerated at USP Tucson.


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