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  • Government Name: Roderick Sutton
  • Register Number: 60128-066
  • Age:33
  • Time Served:8 yrs.
  • Home Town:Easton, PA
  • Sentence:17 yrs.
  • Current Charge:Armed Bank Robbery; Firearm; Possession 5 grams or more of cocaine; Aiding & Abetting
  • Alias:Roach
  • Release Date:2019
  • Prison Affiliation:None
  • Circle of Influence:
  • Institution:Allenwood
  • Here is where everyone loses and what everyone does, time! Time takes, but time teaches.


Prison does a lot to you mentally, emotionally as well as physically, for the good or bad if you allow it to. But for me prison actually did more good than bad because this is what I allowed it to do. I took a negative and turned it into something positive. It took quite a few years but it happened and it’s still a work in progress.

With these years I’ve learned that, ‘We can never really experience what other people are experiencing. We always remain outside looking in, and this is the cause of so many misunderstandings and conflicts. The ability to place ourselves in the skin of another and imagine their experience and perspective and by attempting to think inside them, we can gain an increasing sense of their perspective. This requires effort on our part, NOT BLAME!

Without understanding intimate lovers and friends will become bitter enemies or worse!

Who out there agrees with this???


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