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  • Government Name: Tommy Edelin
  • Register Number: 01206-748
  • Age:44
  • Time Served:N/A
  • Home Town:Washington D.C.
  • Sentence:LIFE
  • Current Charge:RICO
  • Alias:Brother Menes
  • Release Date:N/A
  • Prison Affiliation:Independent
  • Circle of Influence:DJ, Mass
  • Institution:USP Lee
  • I began to struggle against a mindset that I realized was not mine, and thus my quest for knowledge began.



Systematic annihilations, schemes that are devoid of love,
Deceptive Intelligence, Mass Confusions spilling Blood-
Of the innocent, though they think they’re guilty,
Tainted by evil, taught by those who are spiritually filthy-
Liars, Deceivers and Non-believers perpetrating the Fraud,
They lust to do wicked with less discipline than a dog-
Who is this beast spoke of in Revelations?
Creating problems, manufacturing demonic Situations-
It’s a man, not a spook, with a diabolical mind,
Fabricating criminal cases, charging men like me with Crimes.


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