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Bay. White Privilege and the Black Masquerade

As we begin our long walk to freedom we must expose those who could obstruct our journey by operating as agent provocateurs for our nemesis Mr. White Privilege. As all blacks will attest, being black is not just a skin complexion that warrants unquestioned love and loyalty. An example of this is Michelle Obama. No matter what we think of her husband’s inaction on certain issues, we all in our community admire her as a REAL black woman. We know she loves her people and is still of her people. The same is true of Spike Lee and Russell Simmons. Even if we disagree with their approach to our problems or feel they do not do enough, we still would agree they represent genuine blackness. That goes for Minister Farrakhan, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Melissa Harris-Perry, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Maria Chapelle-Nadal, Janelle Monae, Kareem Abdul Jabar, and Samuel Jackson. We can agree these brothers, sisters and elders, regardless of prestige or fame, always personify blackness.

Black Masquerade is the extreme dichotomy of individuals who are black in skin color only, and more importantly, use their masque to infiltrate our communities for the purpose of implementing the oppressor’s plots, plans and genocidal agenda. Throughout history these people have been known to us by names such as Oreo, Uncle Tom, and chief among them, House Nigger. During slavery the House Nigger, though a slave, usually a light-skin slave, still was permitted to work in the slave master’s house – clean master’s house, cook master’s food, eat master’s left-overs, rear master’s children, and at times wear master’s hand-me-down clothes. The House Nigger was favored by the slave master, while scorned and distrusted by the field-niggers because he or she was a traitor or a snitch for the slave master.

Throughout history the House Nigger has assumed many faces and disguises to implement the neo-slave master’s agenda and help achieve his objectives. The primary objectives are divide and rule, profiteer and exploit, Genocide Black. In order to achieve the genocide of all strong black men and women, those with leadership potential, the P.I.G.S. have implemented a neo-COINTELPRO strategy aka The Black Masquerade!

I would define the Black Masquerade inartfully as:

Individuals of black complexion marked psychologically by a pathology of self-hatred, willingly (or unwillingly in rare cases) with the privileged mentality of the oppressor; employed by P.I.G.S. as either the voice of black dissent, pseudo-leadership, or the antithesis of the normal docile black democrat (liberal) e.g the black republican or conservative.

Bugün, more so than at any other time in our history, the Masqueraders are many. They are being carefully orchestrated within every stratum of black society to sow division, factionalism, misinformation, and to operate as the eyes and ears of Mr. White Privilege. The Masquerader’s main function is to misguide and pacify black rage, while ensuring the masses remain leaderless, or that those leaders who do exist are contained or caged. Agents of the Black Masquerade are too numerous to name but a few must be outed: Al Sharpton, Ben Carson, Condoleeza Rice, Jason Riley, Bill Cosby, Sheriff David Clarke, Joey Jackson, Jesse Jackson, Michael Sam, Clarence Thomas, Deneen Borelli, Juan Williams, Judge Jeanine.

Sean Hannity utilizes several masqueraders i.e. Juan Williams and another noteworthy who often calls his conservative talk radio show and refers to himself as “Big Time AJ”. Glenn Beck has his own Black Masquerader, Lawrence, who’s the perfect boot-licking sycophant. As one can see Masqueraders vary and wear different masques. Upon close analysis we can see a pattern and common thread among them that clearly identifies The Black Masquerader.

Let us take Ben Carson for example, he represents the proverbial Good Nigger, a Safe Negro. This man has knowingly adapted himself to everything anti-black. He is against raising the minimum wage, against putting an end to mass incarceration, against Obamacare (ACA), ending student debt, the decriminalization of drugs, vb. He is no dummy. He was raised in a Detroit ghetto, so why has he allowed himself to be co-opted by Mr. White Privilege? Why is he allowing himself to be utilized to counter and combat the truth of Amerikkkan racism, sexism and capitalist created poverty? He is paraded specifically by conservatives and the Republican Party to push the fictional narrative – The Tea Party is not racist. And if he were a democrat he would be utilized the same way. Though he would not be allowed to win the democratic nomination. Bay. White Privilege could not allow two niggers in a row, for obvious reasons. Now if Ben Carson was trying to be president of the United States with the same back story of a communist revolutionary who declared Amerikkka racist and that the 1% who had stolen all the wealth would be expropriated upon his election, does anyone think for a moment he would have had the media coverage and million dollar donations supporting his candidacy? Cehennem yok! He’d be in a cell or shot.

Al Sharpton is a documented and admitted FBI informant. Think about that a moment . . . How is it he’s become the media and elite appointed leader of our black community? The black community has always hated the P.I.G.S. and those who rat for them. Can anyone doubt his leadership post was created by Mr. White Privilege?

Why was Michael Sam paraded and glorified for being the first openly gay black NFL player, or Jason Collins congratulated for being the first openly gay basketball player? Why on the TV show Empire, created by Fox and directed toward a black audience, is homosexuality promoted and aggrandized? Tellingly, the show attempts to center itself around hip-hop. Real G-rap, can anyone say that minus the gay propaganda within the show it would not have still been a major hit on TV? Or is the Sam, Collins and Empire propaganda designed to promote a lifestyle that emasculates the black community from within? Destroy the black family so that black men and women stop producing and raising strong black children, especially black men! Not a conspiracy theory, think Eugenics in North and South Carolina. AIDS was pushed into our communities and is still there at a disproportionate rate compared to whites. Cocaine, heroin and crack were pushed into our communities. Kitle hapsedilme, mainly of black men, was forced on our community, and now it’s homosexuality!! And when the courageous University of Missouri students began to protest and refuse to play football due to rampant racism on campus – the mainstream media ran to Michael Sam, a former University of Missouri football player, who claimed as a black football player, he never once experienced or witnessed any racism.

Black people it’s time we open our eyes, say fuck the style, and burn them tight ass jeans! It’s all part of The Black Masquerade.

All through the ’90s Bill Cosby was constantly promoted in the media by Mr. White Privilege and the NAACP as the black Amerikan dream incarnate. He was put on a pedestal and glorified for telling black youth to put the pound cake down, pull up our pants and get a damn education. Yet for the past forty years he was drugging and raping dozens of women. The mainstream media and Mr. White Privilege knew of this and covered it up. Neden? Is it because he was the perfect agent to keep us chasing that illusive pie in the sky? Only the black bourgeoisie lived like the Huxtables on the Cosby Show. Cosby aided the division of poor blacks from their upper-class brothers and sisters. A wedge that still exists today. Few could climb the ladder out of abject poverty, thus there exists a clear divide in the black community.

What did the Congressional Black Caucus do or say when Ronald Reagan initiated mass incarceration, code-named the War on Drugs? Not a damn thing! Now today they all stand up and portray themselves as agents of change and reform. As if they did not know millions of us were being caged on neo-plantations. Talking about where have all the black men gone . . . I’m talking to you Charlie Rangel. You too John Lewis. Putting a few black eunuchs in Congress, getting fat and rich for decades is part of The Black Masquerade!

“In many cases, the relatively privileged black elites turned against the black urban poor, condemning them and distancing themselves, while at the same time presenting themselves as legitimate spokespeople for the disadvantaged . . . Black elites found they had much to gain by positioning themselves as “race managers” and many poor African Americans became persuaded that perhaps their degraded status was, after all, their own fault.”

-Michelle Alexander, Yeni Jim Crow: Colorblindness Çağında kitle Incarceration

Içinde 2015 Amerika, white elites have created and employ black elites – The Black Masquerade – in COINTELPRO-like fashion: infiltrate, neutralize, stagnate, and eliminate. The Masqueraders are repeatedly mitigating black rage to prevent a Shine Uprising. Each time a video goes viral or there’s widespread media coverage of P.I.G.S. executing black men, kadınlar ve çocuklar, agents of The Black Masquerade are put on CNN, Tilki, MSNBC, to pay useless lip service, analyze whether the use of force was justified, question if there should have been an arrest, a Grand Jury convened, or if the incident is evidence of systemic racism. They always denounce retaliatory violence. This is what these agents are paid to do; keep us marching, screaming Hiçbir Adalet! No Peace!, and engaged in frivolous civil disobedience.

If doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity, black people have to be lunatics. As mass-consciousness arises among black people in particular, and all oppressed people in general, we must be careful not to continue to allow our liberation to be co-opted, manipulated, pacified, and thwarted by agents of The Black Masquerade.

Think about this, Ronald Reagan replaced Thurgood Marshall on the U.S. Supreme Court with Clarence Thomas. The only thing they had in common was their skin color and profession. Ideologically, they’re polar opposites. The Masquerader will say Reagan kept a black man on the bench. Değil, we’d rather have Eminem, Amy Goodman or dig up John Brown and put his bones on the bench.

If we have the same pseudo-leaders from fifty years ago, and the same problems of 100 years ago, the solutions are clear. Get the traitors from among us. Revolutionary Sacrifice is the People’s Justice!

In South Carolina that punk pig Ben Fields pulled a teenage black female student out of her chair and threw her to the floor. In Texas we remember the pig that threw another teenage black female to the ground and put a knee in her back at a pool party. Sandra Bland, driving while black, was threatened to be tasered, arrested and caged on a too high bail and lynched in a cage that the pigs called suicide. There was a time when a black man would have died protecting those females or rioted to avenge them. If you will not protect your children, protect your woman, do you have the right to life?

Since the caging and executions of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army there has not been a serious black liberation movement. This can be attributed to The Black Masquerade – Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP, National Urban League are old COINTELPRO agents. Proof is in the fact none of them have been assassinated, caged or given the death penalty like Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Hampton, Mumia Abu Jamal, Geronimo Pratt, Leonard Peltier, Mutul Shakur, and Sundiata Acoli. And they definitely are not on the run with a million dollar bounty on their head like Assata Shakur.

It’s time #RaiseUP or stand-down as cowards. This isn’t 1968. We’ll join arms with oppressed people yet we back people must shine by example and the youth must lead with Revolutionary Sacrifice. Neden? Because no people on the face of this earth have been oppressed as we have, victimized by white privilege as we have, and endured the atrocities at the hands of the white man as we have. And today in Amerikkka no one is more of a target than we black people. Amerika, Bay. White Privilege that is, would be wise to concede to all the demands of Black Lives Matter before it becomes the Black Liberation Movement and every city is engulfed in the Shine Uprising.

“As for The Black Masquerade- the worst pig is a black pig, he’s also the most dangerous, he can sneak amongst the people causing our destruction from within, When you meet him – provide only the penalty for treason – 2 mermi – one in the head, one in the heart –”


OG Panter


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