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  • Hükümet Adı: Al-Tariq Gumbs
  • Sayı kayıt: 05674-078
  • Yaş:37
  • Zaman Served:13+ yaş
  • Home Town:Newark, NJ
  • Cümle:168 ay
  • Şarj akımı:Racketeering (RICO), Komplo
  • Takma ad:King Sankofa (Formerly known as Killer Reek)
  • Yayın Tarihi:2022
  • Cezaevi Ortaklık:Kan (Ağız)
  • Etki daire:Emmanuel Jones, Lester Alford, Ömer Austin, Tewhan Butler
  • Kurum:FCI Memphis
  • I would like to show you the real me.

Mental Prison


Şimdi, I can’t say when this started to happen, but for some reason my mind started to tell itself that I didn’t deserve to be happy, that I didn’t deserve to be treated like the man I was. Something in my mind told me that no one loved me. Something in my mind told me that my family hated me. Something told me that my lil brothers and sistas didn’t love me. Something told me that people in my life be running game on me. Something told me that prison is where I need to spend my life because I deserve to be here. Something told me that these guys in here are my peoples. Something told me that the streets of Newark hate me like never before. Something told me that my life was nothing like the lady Sheila Hopkins told me when I was 19 yıllık. Something told me that my son is going to have the same pain as me, and he doesn’t truly love me. Something told me that my mother didn’t love me the way she said she did. Something told me that to be happy is to be a fool, and as I looked around I started to see that my life was really turning up side down.

I was told by Blondie that it may be because of the one year anniversary of the last time I saw Natalie and she passed away. I started to think about that. I started to think about both of my brothers dying this time of the year. I started to see things I never saw before. I started looking at these walls and started to see that this was the reason for my anger and pain. I have been locked up for 14 years straight, hiçbir kovalayan, and it has taken a toll on me that I didn’t foresee, or maybe just didn’t want to see. Something in my head tells me I’m still that 25 year old dude who got locked up 14 years ago. I sit and watch TV and see all of these guys and women getting out of jail and I smile. I’m happy for that and guys ask me do I have anything coming from some of these laws. I just say no. They don’t understand that I’m not giving up. I just understand the reality of what God has planned for me. My life is yet to be fulfilled.

In my head I tell myself I’m ready for those streets but God must not think so because he has chosen for me to do this time. That’s cool because I always felt that this needed to happen. In order for my life to move forward I must shed myself of my past. Ancak, I can’t sit here and say that I’m not affected by the time I have done so far. Some guys do things to keep their mind off these cold walls. I’m like that. I float through this madness and try not to let it rub off on me. Ben bir kişinin hapiste on yıldan fazla yaptığında doğal değil çünkü onlar otomatik olarak gidip birini görmek gerektiğini yerde duydum. Ben ne demek istediğimi anlıyor. Zihnim son birkaç haftadır açma oldu. Ben yazamadım, Düz düşünemedim. Sevdiğim insanlara sözümü tutamadı. Ben olduğum gibi kavgalar içine almak isteyen koşturup 22 ya da başka birşey. Benim ilk atış yakaladı (fazla yazmak) Sıkıntılar içinde olmak beri. Ben bir şeyler döndüğünü biliyordum. I couldn’t place my finger on it but it’s these walls, and I made the first mistake. I allowed them to enter my mind. I allowed these cold walls, with not a touch of love, to get into my system. I became destructive in my thinking and actions. Lies flowed off my tongue. Anger came out of my pores. As I sit in front of this computer, I’m going to tell you that if you are ever are going through something and you can’t figure out why you have a destructive mind set, Ben geri adım atmak ve hayatınıza bakmak ve kendini topla gerektiğini düşünüyorum.

Cezaevinde Hayatım çok çılgın olmuş, o beni rahatsız etmez sanki ve ben geçmiş bastırıyor edilmiştir. Yani yeme ve yürütmeye çalışıyoruz değil gibi. İyi gitmek için gitmiyor. O zihniyet bizi getirmek için bir şey ya da birini bulmak zorunda. Cezaevinde insanlar yüzüne yalan zaman beklediğiniz o kadar öfke ve nefret var. Insanlar senin dostum konum ve sonra arkanı dön ve bunu bekliyoruz arkandan konuşmak derken. Burada tüm çocuklar dışarı almak istiyorum bu komik, ama işler yapıyorsun orada dışarı çocuklar burada almak için. Bu çılgınlık değilse, I don’t know what is.

Onlara sokaklar benim halklarına zihinsel cezaevinde kimler, Benim tavsiyem anahtarınızı bulmak. Blondie tamam olacaksın. Bu mutsuz yaşamaya yaşamak yol değildir, çünkü gerekli olan ne zamanı. Seni seviyorum ve bir gün bu hayalleri gerçeğe dönüşür umut. To my crazy sista Dell, it’s going to be okay. You are truly one of kind and your friendship is something I cherish. Your pain will turn into happiness. My crazy publicist and friend Unique thanks for running for me. I know I got you tired. LOL. Camisha, my crazy sista, love you and know you’re truly a big sista. Da, Ms.Miranda, my friend, I want you to know you are going to be okay. You have to find the things that make you happy; life is too short. Jazzie için yaşamak için bir şey var ve o size işleyemez şey vereceğini düşünmek asla. Anahtarınızı bulun, ancak. Benim sevdiklerini tüm, senin anahtarı bulmak ve zihinsel hapishaneden kendinizi bırakın. Ve bu duvarların arkasında kardeşleri ve sistas için, Anahtar zihninizi olduğunu. Never give them that. Even if Obama doesn’t help you, Hayatta ve sağlıklı kalmak ve kendinizi eğiterek kendinizi yardımcı olmalıdır. Bu hapishane olabilir, ancak sizin evde olmak zorunda değildir. Anahtarınızı bulun . . .

Kral Sankofa dışarı!

Free more and then Free some more after that . . . Don’t stop until all who are worthy of that freedom get it. The problem is keeping it . . . Peace my people . . . I play a part in my freedom. I now know that. I’m out. King Sankofa . . .

P.S.. I’m working on getting all of my books in order and making them available. It has been a long ride, but I’m getting it together. Thank you all for being patient with me, and yes all of my family and friends are crazy. They know I mean nothing by it, but they have to be crazy to be friends with me. lol

R.I.P My big brother Bruce “Bobba-Lee” Gumbs. (I think that is how he spelled his nick name.) My lil brother Zeus, after 15 years in this hell hole, I’m praying and hoping you have it together. Love you, but don’t want to talk to you right now. word.


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