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  • Hükümet Adı: Roderick Sutton
  • Sayı kayıt: 60128-066
  • Yaş:33
  • Zaman Served:8 yrs.
  • Home Town:Easton, PA
  • Cümle:17 yrs.
  • Şarj akımı:Silahlı Banka Soygunu; Ateşli silâh; Mülk 5 kokain gram ya da daha fazla; Yardımcı ve yataklık
  • Takma ad:Hamamböceği
  • Yayın Tarihi:2019
  • Cezaevi Ortaklık:Hiçbiri
  • Etki daire:
  • Kurum:Allenwood
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Interracial Relationships: 50 Years of Loving



2017 will mark fifty years since the United States Supreme Court struck down laws prohibiting interracial marriage in the ground breaking Loving v. Virjinya case.

Richard Loving, a European-American man and Mildred Jeter, a woman of African descent, just so happened to fall in love in the midst of the horrific Jim Crow civil rights era. They would eventually travel to Washington D.C. içinde 1958 and get married, then return back to Virginia where they lived. Just five weeks later both pled guilty and were sentenced to a year in prison for violating Virgina’s ban on interracial marriages, but the judge who presided over their case suspended their sentence if they both agreed not to return to the Commonwealth of Virginia for twenty-five years!

The American Civil Liberties Union eventually took on the Loving’s case in 1963, with several appeals leading to the Supreme Court ruling unanimously in 1967 that Virginia’s anti-miscegenation laws violated the Fourteenth Amendment, thus overturning the ban on interracial marriages.

Let’s also not forget that it has ONLY been 61 years since the horrific and racially motivated murder of 14 year-old Emmett Till for allegedly whistling at a Caucasian woman. His murderers would eventually beat the charge!

One Generation Removed

Fast forward to present day and one quickly realizes just how times have changed. I have come to realize that I am ONLY ONE generation removed from it being a crime for me to even lustfully look at a Caucasian female, let alone pursue an intimate relationship with one.

As a young African American child who would eventually begin to grow up in a diverse environment and attend a predominantly affluent and Caucasian elementary school, I was aware and constantly reminded of the bigotry that continued to resonate in the subconscious minds of the school’s faculty and many of the parents. As a pre-teen, I reluctantly indulged in the once taboo practice of interracial dating, which would quickly end in a very disdainful way. This experience discouraged me from indulging in such a relationship for many years afterward. But several years down the line, I would surprisingly become seriously involved with someone from a different race! It did not matter to me that we’d come from two drastically different cultures– She being a slightly affluent Caucasian teenager from the exurbs, and myself being an urban, middle class African American teen. At the time I would foolishly consider her my equal, my soul mate! Some would consider this as being prejudiced against females of my own race and me to be a sell outa trader who was no longer down for the cause who should be ashamed of myself. I would frequently get the disapproving side-eye from a multitude of people, but none would dare utter a word of disapproval to my face. They didn’t have to because their body language spoke for them. The saddest part was beneath the surface I had to endure extreme backlash from her family due to my race. The negativity and racism perpetuated by her parents was beyond distressing, özellikle, while she gained acceptance into my family. From the beginning I looked beyond her race because it was never a factor in my wanting to pursue a relationship and eventually wanting to start our own family. I refuse to put limitations on myself by letting society dictate who I’m supposed to fall in love with, unlike a great number of people nowadays.

It’s a sad statistic that African American men are twice as likely than African American women to date outside of their race and several more times likely than their Caucasian male counterpart. It’s to the point where many young, urban African American men consider it a rites of passage to “bag” Bir “thick snow bunny” from the burbs! Many seem to believe these women are superior to women of our own race. This is a stereotype and institutionalized inferiority has been thrust upon us by media, moda, and history books for centuries. Look at those of us who “finally made it” and end up on the red carpet with a Caucasian woman by his side on display like a trophy for everyone to see.

Believe it or not there are many African American men who would claim they didn’t know any women of their own race they would consider as attractive as European women. The mere fact that a great number of African American men prefer women who do not resemble the beauty of our own race of women is disheartening, especially to our own women, many of whom seem to feel like they are being intentionally disrespected and betrayed, causing some to cross so-called color lines and date Caucasian men. Once involved in interracial relationships of their own, African American women are subjected to the same if not greater level of scrutiny as African American men who date outside their race. These women receive the disapproving side-eye and hear discouraging comments like: “She’s only with him for the money”; “It’s not too late to come back”; “She couldn’t control a brotha so she chose the other”; “He won’t know what to do wit all of dat”; ve “He definitely ain’t hittin’ that right!”


Then there is perhaps the greatest threat to the African American woman’s relationship- suburban Caucasian women who for decades have overtly sought out a so-called “hood nigga”. These women have what I’ve labeled as #ConcreteJungelFever! They’ll exclusively date so-called men of color, preferably those who possess some form of urban culture. These plunderers often bear several children from these so-called “street niggas”, sometimes having kids with different dudes. This phenomenon has been prevalent for quite some time, especially in the Northeast, particularly in the eastern-Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York.

Many of these so-called suburban “snow bunnies” also face backlash, disavowal, and total exclusion by their own race, but like everyone else they have to accept their choices. Many may assume that I have animus toward these women, but I personally DO NOT. Others may also ask, well aren’t you being a hypocrite?

Not About Race

I personally believe there is someone out there for everyone, and everyone has a soul mate no matter the race. Even though I have two beautiful daughters by two different Caucasian women, I never considered the physical appearance of my children as a reason to procreate with their mothers!

Many of us do harbor bias and the stereotypes that have been cast upon us, but sadly many of our real differences are NOT about race!


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