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  • Hükümet Adı: Ömer Austin
  • Sayı kayıt: 204603C
  • Yaş:31
  • Zaman Served:beri 2001
  • Home Town:Newark, NJ
  • Cümle:60 yrs + 7 ardışık yıl
  • Şarj akımı:Çift Cinayet
  • Takma ad:K.O.
  • Yayın Tarihi:2043
  • Cezaevi Ortaklık:Kan (Valentine)
  • Etki daire:Altariq Gumbs, Lester Alford, Pele Brown, Tewhan Butler,
  • Kurum:East Jersey State Prison (Rahway)
  • Gerçek bir G Eğer youngins vazgeçirmeye yapamıyorsanız, tamam, bu ya bir yol var, ama en azından yol boyunca bana hazırlık izin.

Have It Your Way

Now that I look at it for what it is, I see that it’s hard to make positive changes and progress when y’all are bombarded by fake ass images of T.V. Gangsters and radio personalities.

Who you think are the one’s really feeling the weight of the consequences that comes from the actions that these T.V./Radio gangsters portray?

Us, those of us really behind the wallz, really dodging homemade shanks and spending years on solitary confinement. Not knowing when you’ll see ya loved ones again. Stuck with memories that you play over and over in ya head until ya brains burnt out. Go to sleep, wake up and do the same shit again the next day.

Seasons come and go, and we’re stuck in this reality. So never mind a millionaire liar who is coerced into imitating people like me and other Real G’z behind the G-wallz (hapishane). Pay attention to the real characters that ya movies and music are made about. The real lifers, the doers of that stuff y’all fall in love with.

And if a real G can’t dissuade you youngins, okay have it ya way, ama en azından yol boyunca bana hazırlık izin.

It’s crazy! But if you like, or think you can get used to, stripping naked while men with gloves on tell you bend over so they can make sure your not stashing nothing in ya butt- Have it your way! If you think you can get used to all of the humiliating and degrading shit, have it your way! I just think it’s enough of this.

Dave Chappelle (the comedian) had an episode on his famous show calledWhen Keeping it Real Goes Wrong”. It was hilarious, but the concept behind it was right on point. With that said don’t be that next clown thinking you’re keeping it real!

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