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#DearMrPresident: MEN DUR Programı Destek


This is an un-edited letter as part of our #DearMrPresident series of letters to President Barack Obama from inmates in B.O.P (Hapishaneler Bürosu) tesisler.

Sayın. Başkan,

As the leader of this great nation you have not only made history, but I’ve also witnessed you in the accomplishment of many difficult feats for the betterment of our country, some harder than others to get accomplished, yet and still, you’ve overcome the hurdles that were put in front of you, while at the same time remaining a dedicated husband and father.

I am a 35 year old black male who has been incarcerated for the past 15 years in the Federal Cezaevleri Bürosu serving a LIFE sentence. In those 15 years I’ve acquired an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Business Administration as well as taken courses in Computer Applications, How to Incorporate, Basic Economics, Owning Your Own Business, Literacy in the Family, and too many others to name like Study of the Financial Markets, which I later became the instructor of. With each class I have taken something away with me that would help me be very productive in society and my community.

In the past few years there have been a number of laws changing such as The Crack Law, Gun Laws etc. as well as State representatives and community activists pushing to bring back Good Time and parole for State and federal prisoners. With the changing of these laws and the possible reinstatement of Good Time and Parole this increases the number of men and women being released from prison back into society, which brings me to my point.

Yeni, here in USP Atwater, California there is a program called MEN S.T.O.P., which stands for Mentally Eradicating Negativity, Solutions To Our Problems, that was designed, developed and instructed by another inmate by the name of Demond Jackson to teach skills that are very vital for men and women who will be re-entering society so they can be productive in their communities instead of becoming a statistic by increasing the recidivism rate by coming back inside the walls because they had no plans for what to do, nor the skill set to do anything other than that which they came to prison for in the first place.

The four main components of the program are a C.I.R.C.L.E.S. kurs (Correcting Institutional Recidivism Course for Learning Enhances Success), Leadership Class which focuses on building better leaders and leadership skills, a Public Speaking class which is geared towards teaching meant to be proficient speakers, and a Facilitators class that teaches men to be better thinkers in the field of facilitating troubled youth.

There are other classes sponsored by MEN STOP like Small Business Retail that teaches men how to open up and maintain successful businesses in their community. All these classes combined give the skill set to become a certified mentor which is very much needed, due to the fact that the youth are entering the juvenile and adult prison system at an alarming rate! And who better to mentor them than someone they canr elate to who has been though what they are going through.

I feel that being the President of this country and the leader of this great nation that it is your duty to stand behind, for and with this MEN STOP movement and give it your full support because it is most definitely a force to be reckoned with for the simple fact that it’s a movement in which the main goal is to change not only the men in prison but the youth before they reach the prisons, as wella s the communities they live in which are needed to keep them on a positive path of guidance to be the nest they can be in life.

I feel that it should be mandatory for all men and women incarcerated and on probation or parole to have the option and resources necessary to engage in this MEN STOP movement. And as the leader of this great nation it is your duty to make sure you provide them with such.

Thank you for your most valuable time.


Rash Jones (MEN STOP Member since 2012)



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