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This shit is real

I know experience is the best teacher so some people have to live and learn and experience things for themselves because that’s the only way that they will learn. Just remember, once you fall victim to this shit, this system, and they give you them double digits or them letters L-I-F-E or Natural Life, it’s ugly. It’s hard to get back to them streets or to your girl or your mom or your kids. It’s easy to get in this bitch, and it’s hard as fuck to get out.

These people don’t give a fuck about you, just as long as they can get that 40 racks ($40K) for your ass.

This shit is set up for you to come here and stay locked up, since you was in your mom’s womb.

This shit is set up for you to give in and chase the illusions that corrupt us when we in them streets.

They say the penitentiaries are supposed to rehabilitate you. There isn’t any rehabilitation going on. Niggas are coming here and getting worse.

This shit is set up for you to stay in this bitch.

It’s up to the individual who wants to change and change for the better. It’s still a mission to change because they want you to stay ignorant and dumb. The places are designed to make you worse and to corrupt you even more than when you first come in this bitch.  They want to keep and create chaos inside in order to continue to make money to keep shit open and open new pens.

Don’t give into the tricks and illusions of the streets like me when I was young. Now, I wish I never did. Now, my out-date is 2082. I’m 25 years old and been gone since I was 19. These bitches never want me to go home.

I let all the money, the drugs, the women, the cars, clothes, and guns trick my ass. I let all my niggas who was screaming “death before dishonor” trick my ass and tell on my ass. They testified at trial on my dumb ass. The other niggas ain’t send me money or pictures or shit!

Learn from me!

Ain’t no rules in them streets. It’s no longevity when it comes to them mothafuckas either. How many homies do you know been successful and succeeded from selling drugs or robbing? I’m talking about real homies. The answer to your question will either be none or a few that you can count on one hand and still have a few fingers.

All I’m about is my family who will always be there for me no matter what. In everything I do, I put GOD FIRST, who will also be there for me.

Please, listen to me. THIS SHIT IS REAL. SO WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Be better than me. Don’t be next. There are plenty of other ways to get money. Choose one. Choose a couple.

That drug game ain’t doing it.

That robbing ain’t doing it.

Them streets ain’t where it’s at.

Look at them politicians. Them mothafuckas is stealing millions and hundreds of millions and only doing a couple of years.

In them streets a nigga will get caught with a couple of rocks of crack or a half of a brick and get 10 years.


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