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  • Government Name: Roderick Sutton
  • Register Number: 60128-066
  • Age:33
  • Time Served:8 yrs.
  • Home Town:Easton, PA
  • Sentence:17 yrs.
  • Current Charge:Armed Bank Robbery; Firearm; Possession 5 grams or more of cocaine; Aiding & Abetting
  • Alias:Roach
  • Release Date:2019
  • Prison Affiliation:None
  • Circle of Influence:
  • Institution:Allenwood
  • Here is where everyone loses and what everyone does, time! Time takes, but time teaches.

The Road to Redemption

Redemption, this particular word has taken on a new profound meaning to me.

Most people who have hurt others have been berated, shunned, and shut out. They are locked in figurative and actual prison cells where they remain hostage to their own guilt, shame, and remorse like I have for so long.

The road to redemption is a tedious one, because most of us are quick to judge, but slow to correct one’s self. This will keep a person who is seeking redemption in a cycle of negativity because the self-saboteur feeds off failure and dismisses success. Even those who you seek redemption from will be dismissive of you and your motives.

For years I did not seek redemption, due to the fact I still had the bravado of the person I was. I had to realize that I did not want to be that person anymore. That’s when my maturation began. I quickly realized that redemption requires a lot of effort and an unwavering commitment. I was forced to think about who I was and who I have become. I also realized that I had to be unyielding to the resistance I knew was inevitable. The resistance I endured was brutal, some of you witnessed it. But it’s hard for me to quit when I’m losing, and it’s hard for me to quit when I’m winning. It’s hard for me to quit, period. I’m not a quitter! It seems as if redemption may be on the horizon for me, because I’m seeking it through my actions, not through argument!


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