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    Book Review: America’s Massacre

    After a months long wait to receive the book, presumably due to heavy scrutiny from prison officials, federal prisoner Quaheem Edwards finally was able to read America’s Massacre by Tewhan Butler. Authentic and uncut. Poetic in form. Not just another urban novel. Tewhan Butler’s America’s Massacre revealed a number of jewels in disguise, many that he may have missed in his earlier years. Butler’s delivery and the way he used his life story to exact...READ MORE


    It’s Not About Us

    Hello World- “Rose UP” this morning with positive thoughts saturating my mental and, although the slender back window is covered with a view altering substance, I stood with my mentality well above and outside of my physical trapping. The energy engulfing this miserable existence remains the same, and no matter how positive one tries to be, there’s no escaping it. Regardless of the growth and progress made behind these walls one’s position in itself keeps one in that...READ MORE


    Our Own Worst Enemy

    2012- Time to stop seeing others as the problem and looking outside of ourselves for answers. Since long ago there has been free-will and the choice to choose– a life of true worth or a life overrun and whittled down to nothing. It’s obvious the stealing, dealing, drinking, and drugging bring to a head illegitimate mischance and result in even greater damage, loss and destruction to our beloved communities. We have become our own worst enemy….A clouded state of mind working...READ MORE


    Lifer to Lifer: An Open Letter to Mumia Abu Jamal

    What’s next?!? Let freedom ring, as Martin Luther King Jr. famously stated! God willing, this is the beginning to an end of your “Long Walk to Freedom” as written in the words of Nelson Mandela. Maybe you are the “Last Man Standing”, replacing Geronimo Pratt? Enough is enough as I could go on and on. The God in heaven’s truth is that you have been, and are, in a lane of your own. May peace continue to be upon you, as I warmly congratulate you on your recent...READ MORE


    The Process

    Again, I find myself in pursuit of the penitentiary’s dangers. I am told to pack up. My turn has come. I couldn’t fill the plastic bags with my property quick enough. For the past twenty-months, I fell in love with my dictionary, thesaurus, world almanac, Book of Morals, and the world’s best poets to have ever lived. For a brief moment they are forced to be boxed-up and not heard from again until we reach Level 6 Penitentiary Pollock. Level 6 means violence. Violence. Sleep....READ MORE


    Cosmic Thought

    Revolutionary Greetings- Salute to all my soldiers, warriors, thugs, goons, gangstas, Bosses, hoodlums, Brave-Hearts, Brave-Girls, Dons, Divas, Five-Star Chicks and Generals, Murder Mommies, intellects, teachers, educators, enemies, and anyone else that I may have forgotten to mention that is and or has played a pivotal role in helping push LIVEFROMLOCKDOWN.COM and RAISE UP to the forefront of the minds of the masses and we continue to soar to new heights. I commend each and everyone of you for...READ MORE


    OCCUPY: Prisoners (We are the 99%)

    “No one truly knows a nation until one has been inside it’s jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens but its lowest ones”, as stated by Nelson Mandela “Over half of the ten million prisoners in the world are either children, juveniles or young adults.” Shame on the great nation of the United States of America whom leads the world with a staggering three million of its own people incarcerated in its prisons. There’s a huge...READ MORE


    Arrived at FTC Oklahoma

    Just touched down at FTC Oklahoma. FTC Oklahoma is a Federal Transfer Center is an administrative facility for hold over inmates as we continue our journey to our respective destinations. Why Oklahoma? If you look at the map you will see Louisiana’s western border brushes up against Oklahoma’s eastern border. Here’ I’ll wait for my number to be called. Then, I’ll probably be back on the Blue Bird. Trust when I say this is not the way you want to see the country...READ MORE


    BREAKING NEWS: General Population Awaits

    News just surfaced I’ll be departing from the Special Management Unit (SMU) in full. No more 23/1, dog kennel recreation cages, around the clock wrist restraints, and caged in shower stalls. A light hint of freedom; general population awaits again. Still, I must be careful. The first hint of trouble and I’m headed back to day one, phase one. I, along with all others who are scheduled to leave the S.M.U., will be placed on a strict probationary term– “sneeze wrong and be...READ MORE


    Goodbye Pennsylvania…

    My stay at USP Allenwood has come to a close. Found out yesterday I was designated. Unfortunately, I’m being sent far from the land; not a result of me not doing right, just POLITICS as usual. Certain people feel enough time hasn’t passed for me to be this close to home (Pennsylvania) without the ISOLATION. I ain’t trippin’. The STRUGGLE continues. Believe I may be headed to a place where it’s all about LIL WAYNE and DREW BREES- LOUISIANA. A maximum security pen...READ MORE

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