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    Boss Talk: Amerikkka’s Prison System

    Raise UP ↑ Su-Whoop to my Damu-komrades in the struggle who remain solid and real right despite the family loss, institutional disrespect and the betrayal from those who look, talk and used to believe in duty, honor and loyalty like us! I’m stayin’ up and ready, anything else is beneath me. When you need me, I’m here loved-ones. And Salaam to all my brothers stayin’ spiritually grounded and walking in the light of truth. I salute and admire any man of honor and great...SOMA ZAIDI


    Mr. White Privilege and the Black Masquerade

    Tunapoanza kutembea kwetu kwa muda mrefu kwa uhuru ni lazima kuwafichua wale ambao hawakuweza kuzuia safari yetu kwa kazi kama wakala provocateurs kwa nemesis yetu Mr. White Privilege. As all blacks will attest, being black is not just a skin complexion that warrants unquestioned love and loyalty. An example of this is Michelle Obama. No matter what we think of her husband’s inaction on certain issues, we all in our community admire her as a REAL black woman. Tunajua yeye anapenda watu wake na ni bado ya yake ...SOMA ZAIDI


    King of Hearts

    Chini ya kufuli na ufunguo wanaofugwa katika saruji, mbali na dunia ambapo hakuna macho unaweza kuona, chini ya ulinzi wa kutumia silaha milango na madirisha na baa chuma, hapa lipo Mfalme wa Hearts – maneno ni wembe mkali hotuba yake lazima kamwe kuruhusiwa kuanza akiwa amefungwa, kwa mikono na miguu, yeye lazima kubaki kufungiwa kwa ngome kuua sauti ya mfalme na tutaweza kamwe haja ya kuogopa hasira; silence him in an above ground grave, wapotofu na burudika watu kuteseka maumivu kimya miseducated wanajua wao ...SOMA ZAIDI


    Not a Citizen

    I can’t be President I’m not a citizen not an Amerikan, I’ve never been First I was a slave, sasa mimi nina felon kosa la jinai kwa ngozi yangu complexion Sina raia Siwezi kupiga kura kwa ajili ya Rais kukaa juu ya jury, au leseni ya biashara Old Jim Crow anaiita felon kuwagawa Lakini yale ya Marekebisho ya 14? That makes you Amerikan, hufanya raia hakuna, Marekebisho ya 14 kisheria tu masomo yetu ili sheria za taifa hili kama mkazi, hivyo sisi inaweza kutumwa kwa ...SOMA ZAIDI


    Faragha confinement: When Will it be Unconstitutional?

    The road leading to United States Penitentiary Lewisburg. I did seven months in the Special Management Unit (SMU) in United States Penitentiary Lewisburg before finding out I did not qualify. My custody level is 10. It takes a custody level of 23 to be in a United States Penitentiary. Moreover I have four 300 Series shots [write-ups], which are the equivalent of a speeding ticket in the free world. 4 shots in fifteen years in two of the most violent United States Penitentiaries, and I am...SOMA ZAIDI


    Eric Van Buren

    My name is Eric Van Buren. I was born in 1973 in Washington D.C. I am serving LIFE in federal prison for Conspiracy to sell 50 grams or more of crack-cocaine. I have been incarcerated since December 2001. Teenage Years I had both parents in my life. My dad believed I should have been able to do what a white kid could do and do it three times better. He beat this into me. My father wanted a better life for me. That did not mean the finer things, just better opportunities, a better education, ...SOMA ZAIDI


    Flagrant Foul on All Fakes #ISeeYou

    Not too long ago it had been brought to my attention that the streets were in dire need of a “zero-tolerance” type conversation. Hoping it would possibly bring a few back to the essence and away from the Frank Ocean type behavior. With my ear to the pavement, I’m hearing it’s entirely too much faking taking place. Pretend thugs, Grammy Award winning gang-bangers and simply put scared n!**as with mean mugs. No disrespect to the real ones! Vizuri, kama unaweza kuona mtu ...SOMA ZAIDI


    Have We Forgotten About Baltimore?

    Have we forgotten about Baltimore already? Now that the uncivil disobedience has vanished, so have the news networks and journalists. Now that an assessment of the damage is complete and it has been discovered that the lot of devastation has fallen on the backs of Baltimore’s already poor residents, there is no news to be told. Who cares for urban America’s downtrodden citizens immersed in poverty anticipating their demise as a consequence of hunger, homelessness or over-aggressive...SOMA ZAIDI


    Prison in its Truest Form

    “Even though we can’t have all we want, we ought to be thankful we don’t get all that we deserve” – Anon Just like every other day, I’ve awakened to the sounds of food slots opening at 5:30 asubuhi. Once again a worthless breakfast designed to keep you alive instead of nourished. I’m smiling, something I do every morning, thankful for life while my heart beats for better. I smile to hide any and all signs of frustration, and do not allow myself...SOMA ZAIDI


    The Youth are Our Blessings

    As today leaves and tomorrow comes you must take heed to everything that passes your grasp. You learn something new daily, you feel differently each day as well. Leo, ambition may dwindle, only to heighten another tomorrow. In my eye, the youth are our blessings because they are our future. We must guide them correctly in order to instill love and knowledge and the desire to be somebody someday! We must have patience with the youth and let them know somebody cares. If the youth need...SOMA ZAIDI

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