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  • Serikali ya Jina: Kenneth Key
  • Idadi kujiandikisha: A70562
  • Umri:57
  • Muda aliwahi:33 miaka
  • Nyumbani Town:Chicago, IL
  • Sentence:888 miaka (Natural Life)
  • Sasa Mfawidhi:Armed Robbery, Utekaji nyara
  • Alias:Blue & Ananyah Ben Yisrael
  • Kutolewa Tarehe:N /
  • Gerezani Maegemeo:N /
  • Mzunguko wa Ushawishi:Jamel Miller
  • Taasisi:Stateville Correctional Center
  • You will rise in direct proportion to the decrease in your negative thoughts, words and actions

Questions and Advice for the Youth from Prison


I woke this morning with you on my mind, the youth of the world. Sitting in this 10×6 prison cell looking at watery oatmeal, discolored fruit and precooked, uncooked pancakes, Mimi na kuuliza, do you really want to come into my world? I hope not!

I mentioned in a previous post “nothing has any meaning save the meaning you give it.” I truly hope that it has been useful to some. For there is power in those ten words. I want you to know that which you desire to be and hope to be, you can be, sasa! Any non-accomplishment resides in procrastination and misdirection of energy instead of relentless pursuit of your dreams. I know you’re probable asking nini? Why listen to this dude? He’s in prison. Vizuri, my answer to that is I have been the crash dummy in all lifestyles from robbery to assault and I can tell you ALL the results of hitting the wall. Who better to listen to than those who have been caught? I’m not here to teach you the ways of crime. That will get you incarcerated, dead or confined to a bed or wheelchair. By giving you the end results, I’m hoping you don’t choose the criminal lifestyle or, if you already have, turn your life around before you crash like the 48,000-plus crash dummies in Illinois and the 2.3 million throughout the United States.

I was once you. I wanted it all but didn’t want to work for it. Learn to play within the rules.

Now I’m writing you from a prison cell about the perils of prison life and even as I write today, we are on Level One lockdown. That means you are not moving, ya ziara, use of phone, hakuna huduma ya afya, just in the cell until they say otherwise. This can last a day or two, a week, or as long as six months. We could come off for a day and be back on lockdown for another six months. Level One is filled with cold food and often the same food day in and day out. If you’re lucky to have some food items from commissary in your cell, you’ll be fine, but for those who don’t, stress kicks in and problems arise.

“Man has no enemy but self, no darkness but ignorance, no suffering but that which springs from the insubordinate elements of his own nature.” – Jame Allen

Only right-thinking can rectify a wrong life. In order to change one has to retrain his or her will. What I mean by this is:

  1. Break bad habits
  2. Start forming good habits
  3. Give your undivided attention to those things at that moment
  4. Do whatever should and needs to be done right then
  5. Be aware of and control your speech
  6. Control your thoughts
  7. Incorporate these rules to live by

The cultivation of the above has to take place before anything worthwhile can be achieved. If done, I guarantee you’ll see the positive feedback and good energy flowing to you and through you. I know breaking bad habits won’t be easy. This is where the training of the will comes in. It demands great effort or a series of efforts. If you are determined to change, the truth path of progress can only manifest by your actions! The first step is huge, but if you refuse to take this step, you will not be able to increase your will-power. You must remember the man who is to manifest a cultivated will must also live by certain fixed rules. You have done this all your life, often for the wrong reasons. Sasa, apply the same discipline for the right reasons and watch the growth.

Shawn is 32-years-old and has served 12 miaka. Biggest Regret: being in prison, not being around his family, and not being able to get any of the years he has lost. Message to the Youth: Be kubwa about using your gifts na vipaji to excel in life before opportunity passes you by.

Brother Bryant is 35-years-old and has served 17 miaka. Biggest Regret: being in prison and not being in his children’s life and an effective father. Message to the Youth: Learn from the mistakes of others and TRY not to make the same mistakes they’ve made.

Mr. Lone is 44-years old and has served 10 miaka. Biggest Regret: being in prison, knowing he has caused pain and despair and grief for his family, his community and humanity as a whole. Message to the Youth: The world is bigger than what is going on outside your window. Explore different cultures, communities and opportunities. Follow and reach for your dreams.

I will continue to bring these regrets and messages to you. The brothers are honored to be a part of giving back in some small way in the hope of helping someone else. Kumbuka, they were all like you – chasing paper and hustling. Some are sick in the head, baffled and confused. Now all are stuck in prison and crying out to you: Turn it around! Don’t become part of the prison matrix.


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