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  • Serikali ya Jina: Michael Key
  • Idadi kujiandikisha: K-54135
  • Umri:37
  • Muda aliwahi:15+ miaka
  • Nyumbani Town:Chicago, IL
  • Sentence:MAISHA
  • Sasa Mfawidhi:Mauaji, Jaribio la mauaji, Armed Robbery, Home Invasion
  • Alias:Mike G
  • Kutolewa Tarehe:N /
  • Gerezani Maegemeo:Gangster Mwanafunzi
  • Mzunguko wa Ushawishi:Kenneth Key
  • Taasisi:Stateville Correctional Center
  • If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

Private Prisons, Human Capital and The Prison Industrial Complex


Who really capitalizes off of poverty?

When you are out there doing what you do, whether legal or illegal, in the eyes of someone else you are capital, chattel, to be exploited as the means to help that person or persons secure their future.

Do these people care that their security is secured on the backs of their fellow man?

Of course they do not! For some, si wote, they are simply walking around with their heads in the sand, oblivious to the world not directly surrounding their own. But others know exactly who you are and what you represent to their future and their families. These people care nothing for your struggles or the struggles of your family, friends and neighbors. To them you represent nothing but numbers in their bank accounts and shares in their stock portfolios. I think it would surprise you to learn who some of these people really are. You could be sitting with them or talking to one of them right now!

Why are bad things allowed to happen to good people?

I have often heard the question, why are bad things allowed to happen to good people? I have never had an answer to that question before, but now I do. Notice, Mimi alisema an answer and not the answer.

Crime is the bastard child of poverty.

The poor simply do what they need to do to survive. Sometimes these things are against the laws of man and government, and sometimes they are against the laws of nature and God. But it seems there is always someone there to capitalize and get rich on the breaking of these laws. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that these someones have a vested interest in keeping certain areas impoverished and crime-ridden? Wouldn’t it also stand to reason that these someones would want people in power to look after and secure their positions and profits in what has become a multi-billion dollars a year enterprise? Maybe you have heard of it, or maybe you were briefly apart of it. Maybe you are apart of it right now.

Prison Viwanda Complex

Prisons were once the main province of state and government. Now prisons are being privatized and have become big business of major of major corporations. Now these someones have a name, though subject to change, and a face, though somewhat obscured. In America there are two major corporate players in the phenomenon of mass-incarceration, the outgrowth of the institution of slavery, with vested interest in keeping people in prison and the profit margins derived from one’s incarceration. First is Marekebisho Corporation ya Marekani (CCA) headquartered in Tennessee. The second is The GEO Group based in Florida. Both companies are publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. As of July 2015 CCA had issued approximately 117-million shares of stock, with a market cap of $4.05 BILLION. GEO Group had issued around 75-million shares, with a market cap of $2.76 BILLION.

Even banks own shares in prisons- the very same banks in your neighborhood that will not give you a loan because you do not have collateral.

The banks also have a vested interest in keeping the poor, poor and certain neighborhoods crime-ridden. If you have millions invested in prisons, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to keep crime prevalent?

Banks are not the only companies with stocks in prisons. Here is a list of some of the shareholders I can provide with my limited resources. (Source: Prison Kisheria Habari, Agosti 2015)

California Public Employees Retirement System– 366,300 shares in CCA and 204,900 shares in GEO Group.

New York State Teachers Retirement System– 254,520 share in CCA and 106,971 shares in GEO Group

California State Teachers Retirement System– 219,984 shares in CCA and 132,914 shares in GEO Group

Teachers Retirement System of the State of Kentucky– 28,409 shares in CCA and 25,941 shares in GEO Group

Teachers Retirement System of Texas– 3,530 shares in CCA and 2,247 shares in GEO Group

Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund– 35,754 shares in CCA

State of Alaska Employees Retirement Fund– 49,840 shares in CCA and 32,920 shares in GEO Group

I could name more, but these seven highlight my point just fine. Earlier I told you that you would be surprised at some of the people with stock in prisons. I was most appalled by the fact that teachers are shareholders in prisons. The very same people who are supposed to be shaping the minds of our children and young adults are part of the reason why the very same children and young adults are without fathers and mothers. That is not to say they are directly involved, but they are indirectly perpetuating a generational cycle of incarceration, poverty and failure.

Vanguard Group Inc. is the largest shareholder of CCA stock with 16.79 million shares valued at $578.9 milioni. Other top institutional investors include Managed Account Advisors with 6.4 million shares and London Co. of Virginia with 6.13 million shares. The Bank of New York Mellon Corp owns 2.46 million shares of CCA stock and Wells Fargo and Company owns 1.24 million shares.

Vanguard Group Inc. is also the largest institutional investor in GEO Group, owning 11.43 million shares. Not only do institutional investors own stock in these companies, but also the executives as part of their compensation packages. Even the iconic late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall’s son, Thurgood Jr., who is also an FBI informant, owns stock in CCA, approximately 42,391 shares, na sits on CCA’s Board of Directors.

While institutional ownership is a matter of public record, most individual shareholders own stock through brokerage firms, mutual funds, retirement accounts, and other investment vehicles. This makes it almost impossible to learn whether or not federal and state lawmakers, corrections officials, majaji, state and district attorneys, and other stakeholders in the criminal justice system own shares in CCA or GEO Group.

Because CCA is headquartered in Tennessee but incorporated in Maryland, under Maryland state law, Maryland Corporation and Association Code §2-513 (2013) only shareholders who own at least 5% of the outstanding stock of a company may inspect and copy its stock ledger or list of shareholders. GEO Group is required to allow investors to inspect and copy its shareholders list upon request pursuant to § 607.1602 (2)(c) of the Florida Business Act. But the request must be made in “good faith” na “proper purpose”. The purpose must be described with “reasonable particularity” and the records to be inspected must be directly connected with the shareholder’s purpose. Florida law prohibits shareholders from selling or otherwise distributing any information or records obtained from the company for reasons that are not related to the proper purpose specified when requesting the records. Kuna ni $5,000 fine applicable for violations of that provision. As a result GEO Group’s shareholders list cannot be distributed without violating Florida law and incurring civil penalties. All that to say, unless we are part of the group, we cannot see their toys! I guess we will have to find out who the new slavemasters are some other way.

In Illinois and states across the country, there are small towns that are economically dependent on the prison(s) in their town or neighboring communities. There are private contractors such as electricians, plumbers, masons, and others, not even to mention prison guards, administrators and other staff. There are hundreds of little jobs required to operate and maintain a prison. Prisoners do most with a civilian supervisor. Prisoners are paid less than $30.00 per month in some areas, while the civilian supervisor can make $75,000-80,000 kwa mwaka.

Then there are the telecommunications companies i.e. Securus na GTL, music vendors, books and magazine sellers, and commissary vendors who alone make hundreds of millions of dollars per year. There are also everyday solicitors and scam artists who recognize prisoners and their families are easy prey.

Instead of asking who capitalizes off of poverty, maybe the question should be- who does not?

If you do not believe the prison industrial complex is just another means of enslavement and prisons are modern plantations, you need only look at the income generated by and from prisons in America. Now think about and research the income generated through slavery. The South went to war over that income! The Civil War was not just about freeing the slaves. The Civil War was about economics and wealth. Because of slave labor, the South was richer than the North, even though the South was dependent on the North for those riches. Slavery propped up the southern economy and individual wealth of southerners much like the prison industrial complex does today’s economy.

Fortune 500 companies basically own your future and the future of your children. I say your children’s future because no one is safe. How many freed slaves were captured and re-enslaved? Nothing has changed. The slave owners CCA and GEO Group are still giving out bonuses to the slave catchers (polisi) and the judges for returning their lost property.

I hope you can use the information in this post as the basis for your understanding and future research into the big business of prison.

You are not safe and neither are your children!

As long as we continue to be the grease that lubricates the constantly turning wheel of financial growth for so many people, innocent men, women and children will continue to come to prison at alarming rates each and every year.

Men and women of color are becoming an endangered species. Everyone including ourselves is hunting us into extinction. I know they and we have convinced you that your life and the lives of your family, friends and neighbors do not matter. But I tell you here and now that they and we are wrong. You matter. Your life matters. Who you are now and who you become matters!!

You are LOVED and you are CHERISHED for no other reason than you simply being. It is now time for you to live up to that LOVE.

Remember you are descendants of great people and rich culture. Sure we lost our way, lakini, katika baadhi ya, what child does not? The Bible, in Genesis, foretold that for being disobedient we would endure 400 years of strife, struggle and hardship. My friends, familia yangu, my people, kwamba 400 years has ended. #RaiseUP



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