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  • Serikali ya Jina: Roderick Sutton
  • Idadi kujiandikisha: 60128-066
  • Umri:33
  • Muda aliwahi:8 yrs.
  • Nyumbani Town:Easton, PA
  • Sentence:17 yrs.
  • Sasa Mfawidhi:Silaha Benki ya Wizi; Silaha; Possession 5 grams or more of cocaine; Aiding & Abetting
  • Alias:Roach
  • Kutolewa Tarehe:2019
  • Gerezani Maegemeo:Hakuna
  • Mzunguko wa Ushawishi:
  • Taasisi:Allenwood
  • Here is where everyone loses and what everyone does, wakati! Time takes, but time teaches.

Political Gangsters: Democrips and Rebloodlicans


As the 2016 presidential election approaches, I sit back and watch the sheep-like acceptance of the many uninformed citizens willing to participate in a political process that is rigged by money, distorted by a biased media, and the lies peddled by the candidates about themselves and each other. These political gangsters are often selfish, greedy, vain, and most often racist. They lust for rule via secrecy, graft, udanganyifu, immorality, and dishonesty. They promise prosperity but deliver debt, taxation, na umaskini. They promise equality but inequality always remains. They promise peace but declare war. They easily lead this nation’s citizens astray with their propaganda. They divide this nation’s citizenry by forcing them to align with their gang. Not the type of gang that one would come to expect in the present day, but something bigger, more powerful, and organized.

Before there was ever such thing as a Crip au Damu kundi, there were the Democrats (Democrips) who would identify with the color blue and the Republicans (Rebloodlicans) who would coincidentally identify with the color red in the 1700s. For centuries these two gangs have coerced this nation’s citizenry to pick a side thus pitting them against each other and dividing the landscape, especially during elections.

The sentiment in this year’s election cycle seems to evoke more than just a willingness to divide this nation.

A history of the Democrips na Rebloodlicans

To fully understand this assumption let me enlighten you with some very disturbing history between the Democrips and the Rebloodlicans.
It is purported that the first Rebloodlican elected to run this nation Abraham Lincoln, ended slavery, while Confederate Democrips gave their lives to expand it and the Union Rebloodlicans gave their lives to end it.

100% ya Rebloodlicans supported the creation of the 13th Amendment compared to only 23% ya Democrips.

The 14th Amendment, which gave citizenship to so-called feed slaves, was supported by 94% ya Rebloodlicans na 0% ya Democrips.

The 15th Amendment, which gave so-called freed black men the right to vote was supported by 100% ya Rebloodlicans na 0% ya Democrips.

Democrips were staunch advocates of so-called Black Codes and Jim Crow laws and supported the Ku Klux Klan in order to stop the Rebloodlican gang members by intimidating and even murdering them.

Cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Newark, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and Milwaukee have some of the highest African-American unemployment and murder rates, and have been run exclusively by Democrips for the past fifty years who have exploited our communities for votes while assigning victimhood and hopeless dependency.

Having made a pact to accommodate Southern segregationists and disenfranchising millions of citizens because the color of their skin, Democrips could pretend to be liberal only by the sheerest hypocrisy. Just look at some of their proudest gang members like George Wallace and Bull Connor.

Democrips today are really socialists, but they wouldn’t dare use that word to describe themselves because they’d lose elections.

Rebloodlicans are NOT without any major flaws. They also have a history of peddling racism, sexism, and xenophobia in order to gain membership. They even had a high ranking Ku Klux Klan member by the name of David Duke attempt to lead them to the presidency in the 1980s.

Both of these gangs are so hell-bent on obtaining unbridled influence and power over this nation and other nations they have raise billions of dollars in “donations” in hopes of persuading you to join their gang. That money should be used on more important things, but these close-minded Democrips na Rebloodlicans could care less. They’d rather protect the status quo and their future. They have what is referred to as libido dominandi: the lust to dominate, a desire to exert control over others. These political gangsters may claim to have our best interests at heart but are corrupted by this human desire for power. A position of power only facilitates libido dominandi because one can so easily forget they are supposed to be the servant of the people who put them in office not their master.

uchaguzi wa mwaka huu makala viongozi wa kundi wanne ambao mno kutafuta uanachama wako katika kundi yao.

Kuna Jill Stein, kiongozi wa Gang Green; Gary Johnson, kiongozi wa Lawless Libertarians; Hillary Clinton, kiongozi wa Democrips; Na Donald Trump, kiongozi wa Rebloodlicans.

Kutokana na chini genge Uanachama Lawless Libertarians na Gang Green hawajapata kama maanani vile Democrips na Rebloodlicans kwa sababu Democrips na Rebloodlicans are the OGs. These two OG’s are without a doubt the most egomaniacal, kuwahudumia binafsi, watu binafsi repugnant ya kuwania urais wa taifa hili.

The 2016 election is a matter of choosing between the lesser of two evils. Both candidates are elitist and have a lack of self-awareness of the role socio-economic privilege has played in their success. Both continue to surround themselves with members of their own social class and continue to engage in what’s known as opportunity hoarding- that is opportunities that are not easily available to the average citizen, which explains why both are so clueless, arrogant, and out of touch with the everyday struggles of the general public.

A Closer Look at Democrip Gang Leader Hillary Clinton

Let’s take a closer look at the Democrip gang leader OG Hillary Clinton who has strategically coerced an entire race and gender to ride with her and her gang. I must tip my hat to her for her ability to easily persuade 90% of this country’s feeble-minded African-Americans. I say feeble-minded because this is the same woman who was a staunch advocate for her husband’s 1994 extremely oppressive crime bill that created dozens of new state and federal capital crimes, including but not limited to the infamous mandatory life sentences for most ”three strikes” offenders, the authorization of more than $16 billion in state grants for states that mandated their prisoners serve at least 85% of their sentence, the militarization and expansion of state and local police forces, as well as boosting corrections funding by 171% kwa $19 bilioni. Hivyo kusaidia na abetting jengo la gereza viwanda tata na kuenea kwa wingi kufungwa jela ambayo ilisababisha ongezeko kubwa katika serikali na jimbo mahabusu katika magereza ya Rais ANY katika historia ya Marekani!

Kisha nyuma wakati Ogu Hillary aliulizwa mjini Accra jinsi yeye inaweza hivyo sana msaada kama overly kali za kupambana na uhalifu muswada yeye alijibu kwa akimaanisha vijana wa Afrika-Wamarekani kama ”super mahasimu, ambao tuna kuleta kwa kisigino!”

Hivi karibuni tu mumewe Rais wa zamani na Democrip Double OG Bill Clinton was interrupted at a rally by a clutch of young scholars claiming that his 1994 crime bill has devastated the African-American community. His smug response was, “I don’t know how you would characterize the young gang leaders who got 13 year-olds hooped up on crack and sent them out onto the street to murder other African-American children. Maybe you thought they were good citizens. You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter!”

The next day after being ridiculed for that response, he quickly backtracked, realizing that by speaking exactly how he feels he was hurting OG Hillary’s chances of persuading the feeble-minded African-American community that the Clintons actually care about them. It was no coincidence that after months of being hounded and called out by the #BlackLivesMatter movement about her staunch support for her husband’s 1994 crime bill that continues to devastate the African-American community and her past derogatory comments made toward African-Americans, OG Hillary reluctantly responded by saying, “I shouldn’t have used that language back then.” Kwa maneno mengine, she regretted not being politically correct in the way she demonized us.

When pressed about what she planned to do to fix the problem all OG Hillary said was, “we’ll be fixing and reforming criminal justice.” We have yet to hear any detailed plans. When her supporters are asked, what has OG Hillary done for the African-American community when she was the so-called First Lady, Seneta, or Secretary of State, no one could name a single thing. She lobbied on behalf of her Double OG husband in the 1990s to end welfare as an entitlement program, impose a five year limit, kicking needy families off of welfare regardless of need, creating more poverty, the working poor and hopelessness. Guess who was affected the most by this legislation? Yup, the African-American community!

Yet through it all, OG Hillary is happily embraced by these feeble-minded celebrities like Mary J. Blige, Taraji P. Henson, Lebron James, and a host of others simply because she’s a woman and mostly because they are ill-advised of who this gangster really is. OG Hillary has been so good at manipulating African-Americans that at the last Black Girls Rock Awards she was granted the opportunity to align with their movement in order for her to garner crucial votes. This also enabled the Black Girls Rock movement to align with the establishment that doesn’t have their best interest at heart. The Reverend Jesse Jackson who wanted to castrate Barack Obama is now even shucking and jiving for OG Hillary.

Unbeknownst to these timid pawns and gang underlings, OG Hillary has also been a strong advocate of destroying and destabilizing African nations like Libya, Somalia, Egypt, Sudan, and Zimbabwe. She led the charge for sanctions against the Zimbabwean nation, because it was taking its land back from Europeans who had stole it from them in the first place. OG Hillary has also been secretly endorsed by the California branch Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

It’s no wonder as a young woman OG Hillary advocated against desegregation when she was a member of the Rebloodlican kundi. Ndiyo, OG Hillary Rodham was once a Rebloodlican, the fact is something the Democrip-leaning media tries to hide; that and the fact that she flip flops on a multitude of issues for her advantage just as her Rebloodlican nemesis Donald Trump does. In July 2004, when asked about homosexual marriage, OG Hillary said, “I believe that marriage is not just a bond but a sacred bond between a man and a woman.” Then as she began to contemplate another attempt at the presidency, she conveniently shifted her position in hopes of swaying the homosexual vote by stating, “I support marriage for lesbian and gay couples.”

OG Hillary is so brazen and arrogant with her gangsterism and position of power that when she was ordered by the FBI to relinquish all relevant material pertaining to the investigation into lawless behavior, she instead proceeded to have cellphones smashed with hammers, emails deleted, and servers wiped so no incriminating evidence could be gathered. That in itself is an Obstruction of Justice charge. On top of that her most loyal gang members received immunity deals.

Like myself, OG Hillary IS a criminal! The big difference is I’ve been unduly indicted, hatia, and sentenced for my crimes. OG Hillary has not because the laws that pertain to us do not pertain to gangsters like her. This is so much so that she has been able for several years to rake in a reported $1.7 billion through her foundation without ever filing for a certificate to solicit funds from various “donors.” Her lawlessness, udanganyifu, and treachery doesn’t end there. When the nation’s Democrats began to feel the Bern, Hillary conspired with the Democrip chairwoman to devise a plan to undermine and extinguish that Bern by any means. Bernie posed a real threat to the vested interest that OG Hillary and her ilk value so much, which is to manipulate and protect the status quo of more gangster government to have a say in every aspect of this nation’s citizens.

By no means is Rebloodlican gang leader Donald Trump without any major flaws.

Donald Trump is not a politician. That has its negatives and positives. Much like today’s gangsters, Trump exhibits loyalty to few. According to records of his gang affiliation dating back to 1987, Trump has been a Rebloodlican, then an Independent, then a Democrip, then a Rebloodlican, then what it is known as prison as a dropout when he stated, “I do not wish to enroll” in a gang (chama), and now he’s back to being a Rebloodlican.

Trump has made many major gaffes during his quest to become the leader of the so-called free world. He has also made some major gaffes years before this quest. Trump has been politically incorrect and brazenly speaks his mind on everything from race, uhamiaji, dini, terrorism, abortion, criminal justice, gender equality, the military, and other politicians. Some subjects were relevant, and some were not. Some were on point, and some were completely inappropriate and disgraceful. Some were completely and purposefully taken out of context, and some were applauded.

Trump claims to be the “law and order” candidate who seeks to reestablish the unconstitutional and racially biased practice of stop and frisk that was outlawed because of it’s 4th Amendment violations, mainly of African-Americans. He also wants this nation’s citizens to respect law enforcement, but he stops short of requiring law enforcement to respect the citizens and taxpayers who they work for, particularly African-American citizens.

Trump has boldly exposed the true inner workings of this nation’s corrupt politics, from the mainstream media’s willingness to pick sides and spread that side’s propaganda to this nation’s extremely gullible citizens and how wealthy individuals and corporations are able to influence money hungry politicians by financing their campaigns, filling their coffers, showering them with gifts, and lining their pockets with cash in hopes of swaying decisions in their favor.

Trump would have first hand knowledge of these inner workings due to the fact that he himself has lined the pockets of numerous political gangsters over the years including his Democrip opponent Hillary. This very taboo exposure of the mainstream media and political gangsters has caused most of the political gangsters, and their hitmen, the media outlets and the political pundits to declare that Trump would be an extremely dangerous and unpredictable gang leader of this nation.

The Media Hitmen

As I pen this post there has been a slew of new smear tactics, political drive-bys, to hamper Trump’s bid, from a G-rated role in a Playboy video to a video of him speaking very bluntly about sexual escapades which has his detractors in a uproar. Some of these new revelations are self-inflicted. Then there’s the illegally obtained leaked documents by a Democrip aligned newspaper that show for almost two decades Trump has legally paid no federal income taxes, but has paid local and state taxes. This is capitalism at its finest.

To no surprise, after 34 years of claiming to have never taken sides in any political election, USA Today newspaper all of a sudden has broken their so-called political non-political by printing an editorial titled, ”Don’t Vote for Trump.” In it the newspaper compiled a list of reasons not to vote for him such as, “He is erratic, ill-equipped to be commander in chief, traffics in prejudice, his business career is checkered, isn’t leveling with the American people, speaks recklessly, has coarsened the national dialogue, and is a serial liar.”

Sasa, I have always felt that the new media’s job is to inform without bias and let the people make their own decisions. The 2016 presidential campaign has proved just how long the tentacles of these political gangsters ni, extending into every aspect of our lives to control how we are supposed to act and think. They are clearly longer and stronger than the long arm of the law.

We the People

Most of this nation’s citizenry is blind, even to the obvious. Even some of the most enlightened individuals are blind to certain truisms. We have been so accustomed to blaming our problems on these political gangsters without realizing WE THE PEOPLE PUT THEM IN POWER. And once these gangsters have the power and control, it is rare they ever willfully cede that power!

Katika 2016, REAL gangsters wear bespoke suits, silk neckties, brooches, and pearls all while manipulating the nation’s media and its citizens.

So now you are either on the derailed Trump Train to “Make America Great Again” or you’re ”With HER” OG Hillary Clinton!

Me, I can’t vote because I’m in prison. Maybe one day that issue will be addressed.


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