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  • Serikali ya Jina: Al-Tariq Gumbs
  • Idadi kujiandikisha: 05674-078
  • Umri:37
  • Muda aliwahi:13+ miaka
  • Nyumbani Town:Newark, NJ
  • Sentence:168 miezi
  • Sasa Mfawidhi:Racketeering (RICO), Njama
  • Alias:King Sankofa (Formerly known as Killer Reek)
  • Kutolewa Tarehe:2022
  • Gerezani Maegemeo:Damu (Ukingo)
  • Mzunguko wa Ushawishi:Emmanuel Jones, Lester Alford, Omar Austin, Tewhan Butler
  • Taasisi:FCI Memphis
  • I would like to show you the real me.

A Letter to the Lil Brim Homies


This letter is to my lil Brim homies and homegirls.

This is your big brother King Sankofa. I’m writing this from a federal prison complex in Memphis, Tennessee. I was sentenced to 14-years for the hood and being who I used to be. I would like to speak to y’all about a few things. I know it’s a lot of young homies out there who don’t know me but have undying love and respect for me because of what I put down back then. Sasa, I want to give y’all a history lesson and let y’all know where my mind is at. I’m placing this on Live kutoka lockdown kwa sababu blog hii ni kwa ajili ya watu kama mimi kuwa na uwezo wa kupata sauti zao huko nje na kusaidia kurekebisha mambo mengi ambayo ni kwenda kwenye. My take on things is in order to fix the present we must first start with the past and go from there because there is no future if there is no past. So I ask that you bear with me. I promise to get to the point in this letter because these Tru-Links [prison email] cost money. lol

A history lesson.

Back in 1999 I was a 21-year-old man facing double-life in prison for crimes that I was accused of but didn’t do. I stand on that because people still seem to think I made my name off of those cases and that is only half of the truth. Kuona, what y’all have to understand is that people will believe whatever lie you tell them as long as it doesn’t affect them. Ndiyo, I lived in those streets like a bum who lost his home. Ndiyo, I was bad as a motherfucker and didn’t take any shit from anyone. But the one thing I stood on was accepting my role in anything that I did. Never once did I pass blame. While facing these charges I turned Blood and took the meaning of the letters B-L-O-O-D to heart. Those letters meant a lot to me because after hearing Khalid Muhammad speak at New York University (NYU), I knew that brotherly love would override oppression. Even though I was a little knucklehead, Mimi bado kuanza kumpenda watu wangu zaidi kuliko hapo kabla. I took to the Bloods with all heart and loyalty. Never once did I leave a man behind. Never once did I try to overstep myself and become some type of gangland boss. I never wanted that and still don’t. As time went on, I started to see that the love was only hidden in the hearts of many and showed in the actions of a few. It was nothing because I knew and understood that our people will always be our worst enemy. It was no different with the Bloods. I would love to sit here and say Brim is better than Sex Money Murder, or the Bloods is better than the Crips, Gangster Wanafunzi, Kilatini Wafalme, or any other gang or organization, but in reality we all are the same in our thinking. If we have the same thinking then we have the same actions. Do you ever wonder why a Crip loves being a Crip, or any other gangster loves being who they are? It’s because they believe in what they were taught about that family, gang or organization to the point they are willing to kill and die for it. Mimi nilikuwa mmoja wa wale guys. This is why my name has risen to the place it is today. I went so hard trying to put it down for the Bloods and my set that I didn’t catch the fact that I was living a hypocritical life. Na jambo moja mimi kuchukiwa kuwa alikuwa mtu ambaye alionekana kama alikuwa mwongo au faking it, so I tried to make myself think that what I was doing was right. I tried to teach the young sistas and brothers who came in contact with me the real way of Blood and loving who you are. My little sista Ashanti, who was the youngest Brimette, mara 13 when she came to me on Woodland Ave and 11 Street back in 2001, and I remember telling her that this wasn’t for her because tomorrow she could be dead and all I could do is tell her parents I would pay for the funeral. Her answer to me was that she didn’t have a family and wanted to be with one that loved her and made sure she was ok. I asked her where were her parents. She said they lived around the corner on 10th Street. I was like why do you say you don’t have a family when they are right there? Her answer was they didn’t understand her pain and she wanted to be around people who understood her. Nilikaa hapo na inaonekana katika mwanamke huyu mdogo ambaye alikuwa tu kama 5'2 na tomboy. In my mind I knew she was going to join this shit regardless of whatever I said. If it was not me, it would have been someone else. And I knew that in my heart she would be better off with me because I was going to make sure she was ok by any means. So I put her with my big sista Jelly and we watched her. One day she wanted to run away and I told her she had to go home because even though we were her family, her mother and father was her true family, and they would miss her and she needed to go home and respect their house. I held her while she cried and said she didn’t want to go back home. I knew it was the right thing for her to go home because there wasn’t anything in these streets but heartache and pain. I sent her home. This is why I have the love I have because I understand y’all pain because I was you. My mother wasn’t there when I truly needed a mother. My father didn’t get at me until I was about 10 au 11. I was a lost soul, and I took my pain out on them streets.

Ndiyo, I was bad as a motherfucker and didn’t take any shit from anyone.

Now my lil homies sit and listen to all of these stories about how I did this and that, but y’all never hear the good stories on how I made sure my neighborhood was safe– no stolen cars or shootouts out there. If you think I’m lying, go to the land and speak to the people who were there. I helped fix my neighborhood, but I’m continuously blamed for destroying it. But I understand because at that time I wasn’t able to make my own way and be a true leader. At that time I was trying to be a man with a young man’s understanding of life. I’m telling y’all this because I want y’all to understand that yes, mara kwa mara, it was fun and the love was real, but now things have changed. Y’all are being taught by guys who truly don’t care about anything but themselves. Any real homie wouldn’t want you out there on that nonsense. If you want to hold your brother or sista down that just got killed, how about going to see their family and making sure their family is good? You don’t have to go kill anyone. People think since my change of heart I have gone soft and left y’all out there to fend for yourselves but that’s not true. I’m trying to show y’all the true growth that has become me, your big brother.

Y’all are being taught by guys who truly don’t care about anything but themselves.

Unlike before I have the strength to say enough is enough. I have become a better man, and I want to see y’all do good. I gave the Bloods my word that I would do what it takes to show that love. This is what I am doing. In order for me to show you that I love you, I must do things for you that help you not hurt you.

Telling you to be a gang-banger isn’t going to help you.

Telling you to put in work for the hood isn’t going to help you.

Telling you to lie, cheat and steal from your family isn’t going to help you.

Telling you to turn your back on your true interests, passion and purpose in life isn’t going to help you.

Jinsi gani mtu wanasema upendo wewe na kila kitu wao kufanya na kusema unaweka katika njia ya madhara? How is that love?

My job as your big brother is to give you life-lessons and make sure your eyes and ears are open. My job is not to dictate your life. Kama unataka kuishi maisha ambapo huwezi hata imani aina yako mwenyewe, kisha, by all means, do what you must. Mimi si kukaa hapa akisema hawana upendo nini upendo. I’m saying there is a better way to show that love. You don’t have to show it by promoting hate and then profess to have love for the same thing that you are destroying.

How can a gang member tell people how to keep their kids away from gangs?

The purpose of my letter to you and anyone like you is to try and show you that life is something worth living, and anyone who tries to make you do things that will end your life is not your brother or sista. Kipindi. I don’t care who they are or what they are saying. When I first wrote the book titled How to Keep Your Kids Away from Gangs in solitary confinement in the Management Control Unit (MCU) of New Jersey [Trenton] State Prison, my peoples asked me how can a gang member tell people how to keep their kids away from gangs? My answer was who else is going to tell them? Then he countered, but you’re still in the gang. I said well it’s not about me. Ni juu ya kuokoa wale ambao bado wana nafasi ya kurekebisha maisha yao kabla inakuwa mbaya zaidi na wao wanaona kama ni kuchelewa mno. Napenda kuwa na kipande cha shit kutaka mtu kuja kujiunga na mimi katika msiba wa gereza. People say I’m friendly. I say I’m real. It’s too much hate out there, and it takes too much energy to hate. I already feel like I’m 60-years-old.

Learn from my mistakes.

I want to show that there’s still some real ones left. We haven’t been broken and turned people into the government, but still we have tried to help. People will call it disloyalty because you want change, but remember, misery loves company. It’s up to you to accept the invitation. Neno. So with that my lil brothers and sistas I stand before you as your big brother who has seen the holes in the wall, shoe prints on his back and the knife sticking out of his chest. I have felt the blows, and through all that pain I looked back and saw that, kama si wote, most of it came from those I considered loved ones who came through these hard streets with me. The love I know exists is the only reason I still fight for y’all. Another person would have given up by now, but I’m not them and this isn’t it. So I ask that y’all learn from my mistakes and love life. Katika umri wa miaka 37 I have yet to travel outside of my state except on a plane with a U.S. Marshall. Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want to wake up and see that you are an old man or woman and your life has passed you by. Lakini tena, if you still don’t get it, then by all means put your hand over the fire and tell me if it burns.

Another person would have given up by now, but I’m not them and this isn’t it.

Regardless of how tough or loyal you are, these streets don’t care about none of that and the government don’t care about none of that. Death is death. Life in prison is life in prison. So I ask that you understand that your life is yours to dictate, not mine or anyone else other than you. Naomba wewe kusikiliza sauti katika kichwa yako ninawaambieni kwa chill out. Find something else to do with your life before you look up and a bullet hits you or those cuffs go on. By then you can’t say you are sorry or seek some type of forgiveness. Forgiveness is only a word in the Bible. In the streets and the criminal justice system forgiveness is used to manipulate us into thinking it relates to us coming from that lifestyle. The government or your rival has no understanding of forgiveness when they catch you trying to be a tough gang-banger. I only hope these words reach you and help you.

Even I had to kill Killa Reek in order for me to live.

Amani na napenda kama kuzimu kuamua kwamba maisha yako ni kweli yako mwenyewe na wewe kuishi hivyo kwa kadri ya uwezo wako.

I love y’all. Mimi niko hapa kwa ajili yenu na kwa sababu ya wewe, so use me to help you.

King Sankofa– born out of the fire and with the wings of an angel.



29 responses to “A Letter to the Lil Brim Homies”

  1. sassy says:

    – ???? R.I.P Ant aka Kuishi Yo nilivyoapa I Wish Boy My Ilikuwa Alive Tu Kupokea Ujumbe huu ? Ni Zaidi ya Sad Jinsi Hizi Young Men & Wanawake Je Si Hata Kuona Umri 25 Wao Ni Kufa Mdogo & mdogo. Sisi wanatakiwa kuwa Burrying yetu Mababu ECT… Badala Wao ni Burrying Nasi … Siwezi Hata Fikiria Hiyo Pain. Pamoja Hizi Niggas Young Kati Hapa Hisia Kama Wao ni “kama Hiyo” Or “Kuhusu Maisha” Mauaji & Kufa Kwa Hakuna Sababu ? Katika Macho Yangu Hiyo Je, si kufanya Yu mtu It Makes Yu COWARD. Hizi Watoto Gotta Kukua Up Bila Fathers wao & Uaminifu Kwa nini ? Jinsi Je, sisi Mama Jibu Them Maswali Wakati Them Kids Wanataka kujua “ambapo ni daddy & kwa nini mtu bila kuchukua maisha yake” SMH sisi gotta kufanya vizuri !!! Naomba watu hawa kuchukua katika ujumbe(s) kutuma nje hapa i akaapa ni inahitajika ?? #FREEYOU

  2. GlockBrim? says:

    Real Shit Man Bure u Broski, Mpaka wanasema Nyuma ???

  3. Idris Michael says:

    Je, Kuna Anyway siwezi Wasiliana yake ?

  4. Makaveli Da-Don says:

    You know who this is lil bro, sisi alikuwa huko kutoka siku moja Nakumbuka wewe alikuja kutoka Bordentown kwa Rahway kisha Jimbo Kaskazini, Najua wewe ni nani na nini kuweka chini kusababisha sisi alifanya hivyo pamoja ingawa tulikuwa kushoto na kulia sisi hawakupata mapambano huo ilichukua yangu 24 Miaka kupata nje ya gereza na nilipofika nje mitaa ilifanyika, nigga ilifanyika, hoods mara tu kwamba HOODS, tupu na hakuna upendo au uelewa wa nini ni kwamba sisi kwa kweli kufanya. Mimi kusema kwamba kusema hii, im gonna daima kusaidia kweli na wewe ni kweli lakini kumbuka Makaveli Da-Don ni kweli pia sisi ni Newark Nj. Kuendelea kufanya nini kufanya. Ima kupiga kelele saa jelly usiku wa leo…….

    • David Bucc says:

      Mak Wats groovin big bro. Hii Bucc Groove kutoka Eastwick lakini sasa wanaishi katika kusini Florida mayowe saa u. Mimi kamwe got nafasi ya kukutana na wewe uso kwa uso lakini sisi bado familia. sahibu yetu 50 kutoka Newark chini ya udhamini wa baba bluu (smiles) akageuka taa yangu juu katika 2006 chini Annandale. Kutoka huko nilikuwa BORDENTOWN yardsville jimbo la kusini ( huo huo u alikuwa huko katika 2009 Mimi nilikuwa kwenye kiwanja b) na maxed nje kutoka SOUTHWOODS. Baada ya jitihada zangu mimi wakiongozwa na Florida na babymom yangu ambaye alikuwa amebeba mbegu yangu na mimi si Bak kwa NJ bado. Mimi nilikuwa katika kuwasiliana na wandugu chache ( safari kutoka e.o. Na wavulana wengi wao wakiwa GOOCH) lakini haikuwa na uwezo wa kuwasiliana na familia yoyote katika wakati. Anyways tu alitaka kutuma heshima zangu zote na upendo na u big bro. Kupiga kelele saa yangu kwa barua pepe katika tulipata upendo ndio hapa chini katika Florida sana lakini ni mengi ya offbrand shit kwamba si kushoto wito wenyewe grooves. I got shit nyingine ya kusema lakini si juu hapa. Pretty wanna sana kupata katika kuwasiliana na wewe ili niweze kuunganisha na familia. familia Real na labda kunyoosha nje baadhi ya confusions nina chini hapa na hivyo kuitwa wandugu. Mpasuko cartoon Groove. tatizo mpasuko. Wawili kati ya ndugu watano kwamba risasi yangu yangu ya kwanza 3 kupita juu.

  5. Romans 1: 16 Spahle says:

    I pray this message reaches you in good health mentally, kiroho ,& kimwili … Bro barua hii ili heri roho yangu ili kujua unataka kusaidia kuonyesha kuna njia bora yao genge banging … MUNGU ni kufanya mambo makubwa na itaendelea hivyo si kuacha nini unafanya … Nipo nawe 1,000 persent Bro hivyo kuweka juu MUNGU kazi …

  6. ToneDaVillian says:

    Bure Da Homie #GANGSTA mimi si ukingo lakini hii dhahiri ni rruth kwa kila hola

  7. Miseka says:

    Jelly aka Miss 2banga,,,, I wish I could find her!

  8. Chris says:

    Brother I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart! This was over do,well needed,kuomba kwa ajili ya walioomba,aina baada na za dhati! ukuaji kwamba barua hii inaonyesha ni nzuri tu. Siwezi kusema najua wewe, lakini tumekuwa alikutana katika kupita(10-11 umri wa kata 2000).I watched makundi kuenea kama moto mkali uliyotokea,na hatimaye kuwa ni sehemu ya uharibifu wa jamii zetu! ishara hii peke yake inaonyesha majuto yako,na kukubalika kwa nini amefanya binafsi na kile kilichofanywa na wale wanaodai nini wameweza kufanyika ilikuwa kwa niaba yako. Kukaa juu na kukumbuka… Wao cam kufuli mwili wako lakini tafadhali wala let'm kufuli akili yako! Chochote ninachoweza kufanya msaada yo harakati yako, ukuaji, na mabadiliko… Mimi nina nayo! Nadhani wewe tayari alijua kwamba uko mwisho wa kuzaliana kufa! Hebu kuwa cheche na mabadiliko tunataka kuona!
    . Simu za KING SANKOFA!!!!

  9. Harry Jean Baptist says:

    Mimi najua nini hasa feel.I yako kutumia kuwa huko nje,Kwa vile nilikuwa kufukuzwa nchini katika 98′ Nimekuwa wanaoishi well.t
    Well.The mataifa ya umoja alikuwa ugonjwa ajili yangu.

  10. Big Homie Cool L says:

    Nice barua Big Bro, lakini ukweli ni kwamba watu wengi kwamba haja ya kusoma barua yako tu hawana kusoma. Wazi na rahisi. yo kutaka kuiweka katika wimbo basi watakuwa kusikiliza

  11. memo says:

    AMEKUWAPO ?BOY kwa miaka mitano na mimi sijawahi kukutana BROTHER KUWA ni tayari kusaidia YOUNG LIKE ME
    Mimi SIMAMA JUU PILI miguu yangu na mimi watakufa PILI miguu yangu kwa kaka na dada zangu KUWA BANG YA NINI mimi BANG YA NA TUNACHOAMINI KATIKA.
    Naweza yanahusiana na habari hii SABABU mimi TRY na watakufa FOR BOYS MY YOUNG na kuzisimamia NI NINI HAKI
    COMMENT MY KWA NIFANYE B.L.O.O.D.S YANGU NA anapiga kelele NA GANGS ZAIDI kwamba mapambano kwa ajili Same
    Na kuleta kwa TJE WORLD
    -(MEMO ukingo)

  12. Snapback Brim says:

    Hii tu kuguswa moyo wangu na roho kwa njia nyingi stupede ya ni ndugu na dada katika mitaa hizi ni punda nyuma na ni mbwa kula mbwa dunia na siku hii na wakati hatuna wanaume halisi BKA bras kubwa kuonyesha sisi ukweli halisi na maarifa ya nini sisi kusimama kwa mimi waliopotea homies isitoshe mimi wamepoteza marafiki ndugu isitoshe ECT na vurugu ya mitaa nataka mabadiliko nataka kusimama kwa manufaa ya kofia na si kwa ajili ya kuanguka chini nina mwana kwamba inaonekana up kwangu na yeye tayari ni mesmerizing genge mawazo katika 4yrs ya umri na mimi kuweka lawama yote juu ya nafsi yangu mimi sitaki Burry mwanangu kwa sababu ya makosa yangu unataka kulikuwa na njia mimi naweza kuwasiliana na wewe kupitia barua kujifunza zaidi kwa sababu kama mimi kusimama mtu mimi bado nina wajinga wenye nia asante kutoka chini ya moyo wangu maneno yako alikuwa na mimi kuacha machozi na hawezi kukumbuka mara ya mwisho mimi she'da moja kama inawezekana kutuma maelezo yako na kile milele ni kwamba mahitaji ya kufanyika mimi niko hapa kwa kutuma mimi anuani sababu mimi nina chini kwa sababu sinserly Snapback Brim Roy mckissic one love kuweka kichwa yako juu upendo wewe,en

  13. Mek Balla says:

    This is Real. This is what we supposed to be.

    upendo ukingo hata homies zote kofia huko nje ?? ?

  14. Fred GILLETTE says:

    Mungu awabariki u katika kile u kufanya ndugu kuendelea kuongea kwa youngings wao hawana wazo kabisa nini re kufanya au ambapo wanaweza kuishia kwa wakati wao kutambua hilo ni tu inaweza kuwa kuchelewa mno

  15. Terry Black says:

    tu SMH… Safi tu ujinga…

  16. luis Camacho says:

    homie wangu big kuniambia kuwa katika kundi au kuuza madawa ya kulevya au moshi au kupata fedha kuwa kitu katika maisha na kuwa mtu bora wakati i kukua ndiyo yeye kusema kwangu watu wanadhani majambazi na wanachama wa kundi ni mbaya lakini wao sio tu hawataki tufanye nini na kitu thans kwa ajili yake i sasa kwa nini yeye kusema kwamba mimi mpasuko Lalo

  17. chris says:

    ukingo upendo risasi na kuua kofia

  18. KEVIN KARTER says:

    Bro thats a real message u left there. I feel the same way bro.. Mimi heshima yake kuja kutoka ndugu mwingine ambaye alisaidia kupisha jambo hili tunapenda. Hata hivyo ya ujumbe pia exudes na majuto u wana kwa ya zamani vitendo. Si kwamba u majuto ya siku za nyuma ZaidiChache kwamba u wamejifunza kutoka ya zamani na kwamba inaitwa rahisi ukomavu…
    Tena i kusimama na kusalimu u kwa ya vitendo na anayewakilisha DAMU katika hali yake ya realest

  19. Sexy says:

    I think God for a person like u. ujumbe kwamba kuletwa machozi kwa macho yangu Naomba na matumaini mtu yeyote huko nje kwamba kuishi maisha ya bangers genge Naomba u wakiangalia. Watu ni nje hapa na kuua kuna watu wenyewe. Mimi kamwe kuelewa kwamba. Lakini mimi bado kuomba 4 hao pia. Naomba Mungu aendelee kubariki u.

  20. cherry says:

    Hii ilikuwa hivyo kirefu alikuwa na mimi katika machozi

  21. Leroy Boyd says:

    Damn nigga wangu imekuwa ni muda mrefu tangu sisi kuona kila mmoja hata hivyo nilikuwa heri kuwa na alizungumza na wewe wiki chache zilizopita. Na kama vile barua yako kwa homies vijana wewe alikuwa akizungumza tobgt mawazo yangu haki sht.I Lazima niseme kwamba mimi ni fahari ya wewe bcuz sisi walikuja njia ya muda mrefu na mimi kwenda bk kwa JAMESBURG wewe alikuwa kiongozi hata wakati sisi alikuwa kwamba sisi ni adulds u bado kuonyesha kwamba energy.and huo mimi nina fahari kusema kwamba ndugu yako yangu kubwa…upendo ninyi Bro kuweka hii chanya nishati kuja kutoka chini ya kofia kwamba

  22. Lakeasha G. says:

    I m kutoka eneo ambako wana alichukua kuwa katika kundi ili kushikilia kiwango tofauti na nilipoona mabadiliko mimi kuanza kusema baadhi ya maneno hayo. Ili kila mtu ni kuleta wanachama hizi mpya katika wanafundisha yao vibaya. Heshima na uaminifu walikuwa wamekwenda nje ya dirisha, hivyo mimi moyo kukaa juu sawa na nyembamba na kuendelea kushiriki hadithi yako na kusema UKWELI. Mimi kawaida hawashiriki mambo kama haya lakini labda na mengi ya kugawana na watu kuchukua muda wa kusoma itakuwa kufikia vijana wetu. Naomba kwa wewe na familia yako. Amani na baraka.

  23. Robert Gilmore says:

    Tunahitaji zaidi ya u Reek

  24. Jbug says:

    Try getting an education, stiop shooting each other. Nyinyi wote majadiliano kama uko katika upendo lakini huwezi kuwa njia wewe gun kila mmoja chini. Kuna dunia big na kuna mengi ya fursa kama kupata vichwa yako nje ya punda zenu.
    Unaweza kufanya kitanda kwamba wewe kuweka katika. Ni juu yako. Je, si lawama mtu mwingine.

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