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    Quawntay Adams from Break Out Releases Book

    As many of you already know, I recently published my memoir, Chasin’ Freedum. Considering the title, some might assume that the story is a reiteration of my story as revealed in the documentary “Break Out”. But ChasinFreedum is about much more than a prisoner escaping prison. It is a story about struggling and overcoming barriers, both internal and external. Some of these barriers are the same barriers that many of you face on a daily basis. Baada ya yote, the lack of...SOMA ZAIDI


    12 Miaka Slave

    12 years ago, I stood inside Philadelphia’s Federal Detention Center’s (FDC Philadelphia) Receiving and Discharge unit, my mind blurred to the reality in front of me. “What’s your number?!” “6-0-1-2-8-0-6-6!” I reluctantly replied to the correctional overseer as I began to kneel down on the cold concrete slab that served as a bench to get shackled and handcuffed. 6-0-1-2-8-0-6-6 is what I had become, federal property complete with an eight digit bar...SOMA ZAIDI


    The Harsh Reality of Prison

    Kevin King, known as KK, has just been convicted of Armed Robbery and sentenced to 65 miaka gerezani. KK is 24 years-old. He must serve 85% of his 65-year sentence, which will make him about 70 when he is released from prison. KK is an only child, no nieces, wajukuu, cousins, wajomba, or aunts. His mother is on crack and the streets raised him. Once KK hits the jail most of the streets abandoned him. His homies disappeared. His girlfriend left. He could no longer provide the funds and good...SOMA ZAIDI


    Muda ni Sasa

    Wakati sasa hupita wewe na utakuwa kushangazwa. Baada ya kuruhusiwa mwenyewe kuwa na wasiwasi na kiasi kingine wewe kweli hawakuwa na muda kwa ajili yake. upendo Labda baadaye. Leo mbaya kwa ajili yangu. Hey, umeona haki yangu sasa? You say ajili ya kutafuta ni kati ya kazi na maslahi Snapchat. “Mommy, unaweza kunisaidia kwa hili?” anauliza hamu kabla ya kijana akiomba kwa makini. “Kwenda kucheza mtoto. Mimi itabidi kukusaidia baadaye.” unasema dhamira ya kuangalia Netflix yako favorite show. Years...SOMA ZAIDI


    A Letter To A Friend

    “Whenever we decide to change, we meet resistance. We are always challenged to see if we are serious . . . “ -Andrew Matthews A Change of Heart A change of heart is the essence of all other change. The more you find the truth about yourself, the more you will be set free– free from improper evaluations of your worth; free from false pride that seeks to cover recognized flaws. One cannot function at an optimal level with a tired mind and body. At times you need to take time to...SOMA ZAIDI


    Solutions Kwa Day-To-Day Mapambano Miongoni mwa Watu

    Mimi hivyo mgonjwa wa kuangalia programu hizi na kinachojulikana hawa ufumbuzi kwa vurugu katika jamii maskini, hasa katika mji wangu wa Chicago. watu ambao kuja na ufumbuzi hawa wanaishi katika highrises shiny na nyumba dhana na starehe na ni nje ya kuwasiliana. Hawaelewi mapambano siku hadi siku ya watu katika jamii wanaongea kuhusu. Wao ni hivyo haraka ya kusema ufumbuzi msingi ni ukarabati wa nyumba kuvunjwa au uhusiano kati ya polisi na jamii,...SOMA ZAIDI


    Beautiful Black Women: I Apologize

    I apologize for being missing in action for so long. I have been busy though, and I am on a mission as well. I am finishing up my certification for Life Coaching, as well as being certified as an Offender Workforce Development Specialist. I am also facilitating a nonprofit class, an African American history class, and a few other cognitive behavior awareness classes. Sasa, I am on the waiting list for clemency, not many days left so who knows how the cookie will crumble. Besides...SOMA ZAIDI


    Interracial Relationships: 50 Years of Loving

    Bettmann/CORBIS 2017 will mark fifty years since the United States Supreme Court struck down laws prohibiting interracial marriage in the ground breaking Loving v. Virginia case. Richard Loving, a European-American man and Mildred Jeter, a woman of African descent, just so happened to fall in love in the midst of the horrific Jim Crow civil rights era. They would eventually travel to Washington D.C. katika 1958 and get married, then return back to Virginia where they lived. Just five weeks...SOMA ZAIDI


    Tumaini la Wakati Ujao Bora huu Mwaka Mpya

    I want to say Happy New Year to everyone out there. I pray and hope for a better future with the choices we make. I hope you and your family in bondage get the freedom they deserve. Only God can judge us, haki au makosa. I pray and hope we get from underneath the devil’s thumb that keeps us killing our kids and coming back to prison. This year I hope I receive some relief from the courts so I can go home and help lead these kids in a better direction. I want to tell them about the...SOMA ZAIDI

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