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    Overcoming Emotions for Successful Reentry

    For many prisoners the thought of reentry will spark a mix of emotions. Joy, excitement, anticipation will surely be among them. Tagging along in the back of your mind will undoubtedly be little brother fear. Fear of not having a stable place, or any place, to go. Fear of not being able to get a job. Fear of not being able to get by on minimum wage. Fear of old enemies looking for revenge. These concerns, and possibly more, are at the root of why many prisoners get out of prison only to come...SOMA ZAIDI


    Legal Update: Criminal Sentencing

    Traditionally, it has not been the guilt or innocence of a defendant, but the SENTENCE, thereto imposed, that has shaken the very foundation of our communities. 2016 inaweza kuwa moja ya miaka bora katika historia yote ya hukumu hiyo jinai. Nyote ambao kufuata yangu kujua kwa nini naamini kwamba jinai mfumo wa sheria imekuwa moja ya vikosi vya kuendesha gari nyuma ya kuangamiza jamii ya wachache. UNIT katika nyumba hufanya juu NEIGHBORHOOD, jirani COMMUNITY, ...SOMA ZAIDI


    Hope for the Future

    I send my condolences to the families of all the victims of police brutality. We must strengthen our rope of hope! I have been in a dull and bitter emotional state for sometime now. Watching the news makes me feel some type of way. It’s very painful to see the lack of justice and accountability in today’s world. Not only are we as people murdered by government officials, but we as people are harassed. It seems that color supersedes all. Kuna inaonekana kuwa kamwe-kuishia vizuizi barabarani ili ...SOMA ZAIDI


    Dealing With Death in Prison: When it All Hits You at Once

    The worst news anyone can wake up to in prison is the death of his mother. My mother died on June 30, 2016. And to top it off, I did not learn of her death through the prison administration. Nope, hakuwa na kutokea kwa njia hiyo! Kitu aliniambia kuwaita mwanamke ambaye amekuwa katika maisha yangu miaka ishirini na mimi kufikiria mke wangu. Bila mimi kujua, yeye alikuwa kwenye njia yake ya gerezani, Njia yeye ina inaendeshwa wengi, mara nyingi zaidi ya miaka. Yeye karibu alipoteza maisha yake katika ajali kadhaa karibu-miss na sasa ...SOMA ZAIDI


    upendo wa Milele

    Mungu awabariki kwa kina cha haja ya moyo wako na kukupa furaha, amani na ridhaa katika siku yako. I greet you in peace and love eternal. I want you to understand me and my position as I understand you and yours. Ni muhimu kwamba unajua kwamba mimi kamwe kuchukua wewe kwa nafasi au vibaya. imani yako si misplaced ndani yangu. Mimi sio kwamba aina ya guy. Naamini kwa undani katika uhusiano ambapo safari inaongoza kwa kuanzishwa kwa waaminifu, sincere...SOMA ZAIDI


    Marginalized: The Criminalization of a Race

    As the cycle of mass incarceration continues, prison will be an expected rite of passage into manhood for an even greater number of African American men. Cha kusikitisha, most will consider their prison experience to be a badge of honor. Ukweli kuwa habari, more than any other ethnic group in this nation, people of African descent, particularly males, have endured the somber and debilitating impacts of prison. Katika 2010, African Americans comprised nearly 50% of the incarcerated population in America while...SOMA ZAIDI


    Quawntay Adams aka Bosco

    Nini juu kila mtu! Welcome to my page. Nashukuru muda wako na makini. My name is Quawntay Adams, anajulikana zaidi kama Bosco. Mimi nina kutoka Compton, California. Hivi sasa mimi ni wamefungwa nchini Marekani Penitentiary Canaan, jela ya shirikisho katika WAYMART, Pennsylvania, kuwahudumia 35 kifungo cha miaka kwa ajili ya milki ya bangi. Nimekuwa kizuizini tangu Januari,,en,tabasamu yako ni nzuri na kuleta mengi ya nishati na matumaini,,en 2004, na mimi sijui wakati mimi nina kupata nje. I have a clemency petition pending before the Obama...SOMA ZAIDI


    Amerikkka’s Hitler: Stop Donald Trump

    As we strive for liberation, and acknowledge the gains we have made, for our self preservation one truth must be spoken plain . . . Donald Trump must be stopped! By any and all means! He is the epitome of the white nationalist enemy. The same white supremacy that birthed Hitler’s Nazi Germany. 2016 is not just another bourgeoisie presidential election. Si, this election is a fight for the soul of Black Amerika. B.L.A.C.K. watu, that is Black, Latinos, Asians/Arabs (progressive)...SOMA ZAIDI


    Why I support Colin Kaepernick

    Photo Credit: Chris Carlson/Associated Press Why do I support Colin Kaepernick? I know how hard hard it is for a black man in America today. From the drug usage to the disunity and violence, I see of the effects of the psychological warfare waged on us. I see how we are turned against each other and how we encourage disunity among ourselves based on what we were taught by the very same people we believe can help us. The minute a person agrees to work with the government they destroy lives and...SOMA ZAIDI


    My Father’s a Police Officer, I’m in Prison: Let’s Talk Law Enforcement

    The following is a guest post from Deshawn Gall, a prisoner at United States Penitentiary Tucson. For twenty-five years my father Theotis Porter, who recently passed away, was a Cleveland Heights Police Officer. After his twenty-five years of service he retired due to health complications. As a child I witnessed him in action. I even have memories of riding through the streets of Cleveland in his cruiser that he kept parked out front of the house. The older I became, the more I grew infatuated...SOMA ZAIDI

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