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  • Government Name: Demetrius Hill
  • Register Number: 68133-053
  • Age:35
  • Time Served:10+ years
  • Home Town:New York, New York
  • Sentence:20 years
  • Current Charge:Felon in poss. of firearm; Interference w/ Commerce via robbery of narcotics traffickers; conspiracy to robbery of said narcotics traffickers
  • Alias:O.G, Panther
  • Release Date:Release Date
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood (95KShine)
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler
  • Institution:Special Management Unit at USP Lewisburg
  • When will u break free and take away this pain

Surveillance: They Will Do Anything

Understand our enemies feel nothing we do, say or hide is private or sacred. Not even our families or children. As gang members we are being watched all the time, studied all the time and plotted against all the time; act like you know! The means of communication are tapped and listened to, phones, cell phones, pay phones; and they are learning codes. How to talk, walk and live among us is what they study; they do not hesitate to send turncoats and infiltrators among us. Know and comprehend that the federal government in collusion with local governments will pay any amount of money and take any action needed to capture, prosecute and lock away forever. No matter that lifestyle you are living or where you live at they are there patiently waiting, watching, counting your mistakes, gathering evidence for trial, sentencing and designation to a (plantation) facility far, far away.

I tell you this not to endorse criminal actions but to keep you focused, prepared and cautious in all your actions on the streets and in the penitentiary because they’re keeping documents on everything and prosecute jail cases to keep those inside, trying to get free, inside.


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