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  • Numele Guvernului: Jermaine Ray
  • Numărul de înregistrare: 10960-010
  • Vârstă:30
  • Timp Servit:2 ani
  • Home Town:Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Propoziție:111 luni
  • Curentul de incarcare:924(C) Folosirea armei de foc în traficul de droguri,,en,Utilizarea de către o Armă de foc interzise persoană,,en,Nu e cine suntem,,en,dar ceea ce facem, care ne definește în viață,,en,Ridicați ↑,,en,Su-Whoop să-mi Damu-komrades în lupta care rămân solide dreapta și reale, în ciuda pierderii de familie,,en,lipsă de respect instituțională și trădarea de la cei care privesc,,en,vorbi și,,en,cred în datoria,,en,onoare și loialitate ca noi,,en,Sunt rămâi și gata,,en,orice altceva este sub mine,,en,Când ai nevoie de mine,,en,Sunt aici cei dragi-,,en,Și Salaam pentru toți frații mei Rămânerea la pământ spiritual și mersul pe jos în lumina adevărului,,en,Eu salut și admir orice om de onoare și de auto-disciplina mare,,en,care se întoarce binecuvântarea ajutând un alt care și-a pierdut credința lor,,en; 922(g) Use of Firearm by a Prohibited Person
  • Alias:Murda
  • Data de lansare:2020
  • Afilierea închisoare:Sânge (Lime Hood Piru)
  • Cercul de influență:Tewhan Butler
  • Instituție:USP Beaumont
  • It's not who we are, but what we do that defines us in life.

Lessons from Tewhan Butler’s book America’s Massacre

Salutations to toate the men and women who stand firm and keep the support system “real” for their friends and loved-ones who are in legal bondage behind the fences and G-walls in Amerikkka. Mulțumesc. So much has transpired since we last spoke, including the passing of medical marijuana in the Bible Belt (Arkansas), which is a wise move. But enough on that subject matter, I’m a warrior who understands business. I’m not a politician. I stay up and ready, nothing less.

This entry I would like to share my thoughts and point of view, concerning my Damu-comrade Massacre’s [Tewhan Butler] book, America Massacre: Audacity de disperare și un mesaj de speranță, and how powerful such a book can be for those like me.

One of the lessons of America Massacre is there’s a big difference between “doing what you know” and “knowing what you’re doing.” When I met the comrade and witnessed to what extent he’s willing to go to show how solid his word is as a man, it really opened my eyes. In life, not just in this fed shit. When you’re always on the front line, whenever tough times come, it’s hard to see what everybody else behind you is doing. Being real is a blessing and a curse, all in the same breath. Remember that.

Another lesson from America Massacre: “When you become the type of person you idolize and respect the most, it becomes a lot easier for you to recognize those qualities in others.”

To “live, especially in the ‘hood, is to suffer… And to survive, is to find meaning in the midst of the suffering.”

Until I read America Massacre, as an active and reputable Blood, I was thirsty (in a sense) to find a book that shed light on our (Bloods) story, minus the play-play gangsta/studio tough guy shit. Negative! And I know I speak for a lot of homies when I say that, despite what set and demographic he or she may bang, every thug and gangster was a son before he was a street soldier. Adevărata poveste. And until the big homie Mass (shout out to K. Bennett who gave the world his book!), only the Crips, G.D.s, Vice Lords, and Black P. Stones had a book, to call their own. Like “Harvey Dent-aka 2 Face said in the “Batman Dark Knight” movie: “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

In the ‘hood, every neighborhood star este a damn villain. That’s just the way it is in the ghetto … And we accept it. Iad, I’ve been in that position for a large part of my adult life (de la 17 years-old to present day). I meet street soldiers from all over and of all races and when they find out that I’m a Blood from central Arkansas, the first thing they mention is “Bangin’ in Little Rock!" (ha-ha!) Even now, in the Special Management Unit program at United States Penitentiary Lewisburg, I get asked about a film that’s over two decades old. But gangs been in Arkansas since the 70s and 80s, way before “Bangin’ in Little Rock” came out and got everybody in it smoked (killed) or locked up. SMFH…

It’s a trip how poor education mixed with false pride makes a person blind to the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In chapter 3 de America Massacre (Let’s Get it Started), there’s a map showing the main streets of Mass’s city that helped shaped him into the man he became. I identify to the fullest with the everyday risk one has to endure just to go to the store or park in a neighborhood influenced by gangs, heavy drug traffic and crime. Our first lessons on being a man and ultimately a street soldier come from our mother’s (single parents) inside the household, not în pe străzi. Ca rezultat, most kids who grow up in poverty are programmed to “survive the struggle” until they can “suffer from success,” by any mijloace available. It’s hard, but it’s fair is the mind frame we adopt to overlook the harsh reality of our social predicament. By age 9, the average child in the ‘hood has the wit, thick skin and mental awareness of a teenager who’s 4-to-5 years older. And as a ghetto child grows, so does his serious and incredulous personality.

In the ‘hood, the audacity of despair turns you into a cynic and the message of hope has always come with a price tag and a specific skin color. So the real message never made it to the hearts and minds of those who desperately needed to hear it. Old folks in the country used to say, “a Black girl has a backyard to play in, but a White girl has the whole world.” Think about it.

America Massacre isn’t a book comprised of ‘hood tales or the chronicles of a gangster’s greatest hits. This written account of Massacre’s history as a Blood (W/S QSB 235%) in New Jersey, wasn’t created to gain street-cred and celebrity status among his friends, family and Damus. It was an offering, self-sacrifice in its purest form, for the world to see.

‘Til this day, Mass’s favorite saying is: “Ain’t nobody bigger than Blood, including me.” And that’s what he stands on. To give a man an understanding is to give him the keys to the universe. As well as answers toward straightening himself, strengthening himself and becoming useful to himself, his father, his mother, familia sa, și his ‘hood. This is what America Massacre does for its readers and more. So from the “land of lost potential” I wish all my real-rights the best.

A 40 yr-old fool is a fool forever.

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