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  • Numele Guvernului: Al-Tariq Gumbs
  • Numărul de înregistrare: 05674-078
  • Vârstă:37
  • Timp Servit:13+ ani
  • Home Town:Newark, NJ
  • Propoziție:168 luni
  • Curentul de incarcare:Racketeering (RICO), Conspirație
  • Alias:King Sankofa (Formerly known as Killer Reek)
  • Data de lansare:2022
  • Afilierea închisoare:Sânge (Margine)
  • Cercul de influență:Emmanuel Jones, Lester Alford, Omar Austin, Tewhan Butler
  • Instituție:FCI Memphis
  • I would like to show you the real me.

Mental Prison


Acum, I can’t say when this started to happen, but for some reason my mind started to tell itself that I didn’t deserve to be happy, that I didn’t deserve to be treated like the man I was. Something in my mind told me that no one loved me. Something in my mind told me that my family hated me. Something told me that my lil brothers and sistas didn’t love me. Something told me that people in my life be running game on me. Something told me that prison is where I need to spend my life because I deserve to be here. Ceva mi-a spus că tipii ăștia de aici sunt oameni mele. Ceva mi-a spus că pe străzile din Newark mă urăsc ca niciodată înainte. Ceva mi-a spus că viața mea a fost nimic ca doamna Sheila Hopkins mi-a spus atunci când am fost 19 de ani. Ceva mi-a spus că fiul meu va avea aceeasi durere ca si mine, și el nu mă iubește cu adevărat. Ceva mi-a spus că mama mea nu ma place cum ea a spus că a făcut. Ceva mi-a spus că, pentru a fi fericit este de a fi un prost, and as I looked around I started to see that my life was really turning up side down.

I was told by Blondie that it may be because of the one year anniversary of the last time I saw Natalie and she passed away. I started to think about that. I started to think about both of my brothers dying this time of the year. I started to see things I never saw before. I started looking at these walls and started to see that this was the reason for my anger and pain. I have been locked up for 14 years straight, nu Chaser, and it has taken a toll on me that I didn’t foresee, or maybe just didn’t want to see. Something in my head tells me I’m still that 25 year old dude who got locked up 14 years ago. I sit and watch TV and see all of these guys and women getting out of jail and I smile. I’m happy for that and guys ask me do I have anything coming from some of these laws. I just say no. They don’t understand that I’m not giving up. I just understand the reality of what God has planned for me. My life is yet to be fulfilled.

În capul meu îmi spun că sunt gata pentru acele străzi, dar Dumnezeu nu trebuie să se gândească așa pentru că el a ales pentru mine să fac acest timp. Asta e cool pentru ca mereu am simțit că acest lucru este necesar să se întâmple. Pentru ca viața mea să avanseze trebuie să mă vărsat de trecutul meu. Totuși, Nu pot să stau aici și să spun că nu mă afectate de timp am făcut până acum. Unii baieti fac lucruri pentru a păstra mintea lor de pe aceste ziduri reci. Sunt ca asta. Am plutesc prin această nebunie și să încercați să nu lăsați să freca off pe mine. I heard somewhere that when a person does more than ten years in prison they should automatically go and see someone because that is not natural. I understand what they mean. My mind was tripping the last couple of weeks. I couldn’t write, couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t keep my word to the people I love. I was running around looking to get into fights like I was 22 or something. I caught my first shot (write up) since being in the feds. I knew something was going on. I couldn’t place my finger on it but it’s these walls, and I made the first mistake. I allowed them to enter my mind. I allowed these cold walls, with not a touch of love, to get into my system. I became destructive in my thinking and actions. Lies flowed off my tongue. Anger came out of my pores. As I sit in front of this computer, I’m going to tell you that if you are ever are going through something and you can’t figure out why you have a destructive mind set, I think you should take a step back and look at your life and pull yourself together.

My life in prison has been so crazy, and I have been pushing past it as if it doesn’t bother me. That’s like not eating and trying to work out. It’s not going to go well. We have to find something or someone to bring us out of that mindset. In prison there’s so much anger and hatred that when people lie in your face you expect it. When people say they’re your homie and then turn around and talk behind your back you expect it. It’s funny that all the guys in here want to get out, but guys out there are doing things to get in here. If that isn’t madness, I don’t know what is.

To my peoples on them streets who are in that mental prison, my advice is to find your key. Blondie you’re going to be okay. It’s time to do what is needed because living unhappy isn’t the way to live. I love you and hope that one day those dreams become reality. Pentru a sista meu nebun Dell, că va fi bine. Sunteți într-adevăr unul dintre natură și prietenia ta este ceva ce prețuim. Durerea se va transforma într fericire. Publicistice și prietenul meu nebun mulțumesc unice de funcționare pentru mine. Știu că am Te-ai saturat. LOL. Camisha, sista meu nebun, Te iubesc și știu că ești cu adevărat un mare sista. De asemenea, Ms.Miranda, Prietenul meu, Vreau să știi că vor fi bine. Va trebui să găsească lucrurile care te fac fericit; viata e prea scurta. Jazzie you have something to live for and never think that he will give you something you can’t handle. Find your key, ma. To all of my loved ones, find your key and release yourself from your mental prison. And to the brothers and sistas behind these walls, your key is your mind. Never give them that. Even if Obama doesn’t help you, you should help yourself by staying alive and healthy and educating yourself. This may be prison, but it doesn’t have to be your home. Find your key . . .

King Sankofa out!

Free more and then Free some more after that . . . Don’t stop until all who are worthy of that freedom get it. The problem is keeping it . . . Peace my people . . . I play a part in my freedom. I now know that. I’m out. King Sankofa . . .

P.S. I’m working on getting all of my books in order and making them available. It has been a long ride, but I’m getting it together. Thank you all for being patient with me, and yes all of my family and friends are crazy. They know I mean nothing by it, but they have to be crazy to be friends with me. laugh out loud

R.I.P My big brother Bruce “Bobba-Lee” Gumbs. (I think that is how he spelled his nick name.) My lil brother Zeus, after 15 years in this hell hole, I’m praying and hoping you have it together. Love you, but don’t want to talk to you right now. word.


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