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  • Numele Guvernului: Al-Tariq Gumbs
  • Numărul de înregistrare: 05674-078
  • Vârstă:37
  • Timp Servit:13+ ani
  • Home Town:Newark, NJ
  • Propoziție:168 luni
  • Curentul de incarcare:Racketeering (RICO), Conspirație
  • Alias:King Sankofa (Formerly known as Killer Reek)
  • Data de lansare:2022
  • Afilierea închisoare:Sânge (Margine)
  • Cercul de influență:Emmanuel Jones, Lester Alford, Omar Austin, Tewhan Butler
  • Instituție:FCI Memphis
  • I would like to show you the real me.

Letter to the Kids: Be Better Than Me

Killa Reek street gang loyalty

Acum, înainte de a începe să vreau să salut tinerii care citesc acest lucru, deoarece, care arată că sunteți dispus să asculte și să încerce să găsească alte modalități de a face cu ceea ce trece prin. For that you have my unwavering respect, from one to the next.

My name is Al-Tariq Gumbs and in the streets my name was Killa Reek. I was and probably am still considered one of the worst street-gang members to come out of New Jersey. La vârsta de 15 I was locked up for robbery, guns and all types of nonsense. I ended up doing 2 1/2 years on a 3 1/2 years sentence. That was the beginning of my time spent in prison. I am now 38 and I have spent the better part of my life behind these cold walls. My son is 18-years-old and, like the past repeating itself, he is locked up and doing a 6-years-sentence. A lot of that is my fault because I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there to show him how to be a man and deal with the struggles that come with that. The title of this letter fits because you have to be better than me.

There is nothing in those streets that is meant to help you. Regardless of what your friends tell you, încredere în mine, there is nothing there that will help you become a better person, man or woman. Those streets don’t have a heart. They don’t care that you’re 15, 16, 17. Those streets aren’t meant to be played in. Your friends who try to tell you that it’s the cool thing to rob or do things that may make you end up in jail or killed aren’t your friends, Perioada. If not half, then all of my friends would tell me to do things and I would do them, then I would be the one getting in trouble and they would be home with their families. I had to learn the hard way.

My message to you is don’t be like me. Fii mai bine decât mine. Be better than what society thinks you’re going to be. Treat your life like the valuable thing it is. You only have one. From the words and the heart of a true O.G., I’m telling you, to be like me is to be a fool. To be like me is to be a person who doesn’t want to live. Fii mai bine decât mine. Know that you and your life are why we are fighting.

It’s Youth Up or nothing.


Words from King Sankofa the man who grew up in these cold walls and is now trying to stop y’all from filling up these beds.

Peace and Love


One response to “Letter to the Kids: Be Better Than Me”

  1. Nikki says:

    yesssss vorbesc cu ei oameni tineri. They have no idea Reek

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