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  • Numele Guvernului: Demetrius Minor
  • Numărul de înregistrare: 494475Și
  • Vârstă:20
  • Timp Servit:5+ ani
  • Home Town:Bridgeton, New Jersey
  • Propoziție:30 ani
  • Curentul de incarcare:Aggravated Manslaughter, Carjacking
  • Alias:Dice D
  • Data de lansare:2037
  • Afilierea închisoare:Juvenile Advocate
  • Cercul de influență:Lester Alford
  • Instituție:New Jersey State Prison
  • I will advocate every day of my life until I see real change, and even when I see real change, I will still advocate.

Justice Denied: A Juvenile in a Maximum Security Adult Prison

Demetrius Minor was 16-years-young when he was forced and misled into a plea agreement that involved the juvenile being sentenced to thirty years, almost double his life, în închisoare. Prosecutors and law enforcement took advantage of the fact that the juvenile had no parental support or legal advisors to guide him through the justice system. He was told that a thirty-years-sentence, la vârsta de 16, was fair, given the fact thathis kind usually got life sentences or never made it out of prison.Demetrius currently seeks help and support to raise awareness of juveniles sentenced as adults.

Does Black Life Really Matter?

Nationwide, African-Americans represent:

26% of juvenile arrests

44% of youth who are detained

46% of the youth tried as adults

58% of the youth admitted to adult prisons

Juveniles may walk like adults, talk like adults, and even kill like adults, but they reason like children. Although they understand the wrongfulness of killing, most do not grasp the enormous consequences for themselves, much less for their victims. Locking our youth up forever is not the way to correct them.

Supreme court wrote that judges should consider children’s diminished culpability and heightened capacity for change.

Special Points of Demetrius Minor’s case:

Crime committed when 16

Questioned by law enforcement without parents or legal guardian present

Pressured and coerced to take a plea

Evidence that proves crime was committed under duress

Extensive mental health and D.Y.F.S. (Department of Youth and Family Services) history

Denied right to withdraw plea

Case reopened by Appellate Division

Demetrius Minor has faced some difficult times while in the adult correctional system as a juvenile. He has fought long and hard to not only correct his behavior and avoid the negative lifestyle very much present in prison. He realizes that the system he is in does not care about rehabilitation and would rather youth leave troubled and corrupted. He has not only begun to remodel his behavior, but he has also discovered his love for writing and dedicated his writings to helping others. He is also hard at work to write and publish a book detailing the challenging times he has faced in the system. He also speaks on the fact that prisons are no longer correcting behavior but warhousing inmates. The self-acclaimed juvenile justice advocate has certainly shined light on juveniles in adult prisons. Through his writings Demetrius hopes to clarify and reveal the effects of warehousing juveniles in adult prisons with very little programs.

Through statistical and historical research, Demetrius has discovered the injustices and prejudice shown not only toward African American juveniles, but African Americans as a whole. He has discovered that youth of color are not only treated very differently than other races, but they are also given harsher sentences, even when the crimes are the same.

Demetrius’s goals and aspirations are to advocate for juveniles and adults of color who have been sentenced to long, harsh sentences. His hopes are that through public awareness, policy reform and prison reform, he and thousands of others will find long awaited relief.

IT all starts with one person who will donate a portion of their time and heart to a young man’s dream.

Interested in juvenile justice and the welfare of juveniles sentenced to adult prisons?

Write to:

Demetrius Minor #73782
New Jersey State Prison
P.O. Cutie 861
Trenton, NJ 08625

*This narrative was written by Demetrius Minor.


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