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    Why Hillary?

    So much emphasis has been placed on whether or not Hillary Clinton is trustworthy and likable. And yes, Bill Clinton was a part of the orchestration of the mass incarceration of so called African Americans (of which I AM a Survivor); and yes Hillary Clinton referred to young African American males as super-predators without taking into consideration the social engineering of Black males that caused so much carnage and destruction in the Black community. I get it. But I also know that those...CITESTE MAI MULT


    Political Gangsters: Democrips and Rebloodlicans

    As the 2016 presidential election approaches, I sit back and watch the sheep-like acceptance of the many uninformed citizens willing to participate in a political process that is rigged by money, distorted by a biased media, and the lies peddled by the candidates about themselves and each other. These political gangsters are often selfish, greedy, vain, and most often racist. They lust for rule via secrecy, graft, înșelăciune, immorality, and dishonesty. They promise prosperity but deliver debt,...CITESTE MAI MULT


    Samuel Karim: Who I Am

    20 ani de încarcerare- Samuel Karim of Chicago, Illinois Digging deep in the complex soil that is me, Samuel Karim, understanding why I am who I am– that is my legacy. I was born during the 1970s into a Muslim home with its own complexities. My father was a minister of the Nation of Islam. I was born in Chicago. I have lived in Saint Louis, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, and Gary, Indiana. I have attended around nineteen different schools. Eu chiar nu a avut nici un fel de fundație, cu excepția ..,,en,,,en,Am fost încarcerat din ianuarie,,en,Am o cerere de clementa pendinte în fața Obama ..,,en,,,en,Stilul de viață pe care am condus seta ..,,en,,,en,O religie charter construit pe principiile Templului maur Științe ale Americii,,en,iar acum sunt concentrat pe ..,,en,,,en,Fiind în jurul valorii de persoanele în vârstă mi-a dat o foarte ..,,en,,,en,ani pentru jaf armat și răpire,,en,Sunt..,,en,biografii Arhive,,en.CITESTE MAI MULT


    America Massacre: More than a book title

    “CAN’T YOU SEE WE’RE LIVING IN A WAR ZONE!“ – words from rapper T.I. There’s a war going on and no man seems to be safe. The daily guns shots, the police sirens, justice coming out the barrel of a gun. Children slain in the streets, men gunned down in front of their wives and kids. Video footage of cold-blooded murder, shortly thereafter comes the news conferences to justify injustice. What are the times we’re living in? EXCUSE ME AMERICA, MY NAME IS...CITESTE MAI MULT


    America de a face din nou în siguranță?

    În împinge său pentru Casa Albă, Donald Trump este promițătoare pentru “face Americii din nou în siguranță.” Ce anume face el prin a face Americii în condiții de siguranță “again?” Vrea să spună în condiții de siguranță, ca în ziua dinaintea europenilor a sosit și a început uciderea de pe nativii? Pare singura dată când America a fost în condiții de siguranță– cel puțin pentru non-albii. Din momentul în care africanii au fost capturați și îmbarcat pe nave de sclavi, America nu a fost niciodată în condiții de siguranță pentru negri. Nu sunt sigur dacă Donald Trump știe acest lucru,...CITESTE MAI MULT


    Time to Wake Up

    It’s time to wake up! Along time ago I had to learn to accept that just as not all characters are the same, not all minds are alike. Therefore because a lesson is capable of being taught by one does not dictate that it can easily be learned by another. Certain things can be understood by certain people, but most things are likely to be misunderstood by most people. Uite, I’m no athlete, actor, politician, or any other type public figure, so I don’t have to be politically...CITESTE MAI MULT


    2016 Presidential Election: Ce vrem?

    “The opposite of fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth.” -Neils Bohr I’ve been thinking about the 2016 presidential election and how blacks are too focused on who we want in office when we should be more focused on what we want for our vote. Democratic politicians simply expect the black vote, like it’s inherited from their predecessor, while ignoring our concerns. Their prospects depend in large part on giving...CITESTE MAI MULT


    The Real: Prisoners discuss use of the N-word

    I attend a class here at Stateville Correctional Center (Joliet, IL) called Further Learning/Creative Writing. The class consists of reading various great authors and writing what got out of and think about the literature. We read Black Boy by Richard Wright and discussed it in class. In particular, the use of the word nigger and question of who can and cannot use the word. Out of this discussion was born a conversation with a young brother by the name of Toney Cole R-47028. Tony is 31-years...CITESTE MAI MULT


    Happy Birthday: Massacre is Gone

    Octombrie 1 was the day I was born. There are many stories that began this way. An innocent young child welcomed to a cruel world. The world that I entered in 1979 was still waning a hangover from the riots of the ’60s, and the noteworthy Black Power Movement. La scurt timp după aceea, when my feet began to get wet, Similac still on my breath, came the ’80s crack epidemic. I guess you can call this, out with the old, and in with the new. If everything happens for a reason maybe this is...CITESTE MAI MULT


    Stand Up Against Racism

    Ieri, Septembrie 30, a fost ziua mea. And what was my gift other than another gray hair? Nothing but racial harassment and one more reason to stand up against racism and injustice. Here’s what happened: At approximately 7:48 a.m. I was leaving the chow hall with a pair of gloves in my back pocket. As I walked by a group of white staff members (99% of the staff here at U.S.P. Canaan is white), one of them, who happened to be an Assistant Warden, yelled out: “Hey guy!” (I ...CITESTE MAI MULT

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