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  • Government Name: Quaheem Edwards
  • Register Number: 10800-084
  • Age:28
  • Time Served:6 + yrs.
  • Home Town:Paterson, NJ
  • Sentence:20 yrs
  • Current Charge:Conspiracy to Distribute, Weapons, Witness Intimidation
  • Alias:Ox-Splish
  • Release Date:2024
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood
  • Circle of Influence:Charles Taylor Jr., David Drone, Joshua Carrell, Tewhan Butler
  • Institution:USP Tucson
  • I now know what I want out of life for myself, my family and my community. I am strictly about rebuilding and change. On paper, I will always be affiliated. I took an oath! But I BANG for a real cause now, or a few causes: CHANGE, UPLIFTMENT and PROSPERITY. RAISE UP!

Respect and Consideration #WTOW

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All men claim they want respect. This cannot be stressed enough. But, no one has a clue how to go about getting it (respect). Most believe that intimidating people is a way of getting respect. That is not the case. All men should be worthy of your respect first. If you are an individual who’s walking around demanding respect, you just might wanna take a good look at yourself. Are you showing respect to others? Can you truly say that you respect yourself? Allow me to enlighten you on the truth stand up men do not have to demand respect. Their true character is what earns them the respect they deserve. The way a man carries himself, as a gentlemen with proper mannerisms is what earns him respect. Who a person once was and what they’ve done on the streets does not matter in our world.

Loud individuals aren’t given respect, they’re given “unwanted attention.”

Respect and consideration go hand and hand. When you are considerate of others around you, it not only shows respect for those individuals but also for yourself. Inconsiderate people are selfish. Period! And these individuals are also dangerous. Being considerate of others, especially in a prison environment, will take you a long way. Below are a number of real examples of how a lack of respect plays out in our world.

Example 1
It is early in the morning, only minutes past 7 am at USP Hazelton (West Virginia). On this day, Eddie woke up on the wrong side of the bed, still upset because of the big loss that his football team suffered the night before.

Standing in front of the television, shaking his head in disappointment as highlights flash across the screen.

Dave, a diehard New York Giants fan, whose team handed Eddie’s Dallas Cowboys the embarrassing loss, makes his way over. He nods at Eddie, before posting up a few feet away to catch a glimpse of the highlights. Dave noticed the disgusted look on Eddie’s face and cracks a smile before whispering,

“Damn Ed, y’all got y’all ass whooped huh”?

Eddie hesitates before responding. “So what, we still better than your mob!” he shouts. “Y’all ain’t going to the playoffs, so it don’t matter.”

The tone in Eddie’s voice causes Dave to take note of his surroundings, “Damn, calm down, it ain’t my fault that ya team stink,” he chuckles before turning away.

“Whatever man, fuck you!” Eddie continues, drawing awkward stares from his peers. By this time, Dave had made his way to the top tier. He laughed, teasing Eddie as he glanced down. “That’s right, my team is going to the playoffs, and the Giants gonna be home watching”!

“Yo Ed!” a voice calls, catching his attention. “Stop making all dat noise, it’s way too early for dat.”

Eddie acknowledges his homeboy Chad and nods. He then returns his attention back to the television screen.

Dave makes his way back down, a cup of coffee in hand. He stops by Eddie. “It’s all good bruh, y’all put up a fight,” he burst into laughter, continuing to tease.

“I don’t even care, leave me the fuck alone!” A furious Eddie snaps. “Fuck you, and the Giants!”

“Ayo…” a voice startles both Dave and Eddie. The pair turned around to see an angry looking man peeking his head out of a cell. “Y’all take dat shit in the TV room somewhere.”

“Oh…damn, my bad Kev,” Dave apologized, then walks away. But Eddie was so caught up in his feelings that he ignored Kev’s request. Glancing over at Dave, who was now laughing with someone else, only added fuel to the fire.

Dave would heat up his coffee in the microwave before heading towards his cell. He looked at Eddie, still teasing as he pointed and laughed at him.

“A’ight, keep thinking it’s funny!” Eddie began, feeding right back into Dave’s trap. “The Giants is some bitches!….” Eddie was caught up in his shouting that he did not once notice Kev emerging from his cell, hand tucked at his side. But everyone else in the unit could see what was about to unfold. They were already rushing for the inc machine and microwaves as Kev stabbed Eddie repeatedly.

Now, was Eddie wrong? Without a doubt. His inconsideration for his peers not only showed a lack of respect, but it nearly cost him his life. Here it is, Kev gave him a fair warning. Something many people won’t even consider. Instead of Eddie realizing that he was wrong, he showed no consideration for his peers who may have still been resting. Dave was also wrong for teasing him, but Eddie is an adult, and him being easily misled will never justify a lack of respect.

Another common form of disrespect:  If I’m conversing with you, whether our conversation is personal or not, one of your friends invites himself over. Your friend does not know me, but because the two of you are close, he sees this as a pass. This is disrespectful. Period!

Example 2
Gary was a unit orderly at USP Big Sandy (Kentucky). He was also the only orderly with access to the units chemical jugs. These jugs, which can hold up to four gallons, were used to hold disinfectants so inmates could clean the showers and cells. Part of Gary’s hustle was selling the jugs to the “hooch (prison wine)-makers” and everyone knew it. But, this day, Gary chose the wrong day for hustling. The officer working the shift was very laid back. He never bothered anyone. This was inspection day, which meant all orderlies on every unit were cleaning like never before. And soon the safety supervisor would be making rounds for inspection. The officer working usually gives everyone a heads up, as well as double checking the common area.

It was about twenty minutes until the safety supervisor would be making rounds, and in the process of the officer double checking the unit, he notices one of the chemical jugs are missing. So, he informs the unit that the jug needs to be returned before inspection.

Reminder: this is a penitentiary and Gary isn’t the only inmate in the unit doing dirt.

Take David and Mark, known “wine makers” all over the compound. Making wine or “hooch” was their only form of income for years. This was their bread and butter.

At any rate, the chemical jug isn’t returned before inspection. The safety supervisor takes note and informs the officer that there is a jug missing. This makes it look as if the unit officer isn’t doing his job. When the supervisor leaves, the officer finds the jug stashed in the shower. He now goes from being the coolest officer, to the biggest asshole.

The officer began making rounds, searching everyone’s cell. He takes everything from extra sheets and blankets to other things that he wouldn’t bother on a normal day. When the officer approaches David and Mark’s cell, he could smell the strong aroma of hooch. He wasted no time confiscating their bread and butter, and pouring it out.

Of course David and Mark were both pissed. They had bills to pay and had no clue how they were gonna eat for the day. Gary on the other hand sees it as a 10-stamp loss for him. No sweat. He’s done already made his money for the week.

Three-thirty comes, and the shift changes. Soon, the next officer locks the unit down for the four o’clock count.

An hour later when the cell doors are re-opened, David and Mark head straight to Gary’s cell where he was stabbed to a near death. He had no understanding why.

Was it really worth Gary nearly losing his life over a jug? Absolutely not, but this also doesn’t justify what happened to him.

The point is, if Gary had been considerate of his peers, the chemical jug would have been returned when the officer asked. Instead he was more concerned with making “10 stamps” which is only the equivalent to $2.50 in our world.

At the time of the incident, Gary had nine security level points, which not only made him eligible for a medium and low facility, but a camp! But, here he was, housed in a USP.

Gary is currently suing the prison, and he is now in a medium facility. David and Mark were both prosecuted and hit with stiff sentences.

When doing time, it doesn’t matter how high level the prison may be, the goal is to make it back home to your family. (That is, if your sentence allows you to) Do not get comfortable to the point that you become apart of your surroundings.


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