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  • Nome Governo: Torvos Simpson
  • Registre Número: 47110-078
  • Idade:35
  • Time Served:20 anos
  • Home Town:Dallas, TX (por meio de Los Angeles, CA)
  • Sentença:VIDA (sentenciado à vida como um juvenil)
  • Corrente de carga:Carjacking
  • Pseudônimo:Onze
  • Data de Lançamento:VIDA
  • Afiliação prisão:Sangue (59 Borda)
  • Círculo de Influência: Massacre
  • Instituição:USP Lewisburg (Unidade de Gestão Especial)
  • Meu foco principal, propósito e agenda é de alguma forma obter a sociedade mais envolvida com a juventude de hoje e, talvez, penetrar nas mentes daqueles adolescentes sábio o suficiente para perceber e utilizar informações valiosas. Isso pode ter um efeito importante sobre onde você escolher para passar o resto de sua vida.

Um jovem negro

O poema a seguir foi inspirado pelo crescente número de crianças jovens negros sendo introduzidas rapidamente para o sistema penal. Mais do que 90% deles nunca teve um modelo positivo ou figura paterna para demonstrar as características reais da masculinidade. Mais uma vez, não está nas intenções do sistema de reabilitação. O foco é manter um fluxo constante de passageiros em suas celas. Isso é para garantir seus empregos. Infelizmente, jovens negros são a sua M.V.P. or MOST VALUABLEPRODUCTand the younger, the better.

He’s a child with an under-developed mind-state undeserving of the path that lies ahead.

A misfortune will cost him his freedom;
Na prisão,
He will find fate.

To him it’s all natural;
They said,
He’d be in prison or dead.
So many times,
This is the encouragement that inspires our youth.

Never mind how strong words can really be

Some children will embrace this and recognize it as truth,
It comes from their role models;
What other future would he see?

I speak to the fathers and older brothers;
For most times,
Mother do all they can.
Should it really be her responsibility,
And not others?

Is a father figure unimportant when raising a man?

If my father went to prison,
And his father done the same,
Would your advice be to follow the same route?
With no better words,
A child will be proud to keep the tradition.
That’s something to think about

For those who understand
And do more to get involved,
I know the lack of assistance makes you grieve inside.
But if we can only reach one in a million,
That’s one less funeral or prison cell occupied.


4 responses to “Um jovem negro”

  1. Shawana Greenwood says:

    I think this is so true we have to be careful the things we instill in our kids.

    • Marijo says:

      Wouldn’t you think that after so many lawsuits CCA would at least TRY to clean up their act? Guards are still not trniead, those who have any integrity or conscience are quitting. What is wrong with the Warden, the Sargeants and Captains that they allow those under them to encourage and promote violence. Obviously thelock-out, lock-inis not working. Are these people so stupid as to not be able to come up with anything better? ICC is supposed to be a mimimum/medium security prison. So why is it FULL of violent inmates who prey upon the non-violent min/med security inmates????? Why are they still allowing violent inmates to move into non-violent workers units?Shame on Idaho for continuing to allow such inhumane treatment of inmates to continue.

  2. Kathy Roden says:

    yes the words you say are sad but true , if we do not instill the right path its easy to go by the way side.

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