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  • Nome Governo: Omar Austin
  • Registre Número: 204603C
  • Idade:31
  • Time Served:desde 2001
  • Home Town:Newark, NJ
  • Sentença:60 anos + 7 anos consecutivos
  • Corrente de carga:Assassinato de casal
  • Pseudônimo:K.O.
  • Data de Lançamento:2043
  • Afiliação prisão:Sangue (Namorados)
  • Círculo de Influência:Altariq Gumbs, Lester Alford, Pele Brown, Tewhan Butler,
  • Instituição:East Jersey State Prison (Rahway)
  • Se um verdadeiro G não pode dissuadi-lo youngins, okay, tê-lo ya forma, mas pelo menos deixe-me prepará-lo para a estrada.

Stay the Course and Fight!

We must stay the course and not allow the challenges that come our way to impede our forward progress. Em vez, we must view our challenges as blessings and opportunities to grow. No matter what we are striving for in our personal lives, if we want it, we must fight for it. When we don’t struggle for the things we want, we will inevitably experience fear that we will not achieve what we want or a sense of guilt when opportunity passes us by. Even when we may have put forth some effort, we still know when we did not give something our all.

Stay the course. Take whatever comes on the chin and smile and keep on pushing. Every cause starts to wear a person thin, especially when acting on behalf of a collective of people. That is why we must keep the struggle alive. We must remind ourselves why we do what we do. We must remind ourselves why we struggle. And we must anticipate life’s next great challenge and meet it head-on.

Sometimes there is down time when nothing seems to go our way or there appears to be no action whatsoever. That is when we are most vulnerable and can begin to lose that fire; the passion that we need to fight. It is then that we must take those deep breaths and renew our purpose. We must strengthen our resolve by reminding ourselves why we are doing this. If those very core reasons are still relevant at that moment, then the only thing missing is our desire to stay the course.

Stay the course. Fight for freedom. Fight hate. Fight poverty. Fight disease. Fight racism. Fight for equal human rights. Fight for equal justice. Fight temptation. Fight weakness within so not to allow the lower-self drive us to places in the world that we do not want to be. Fight idleness. Fight to keep from becoming another negative statistic. Fight against the backward infighting that ensues whenever we lose focus on the collective.




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