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  • Nome Governo: Tewhan Butler
  • Registre Número: 26852-050
  • Idade:34
  • Time Served:11 anos
  • Home Town:East Orange, NJ
  • Sentença:30 anos.
  • Corrente de carga:RICO
  • Pseudônimo:Massacre
  • Data de Lançamento:2029
  • Afiliação prisão:Sangue (Duplo ii / QSBG)
  • Círculo de Influência:Altariq Gumbs, Emmanuel Jones, Lester Alford, Marco Miguel Robertson, Pele Brown, David Drone, Jermaine Ray, Marcus Martin, Michael Simpson, Omar Austin, Quaheem Edwards, Torvos Simpson, Vincent Gamboa
  • Instituição:USP McCreary
  • Aqui, minha vida atrás das grades oferece compreensão para aqueles de vocês que se aventuram 'a vida' sem compreensão de suas conseqüências: a adversidade, os obstáculos ea viagem é preciso viajar sozinho quando o martelo é batido, seu celular está bloqueado e as luzes se apagam.


It’s a struggle people- time to LEVANTARÁ! Lutar, not with our hands but with our minds. The psychological stronghold that has been placed upon us through the years of torture can be removed!

Let loose thewe can’t” e “we will never”. What is to be of our lives is dependent on the approach we take towards our every day.

They chant,


It all begins with SELF. Decades of debasement didn’t destroy us, it only made of us a greater force in our fight for freedom. We are surely capable of undoing the tactics that have been put in our way. The divide and conquer. the slaughter and destroy.

Let us believe in unity. A community of solids. Our strengths strengthening persons who are responsible for a prevailing social order.

Levante! everything and all of our society is to be enriched. The beating down of our own must cease and the backwards concepts of what it takes to get ahead must be corrected.

The biggest war is the one we fight amongst ourselves. No one is holding us back but us. The fruit is ripe for the taking and we deserve it in its entirety.

My hunger for more consists of freedom form all.


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