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  • Nome Governo: Al-Tariq Gumbs
  • Registre Número: 05674-078
  • Idade:37
  • Time Served:13+ anos
  • Home Town:Newark, NJ
  • Sentença:168 meses
  • Corrente de carga:Racketeering (RICO), Conspiração
  • Pseudônimo:King Sankofa (Formerly known as Killer Reek)
  • Data de Lançamento:2022
  • Afiliação prisão:Sangue (Borda)
  • Círculo de Influência:Emmanuel Jones, Lester Alford, Omar Austin, Tewhan Butler
  • Instituição:FCI Memphis
  • I would like to show you the real me.

To the Mothers

Em primeiro lugar e acima de tudo, I want to send my love to everybody out there. I have been stuck in a rut and wasn’t in the mood to write, but after I got out of that empty thinking I was able to pull myself back up. Here I am again shining like the sun when it touches the top of the sky. I don’t want to make this about me, but I will say this, I want everyone who is reading this to post it on their page or sites. I’m going to try and get to the point. Now bare with me. And to my guys show this to your mother and the mothers in your life. Palavra, because this is about them.

Agora, as I sit in front of this computer I think about all the women out there doing their thing and only want to be loved. I think about the women who had kids by us men in prison and we have sentenced you and the kids to whatever time the judge sentenced us to. Then I think about the guys out there who beat you, who try to make you lesser. They don’t come through and help with the kids but they want to be respected as a man.

This isn’t for the mothers who go out of their way to keep their kid(s) away from their father because mom and dad can’t be together. No final do dia, a kid needs both parents. Período. And if both want to play and positive part then that should be encouraged. Período.

This is for those mothers out there raising kids on their own. This is to those who are judged because they have four kids by two guys or three guys. Entrementes, the guy has six baby mothers and he judges you. This is to the mothers who, no matter what, put their lives on the line for their kids, but won’t allow those same kids to put them in an early grave.

I see the way Donald Trump treats y’all and it’s funny that some women will still vote for him because they don’t want to see another mother in power. My point is y’all are a man’s strength and at times our weakness. I know y’all heard that saying, “Behind every great man there is an even greater women.” I believe that. I believe y’all are the true warriors. Y’all are the true reason why life walks this earth. I revere y’all. It hurts me to my soul when I see that one of y’all were beaten senseless by a man who felt he needed to do that in order to keep you under his thumb. It makes me want to crush everything moving when a man runs into a woman who has kids and treats her as if she is not worth his attention. My thing is she brought forth life. She endured the pain of giving birth. She endured the disrespect. She endured being the only parent at the school making sure the kid sees some type of support. I want to shout all of y’all out and let y’all know on this Mother’s Day it is me who truly want’s to see y’all grow and be everything y’all are supposed to be. I want y’all to be free to do as you please. I want to see y’all smile. I want your kids to make you laugh. I want your happiness to last forever. No final do dia, if you’re not happy, the world isn’t set right. And the sooner men get that, the better.

There was a time when women ran things and wars and nonsense were few if at all. Now you put egos and power in play, and we have babies killing babies and mothers losing their kids daily. My mother lost two sons, and I feel her pain. My friend Chocolate just lost one. Some women can’t have any kids and want one bad. My Blondie is hurt because her man isn’t appreciating her. I get it, and I send my love your way. And at any time you need strength or you need to smile think about this man right here telling you everything is going to be okay. Your strength makes the world move. Know your strength. Never take it for granted. Queens are just as powerful as kings, and even more so because she is able to bring forth and nourish life. You kings better tighten up.

Peace my queens and more importantly my mothers. Feliz Dia das Mães. I love y’all. Enjoy your day. Even though it’s celebrated one day out of the year, a woman’s day is everyday. I for one try and treat you like a woman with respect every chance I get.


King Sankofa

Al-Tariq Gumbs#05674-748
P.o.. Caixa 34550
Memphis,Tenn 38184


One response to “To the Mothers”

  1. Nikki says:

    Brick city all the way and yes it is home for me. Porém, its rough so I Picked up and got my 3 boys out of the jungle. I know reside in the midwest, best decision I could have made. You short now, keep ur head up !!

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