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  • Nome Governo: Micheal Simpson
  • Registre Número: 71247-198
  • Idade:43
  • Time Served:15 anos
  • Home Town:San Diego, CA
  • Sentença:25 anos.
  • Corrente de carga:Assalto a banco
  • Pseudônimo:Mike Loc
  • Data de Lançamento:2025
  • Afiliação prisão:Crip (Rollin 40 's Crip Bairro)
  • Círculo de Influência:Tewhan Butler, DJay
  • Instituição:USP Atwater
  • Independentemente da cor tha você flaggin, vamos nos unir e fazer alguma construção / ganhar. Nós fizemos mais do que suficiente perdendo em relação ao outro. Eu estou em movimento em uma direção positiva, de modo a manter um olho em mim como eu fazer o que precisa ser feito.

Não é Quem Somos

Olá Mundo- “Rose UP” esta manhã com pensamentos positivos saturando o meu mental e, embora a janela traseira delgada é coberta com uma substância que altera vista, Eu estava com a minha mentalidade bem acima e fora do meu aprisionamento físico. A energia engolindo essa existência miserável continua o mesmo, e não importa o quão positivo tenta ser, não há como escapar dela. Regardless of the growth and progress made behind these walls one’s position in itself keeps one in that box. O “Jailbird”, to most, is someone viewed as person chalked up as a memory or someone with no need to be bothered. When will these stereotypes stop being unfairly applied to where they hinder us to such a degree? I ask because even though some of the programs and methods being used right now are reaching “some” they’re not reaching others. The numbers whom go unreached continue to heavily outweigh the “some” who are reached, causing the many unfortunate statistics to grow. And why is that? It’s because those that theunreachedare looking up to and trying to emulate- those that have grown and come into a higher level of understanding- haven’t been given a platform outside of prison. So the situation we have with many and most of these programs is the equivalent of someone whispering to a crowd of people with hearing impairments the adequate avenues to give them new leads to see and follow. E “NO!”, this has nothing at all to do with trying or even being interested in making them “better” gang-members. It’s about proving to them that with their priorities set straight, regardless of who they are and what they represent, they can be and achieve so much more in life.

It would be so unproductive to keep judging me and my peers who are willing to devote time, energy and insight, based on our past ways and mistakes, on creating solutions to this ongoing situation. It’s not about us and what we did. It’s about those wanting to follow in our footsteps. It’s about our future as people and members of a global community.

Thanks for the ear (eyes), it’s been a pleasure; be positive!


Mike L.


2 responses to “Não é Quem Somos”

  1. Akeisa Lowe says:

    This is all understood and I am proud that you desire to give back. Bowever, how do you suggest that we go about saving the kids? Where do you suggest we start? we are dealing with a generation filled with drugs and prettyheartless I might add. I know prayer works, but there is not enough praying.

  2. […] I also want to commend you on your campaign and the way you handled yourself under fire. Pressure busts pipes. They have it wrong, and you have the right idea. We have to find ways to reach these kids. Sim, some will listen to cops, some will listen to celebrities and people they look up to, but there are those who will only listen to the street dude who is on the block with them everyday and who has held them down when they needed something and didn’t judge them for being who they are. Those kids need someone to talk to them most, and they are the ones out there raising hell. Every avenue should be open. Don’t reject a possible solution because you don’t like the messengers. Like the Infamous Mike Loc from California said, it’s not about us; it’s about those who… […]

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