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  • Nome Governo: Al-Tariq Gumbs
  • Registre Número: 05674-078
  • Idade:37
  • Time Served:13+ anos
  • Home Town:Newark, NJ
  • Sentença:168 meses
  • Corrente de carga:Racketeering (RICO), Conspiração
  • Pseudônimo:King Sankofa (Formerly known as Killer Reek)
  • Data de Lançamento:2022
  • Afiliação prisão:Sangue (Borda)
  • Círculo de Influência:Emmanuel Jones, Lester Alford, Omar Austin, Tewhan Butler
  • Instituição:FCI Memphis
  • I would like to show you the real me.

Female Souljas and Down Ass Chicks


This is to all of the female souljas, generals and all the round down ass chicks. When I see any one of y’all I be wanting to salute y’all because us men have it fucked up for real. So I want you to bear with me, while I take you on a ride with a real one who has been through some shit with real and fake ass chicks.

Ver, I’m a man who love females and everything about y’all. To be honest what turns me on is a woman who knows how to handle her shit. Men like me know how to appreciate you and what you want out of life. We won’t feel less of a man because you make more money than us. No final do dia, a man is a man and no one can take that from him. Only he could allow that to happen. Agora, if a man is handling his business he shouldn’t make you feel fucked up because you are doing better than him. When you are in a relationship your shit should be his and his shit should be yours. His pain is your pain. Your pain is his pain. His gain is your gain. Your gain is his gain. Nowadays men are getting so soft and women have to take up the strength, and it shows that y’all have always been man’s strength. These fucking dudes tried to tell you that you were weaker than them because you’re emotional and like to fuck. Shit I like to fuck too and sometimes I get emotional and I wish a —– would tell me I’m soft. So miss me with that shit. Without y’all there would be no us. God made you the stronger of the two because he empowered you to bring forth life. My take on the Adam and Eve thing they try and use like it’s something bad is she wanted to share her visions with her man. It’s your nature to want to share with your man. It’s the way God made you. Shit he made you from our rib, so why the fuck wouldn’t you want to share a life with us?

What would this world be without women?

It’s in a man’s nature to want to be with you and protect you and make sure that pretty smile stays on your face. Ver, I tell dudes that God has to be a man because he made y’all so fucking sexy and dangerous. He made us weak to your charms. That’s why when we see a car and a sexy chick next to it we want that car because we think the car is going to get us a chick like that. And what makes shit so much better is when y’all are warriors and souljas. I swear the shit is a turn on when you hear a chick talk her shit, not arguing or any of that, just speaking like she has some sense. So my job as an alpha male is to recognize and embrace the lioness. The lioness does the hunting. That’s strength because she has to go out in the jungle and leave her cubs and hunt in a jungle where all animals are her prey or enemy, but she does her fucking job and brings back the food while the king patrols and holds down the territory. Then when the nomad lions comes on the prowl and sees that the male isn’t handling his business they try and take what he has. This is the way God intended it. But we as men seem to think we know it all, and we have pushed our strength to the side based on some shit a bunch of ego maniac, weak men from 2,000 years ago told us about how to treat women. Bem, não me. I love women for being strong.

Y’all are the ones who make sure we don’t slip. Y’all are the ones who makes sure we stay on point. Y’all are the ones who make sure even though we are supposed to be so fucking hard that when we are around y’all we know how to act like a gentleman. Y’all are the ones who love us even after we have hurt y’all, but we can’t even accept the fact that y’all make mistakes too.

Men are so prideful when it comes to women when all that women ask is that we love y’all with everything in us because that’s what y’all do. Women are taking cases for these dudes and dudes are telling on the women. Men are choosing to cheat on women with other men and then get mad when she says you’re a piece of shit. Men choose to be with a woman who doesn’t truly love him. Man will leave a good relationship for a fat ass or some good pussy. Man will sell his soul for some good pussy. A women will sell her soul looking for a good man. Assim, as your other half and a man who knows the errors of fucking up a good thing, I say to you sorry. Trust and believe all men aren’t on it like that. All men are not on the down low. All men are not trying to bring you down to make it look like we’re up. All men are not trying to hurt you to make you think it’s about us and not you. Sim, we are dumb at times, but in this I’m going to be smart and salute all of you for being souljas, generals, lovers, partners, real, e, acima de tudo, nossas mães, filhas, irmãs, tias, girlfriends, amigos, wives, and ride or die down ass chicks. For the women who are doing or did time for these suckers, know that your sacrifice isn’t in vain. Know that men like me love you from the top of your pretty head to bottom of your sexy feet you walk so lightly on, leaving behind that sexy smell in the air.

Things happen but in order for there to be understanding one must communicate. Assim, to my down ass chicks, I love y’all. I can say that I speak for all those who are part of the already dead breed of real men– we love you, and we got your back against all these suckers. Can you imagine what could happen if we stand together and respect each other’s strengths and fight these hating as chicks and dudes? Palavra. Assim, peace my queens and princesses of the earth. King Sankofa loves everything about you and hopes that you continue to fight for what is right and never let anyone make you into something you are not.

Peace and love King Sankofa (the alpha male)

P.S. If you know a soulja please shout her out on Facebook, Instagram and to get str8 to the heart of it


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