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  • Nome Governo: Al-Tariq Gumbs
  • Registre Número: 05674-078
  • Idade:37
  • Time Served:13+ anos
  • Home Town:Newark, NJ
  • Sentença:168 meses
  • Corrente de carga:Racketeering (RICO), Conspiração
  • Pseudônimo:King Sankofa (Formerly known as Killer Reek)
  • Data de Lançamento:2022
  • Afiliação prisão:Sangue (Borda)
  • Círculo de Influência:Emmanuel Jones, Lester Alford, Omar Austin, Tewhan Butler
  • Instituição:FCI Memphis
  • I would like to show you the real me.

Carta aos Bloods e Crips: Pare a loucura


When I first started to write this post I told my brother Maal that it was going to be a banger, and I need time to get it right. I wanted my head to be in the right place. Before you read, know and understand that I’m addressing the Bloods and Crips of every state across the United States. I’m not just speaking on Jersey. I want to see change everywhere because we are losing this battle. Aren’t all of y’all tired of having your loved ones found dead in those streets? Aren’t the ones in jail tired of doing 10-to-30 years for something that was suppose to be about love? To the families that lost loved ones in the streets this is for y’all. This is for my mother who lost a son to gang-banging. My lil brother Herman was killed by the Crips in 2005, and the realest thing I did was not start a war because of it. My mother told me she didn’t want another mother to go through what she went through. I swallowed that pill and told my lil homies to chill. We have all seen the effects of the gang lifestyle and it’s up to the ones living it to change. All the marching and talking isn’t going to mean anything, if those in it do not want change. I’m going to address the problem face on and throw it in their faces that we are dying over nothing. Período. There is no disrespect in this, only real shit. Let’s ride, and try and stop this madness!

It’s a long post! 🙂

Song: My City
Por: Yo Gotti and K.Michelle
Place: Belly of the Killer Whale

Peace to my family, friends and foes. I hope this post finds you and yours in the best of health. I’m hoping that all the pain you have endured at any point in your life has subside and you are smiling because you are still alive. Now before I can start, I must give you a history lesson. A lot of people think they know how I came up and took this Blood Love so hard to the heart and wouldn’t stand for anything. Bem, I’m going to give you a brief history on me and then get to the point of this “Carta aos Bloods e Crips”.

Primeiro, I want you to go and listen to the song by 2pac, may he rest in peace, called “Secrets of War,” and you will get a feel for my mindset at that time. Mainly Pac’s verse, even though the bros Kaddafi and Fatal (RIP) went hard. Back in ’97 I was in those streets so hard that I couldn’t see anything. If you wanted problems, I was looking to see if you was about what you said you were about. If we were beefing, then I wanted to beef. I wanted to see if you were going to bring it like I was going to bring it. I wasn’t about faking. I wouldn’t trip if you caught me and did me. I stayed ready for all things, and if I got caught slipping then it was my time. Even if you crippled me, I wasn’t going to go and get on the stand and say he shot me. Merda, if anything, I was on some shit like if that was to ever happen and they locked the nigka up I’m going to do everything in my power to get him or her off. What these dudes today don’t know is that there’s rules to this shit, and if you are loyal to something then don’t fake it. If that is your nigka, hold that nigka down. If that is your chick, hold her the fuck down. Loyalty is a mother****** and should be treated like it isvery serious. That’s how I was and how I am. The thing is to try and be loyal to the right people and once you give loyalty, you have the right to expect it in return. And if you don’t receive loyalty in return, don’t become disloyal. Don’t become what you hate. Back then I went hard in the name of loyalty. I was on Brenner Street, but I’m from Avon Ave and 11th Street. That entire area is love. I was becoming the Killa Reek everybody grew to either love or hate. I went so hard on that block that within four months I was locked back up and my dude Lil Fu from Avon Ave told me when I got down Northern State Prison that I was bringing the rules back. I smiled and said shit somebody had to do it. I foresaw the problem coming, and one thing about us real nigkas, we don’t have to have a reason to do anything. If we want to do it, we do it. And if it’s fake, we try and stay away from it. If you’re my dude, I’m going to ride for you hard body. Período. Probably harder than you ride for yourself because I know you’re the one they are going to watch so my job is to make sure you’re safe and ride on anything or anyone trying to hurt you. Período. Sometimes, your homie can’t ride because the cops know he’s the one who got jumped in the club. He’s the one who knocked dude out. My thing was bro go in the house. I got u. If all I had was a peddle bike, I was going to go for a ride and throw something at him real quick and hope he caught it. This was my mentality at that time. Just bear with me.

When I got bagged right after New Years, on my nephew Demond’s birthday, Janeiro 3, 1998, it was like the Game God said, “Não, he can’t bring in the New Year with that shit, so lets get rid of him; not kill him, but remove him because he’s tripping.” The Game God knew what was going to happen to those streets, so I was removed from the streets because a higher power knew change was coming. A dude like me wouldn’t have lasted. All it would have taken was some clown to just come through shooting wild bullets and one hit me. Two months after I got shipped down Bordentown, I ran into my nigka Slugs. We grew up together. He ran with my big brother Quan (RIP). After he found out who I was, he said, “Yo, do you want to be Blood?” I said, “What’s that some gang shit?” Ele disse, “Na, we are about saving our communities and stopping the bullshit.” And I said, “Bem, you know I don’t need nobody because I been rocking and rolling, and it’s nothing, but I’m with it if you’re saying that’s what its about.” Me and my brother Sharif Amenhotep were there. It was another homie, but I can’t remember his name. De qualquer maneira, we decided to become Bloods. The set was Sex, Dinheiro, Assassinato, and it was rocking from New York. (No names of who was who, not on that.) The next day we went to take photos and this Latin King came up and wanted to see the flicks. Para fazer uma longa história curta, I ended up starting a riot because the Latin Kings brought my brother a move that night. The next day I went crazy down Bordentown, and it took me off. That day on the yard, rocking with the Kings, is how I became Blood. When they shipped me out to Rahway, I got to meet other Bloods, and when I was put into population, I met my first Crip. I think he is on Live from Lockdown. Palavra. His name was Machiavelli, and he was telling me and Slugs that the Bloods and Crips had tied flags [united], and I was like “I’m not tying my shit to anybody shit. I’m a Blood, and I’m not with that shit.” Mind you, I really didn’t know anything about the Bloods other than what bro told me, but I was told Bloods and Crips were enemies. Why would I want to tie my flag to someone or something that hates me and wants to kill me? That’s like telling a KKK member and Black Panther to come together. That’s how strong the hate was, and that’s the hate being taught to kids today. Fechar, I was good. I was really ignorant, but I loved Blood because I gave my word to Blood. I gave my word to uphold what Blood stands for, whether right or wrong, good or bad. No one could tell me shit. Me and son [Machiavelli] was cool but I really couldn’t trust him because I didn’t know him. But he was taught like I was, and that was to hate me. It was a long-arm-handshake type shit. Then as I started to grow and I was given permission to rock that Hat and put the Bricks on the map, I started to learn more about the Bloods and Crips. I started to get a better understanding of what this thing we say we love.

Every time I went back to the County Jail, I tried to make sure my brothers were conducting themselves like the young Gs I knew they were. But sometimes we get lost. I did everything in my power to make sure they understood that there is a big difference between a gang-member and a gangsta. Sim, you can put them together and they will rock it like it is supposed to, and I had to find out that they exist on both sides. I saw Crips be Crips and stay respectful, but they would push if things got disrespectful. I saw Bloods rock the way it’s supposed to be rocked. Their B was held in high regard, so they conducted themselves like Blood is supposed to. I have also seen Crips do some fucking bullshit that pissed me all the way off and things got real ugly. Em seguida, as Blood, the thought hit my mind but I ignored it and said let me give the homies a shot. And as soon as I gave them a shot, they decided to cross me because they thought I was trying to take over and run things. All I was trying to do was make sure we didn’t become something we would turn out not to like. I foresaw the egos popping up. Now when I look back, I think about the convos I had with the Crip homies who came though the County Jail. Yo, listen if we are going to do this, let’s do it right. Lets do it on some gangsta-gentleman type of shit. We are killing each other, for what? If you hate me then let’s ride. Mas, know and understand that thing we love is truly not different. But if we banging, let’s bang. Don’t complain when it gets ugly. That’s the reason why you get jumped in – to see if you can withstand anything that comes your way. Nove vezes em dez, it’s going to be something violent. You got beat you up because we wanted you to know that it ain’t a game. At first I never understood it. Why would I want to do something like beat you up to say I love you? But as I gave it more thought, I came to understand it. I have seen both sides get to running when things get ugly. Palavra. Only the strong would be left standing. I’m saying to all the strong ones on both sides, let’s see this thing we say we love help instead of hurt. We both have enemies within our ranks and can’t trust anyone. Then you meet a nigka like Sankofa aka Killa Reek and he don’t give a damn how hard you are or how hard you go, if you’re real he is going to give you all the love and loyalty in the world.

When I was in prison in Arizona it was my Crip homies holding me down for more than two years before I ran into another Blood. To say that prison is where all the real nigkas are at is bullshit. I’m cursing because I’m talking to grown men and women. I’m not talking to the kids.

The kids needs to see that we are with them and are going to show them that even though we went hard as kids we can still change and find a different perspective and way of life.

Do any of y’all have any idea what it is like when your child tells you that he wants to stay in the streets and isn’t ready to leave them? Could you help them survive? How could you say no? We want our kids to know and understand he or she is dealing with a man or woman who is willing to kick their ass if they choose the streets over school or a job because we know what’s out there. We know. But we sit here and tell stories about how crazy we were. Those are just war stories, but when they see you put your hands up like come on you want to be a gangsta, a thug, then come on lets fight. You want to talk to a 16-year-old who is carrying a gun bigger than you. Now juveniles in the gang ranks are at an all time high. It’s like because my favorite rapper is a Blood, I’m going to be a Blood. Snoop is a Crip, so I want to be Crip. If us real ones keep letting them destroy what we love then we are to blame because they don’t know. We pay more attention to just 5% of our Crip and Blood history. We only see the part that teaches to hate those who don’t like us. Most of the time it’s over some bullshit. We hate each other because I was rocking this red and looking good? I hate you because you wear that blue and make it look good? But if I conduct myself like a G&G [gangster and a gentleman], I would be respectful and show that real love. If you love something, it doesn’t mean you hate mine. I’m good and respectful, but we both know that we will tear some shit up if shit gets disrespectful. I’m not on that any more. Let’s keep it G and make sure he or she knows it’s love because this isn’t what we are about.

Merda, one decision could change your life.

You shoot me and these dudes tell, you end up behind bars for however many years. You can’t get pussy. You can’t see your kids that much. You can’t trust anyone in here. All of your homies on the outside seem to forget y’all were homies. That’s on both sides.

All that hate we have for each other is bullshit.

If you’re standing next to someone right now reading this and saying yo bro Kofa saying some real shit and he replies, man I don’t want to hear that positive shit. I’m out here. Nobody feeding my family; I think you should get away from dude. Who wants to be around a dummy? Who wants to be around someone who can’t grow the hell up? That shit gets old.

We have kids and want something better for them.

A lot of the times it’s the people we are around. It’s crazy that I would rather be around a positive, real Crip then a negative Blood who only wants to Blood you to death. It used to be me. I didn’t want to hear anything positive because at the end of the day if you’re not trying to help me fix my situation then there is nothing we can talk about. But as I continued to grow, I saw that I could change. This isn’t just something I’m starting either. A lot of people think because I caught this time, I just said no more banging. If they knew me, they would know that back in 2002 I was the one who was pushing for the truce in the Essex County Jail, which went to the streets. The reason for my thinking then was we are all in jail, locked up and instead of fighting our cases, we are worried about who got what status, who we could catch and do something to, and who is the hardest? Entrementes, we were facing 20-to-30 years for nonsense. Não ,this isn’t just me stunting. I’ve always been real, and I’ve wanted change. It’s just that when you’re in that jungle in order to survive you must be the Alpha male. Sim, I was going hard but when it was time to use that influence to help, I did. I remember I did the food strike in Northern State Prison and the homies felt that I shouldn’t have reached out to the Crips with the strike. I was like get the fuck out of here with that super-tough shit because half of y’all won’t do shit if you saw a real Crip. At the end of the day they get beat by the COs too. They don’t get clean sheets, food and clothes too. If they’re doing it to us, they’re doing it to them. And before I was anything, I was a man. I learned from the old heads down Yardville at 17 how to be a convict and that’s how I was raised. We in this together, período! I also remember one of the lil homies pulling up on me in the County and telling me that his relative’s baby father is coming to the County and he wanted to give dude a pass. I think dude was one of the Outsiders or some shit. (Rah-Digga baby father). De qualquer maneira, he asked could dude get a pass because dude and his peoples caught him slipping and dude stepped up and told his Crip homies to leave him alone. I told him yeah I got him if he comes up here because we show that type of respect, but I couldn’t stop those who caught him, but if I’m there i got him. I never got the chance to help the homie because I went to court. When he came upstairs the lil homies got at him. I was a lil mad, but I had to respect it. I didn’t know I was going to court so I never told any of the homies the situation, but lil homie respected it and chalked it up to the life.

My lil brother Herman, may he rest in peace, was jumped by the Bloods because they thought he was a Crip and he was Killa Reek’s lil brother. My other lil brother wanted to see the homies who did it, but I was like how many homies’ brothers, cousins or whoever have I caught and did something to in the name of Blood? What comes around goes around and you must respect that. Lil bro didn’t like that but it’s real! As I’m telling you this, I’m trying to show you that people have had the version of me fucked up. Before I was anything, I was a real nigka in those streets playing by the rules. Período. I brought that to the Bloods! I just saw on TV last night on A&E the Piru homies in Cali on “Streets of Bompton” and even there they want change. Nobody wants to be in the hood for the rest of their life. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your hood. You could still be Blood and live for the first two letters and fight like hell to not become the last two. You could still be Crip and not do things that cripple you. We like to call our gangs family, but we do things like a gang does. We can’t get mad when they say we are a threat to those streets because we add to the problem. Of course we are going to be everybody’s scapegoat. I never got too mad when they called the cops on me and said I was causing a problem in Pathmark on South Orange Ave. What I and the lil homies was really doing was helping the older people take their food to their car. I didn’t get mad when they pulled me over because I threw up Blood out my window when I slid pass the Shine hood on Stratford. I didn’t get mad that the Crips wanted to kill me because every time they saw me I was trying to be extra, super Blood. LOL. We get what we ask for.

Agora, that I have a different mindset, my actions are different. I can be a Blood and still be on the streets. I can be a Blood and still want to be around people. I can’t be a Blood and rob people and not think people aren’t going to be afraid of me. I can’t be a Blood and shoot people and think people will want me in their house. I can’t be a Blood and wrap red flags around my guns and go through hoods acting a fool and think the community is going to want me to be out there. O ponto é, why do we feel we have to be negative in order to be what we are? Why do the Crips hate Bloods? Why do the Bloods hate Crips? When we get down to the bottom of it, it’s probably over some straight bullshit. All this happened decades ago and even though we know better we still push that madness. Bem, não me. I’m not tripping on anyone.

I want my community and my kids to see the man I have become, not the man I was.

If you’re in your late 20s, 30s and 40ss and still talking about being a gang member then something is really wrong with you.

Agora, if you’re in those age brackets and you’re talking about being in a family then that is growth. I want to be around that whether Blood or Crip. I hate no one but those who want to keep the bullshit going, then tell on you when shit get thick. To all the knuckle heads who are mad at me for leaving the gang banging lifestyle alone and are trying to do things to either set me up or pull me backwards, I ask you like the young homie Kevin Gates said in that song “Hard For,” What the fuck you want my heart for? I’m going to leave y’all with that.

Peace to you and yours. This is probably the longest post I ever wrote, but may also be the most important one. Love all of y’all and hope you’re seeking change. If you’re not, accept and expect everything you get.

King Sankofa, live from the belly of the Killer Whale, riding like a soulja! Brick City, Jerzey boy. To all the Bloods and Crips, I salute you. May your B and C bring you some pride when you look at yourself in the mirror and know you’re repping it the way it’s supposed to be repped, and that is to help build and protect your community and family. And if you’re not, then you’re just what we hate to be called – a SLOB and a CRAB. And it can’t get no realer than that! Love Ya!!!!

“The only enemy you should have is someone who is holding you back from moving forward. The only obstacle you have is jumping over them hurdles and moving forward!”

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