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  • Nome Governo: Quaheem Edwards
  • Registre Número: 10800-084
  • Idade:28
  • Time Served:6 + anos.
  • Home Town:Paterson, NJ
  • Sentença:20 anos
  • Corrente de carga:Conspiração para distribuir, Armas, Intimidação de testemunhas
  • Pseudônimo:Ox-Splish
  • Data de Lançamento:2024
  • Afiliação prisão:Sangue
  • Círculo de Influência:Charles Taylor Jr., David Drone, Joshua Carrell, Tewhan Butler
  • Instituição:USP Tucson
  • Agora eu sei o que eu quero da vida para mim, minha família e da minha comunidade. Eu sou estritamente sobre reconstrução e mudança. No papel, Eu sempre vou ser filiado. Eu fiz um juramento! Mas eu bater por uma causa real agora, ou algumas causas: MUDAR, Elevação e prosperidade. LEVANTARÁ!

Bater no interior: Uma visão interna de gangues de prisão

“An environment that once felt like home has now become a death trap”

Where do we begin?

In the federal system.

Who you were on the street, and whatever rank you had, means nothing behind these walls. You either fall in line or get “voted off the island.” This is an environment where the tough guys have no place. Now a days, most want to keep the noise down and if you’re the “hothead” getting you out of the way becomes no sweat.

Banging behind these walls will change the mind frame of any individual with common sense. According to the “old laws” of the federal penitentiary, there are at least four important rules that are prohibited in the gang organizations:

  1. Snitching
  2. Stealing
  3. Homosexual Activity
  4. Interfering with another car’s business. (for more on “carros,” click here.)

The four rules above, if not avoided, will lead to severe consequences. If not death! Mas, de novo, those are “the old laws” in an environment where politics have clearly taken over. Most conflict comes from a few “man lawsthat are, na maioria dos casos, minor. Most gangs in the system are quick to defuse conflict with other groups or cars but won’t hesitate to bring harm to their own comrade. This is why many gang members come into the systemoff count.” Meaning, they prefer to run with guys from their state or prefer to be onmax timealso meaning, they’d rather deal with individuals from any and everywhere.

When I was just starting my bid and other Blood members arrived to a yard announcing that they weren’ton countI would stare at these individuals puzzled and confused because I had no clue what it meant to beoff count.I was taught thatyou’re either in or out,” there’s no half time/part time.

Hoje, I am on the other side, the same side as myoff count” camaradas, and all I can do is smile as I cross paths with the newhot heads.It feels as if I am looking at an old reflection of myself. The big difference from me and the guys who watched me as ahot head,” I am determined to help the lost.

As follows

by General

Crenshaw Mafia Blood

Most of the guy’s in the Feds bang because there’s a lack of understanding. Their mentality is distorted and non-productive. Assim, these individuals cling to something mundane and simple. In their mind frame maturity is perceived to be a form of weakness because they’ve been taught by their peers through disguise. This disguise consists of pride, and the sake of not wanting to be alone, and many other egotistical attributes. From my experience, I’ve observed those who bang on the inside as lost. There’s no more hope (at least in their minds) these individuals attempt to make their lives count through brutality and unruly behavior. These individuals are unaware of their ability and the things they’re capable of achieving through knowledge and understanding. They are complacent with the view of their cohorts and do not value the aspect of being pro-active and thinking for themselves.

These individuals remain stagnated in a world that grows and evolves Most bangers do not understand their position in life and this is coming from a Blood who no longergang-bangs”. But I am all for breeding a new generation.

As follows

by Black

active member of, The Black Guerilla Family

Because of the shortage of true leadership in the federal system, the effort to become a constructive and progressive movement has been diluted and corrupted by “prison politics,” which is nothing more than a pseudonym forI can’t stand on my own.

There are many who actually have to be guided and spoken for, but if these individuals had someone who really cared about their well being that someone would teach these individuals abetter way”.

We as leaders of organizations have a duty to show those behind us how to reach their full potential. As we breed a new generation we will educate one another on political understanding, negócio, social diversity, parenting, and more. We hope to create other positive avenues to not only prepare those on the inside for society but to also awaken you on the outside before you’re living in similar circumstances. Instead of dwelling on “Gorge’ on the inside,” lets help our youth develop a true understanding of law. Most of us aregreento the truth, until it is too late. Let’s bang! (Breed A New Generation)

No fechamento

por “Anônimo”

A true leader

Em 1983 I blew trial, and hit the old USP Terre Haute no sistema federal. Naquela época, banging on the inside was just as strong as it was on the streets, minus the guns. Bloods, Crips, Vice Lords and Gangster Disciples overpopulated the prison by far. There were also Latin Kings and B.G.F. (Preto Família Guerilla) who also had strongholds back then.

Ninety percent of Bloods I’ve met throughout my journey were from Cali. Now a days, for every two Bloods I meet from the west coast, I meet ten from the East Coast. The majority of the Vice Lords and Gangster Disciple were from Chicago. Black Guerilla Family was from the Bay-area. Latin Kings and Crips were the only other groups who had a gang of bodies from different parts of the world. One wouldn’t have known the difference unless they knew these bangers personally.

Back in the day, the sets were really tripping hard on one another because of the violent street beefs that followed individuals to prison. For anyone who entered theHaute” back then, it was mandatory and on sight to find out where they were from and whatever set they claimed. They would let it be known with pride. There was not as much fear as there is today. Paperwork was rarely used back then. Individuals would simply call a members “capô”.

Naquela época, minding your own business was law! Everyone stood on principle, or they were dealt with accordingly, and unlike today, even the personal disciplines weren’t everyone’s business.

Another law was based onman time,” meaning if that was what you chose when you walked onto a yard, it was respected. “Man timethen was simply a man who chose to do his time on his own, without any obligation to any group. His associates were limited but his associates were also who “ele” chose to be around him, not who chose him!

Naquela época, em geral, doing time was more serious, especially when dealing with the COs. They stayed out of your way but, don’t get it twisted, they did their job. The difference then was the guards did notlive to work, they worked to live.The prisoners ran the joint. Their was more respect. More individuals were able to thinkfor themselvesand rationalize on serious matters, especially with life and death always lurking. There were no questions asked when time came to put in work. Mexicans did not really exist in the system and the majority of the Cubans were in lock down unit “24/7.” You could not see them but you could hear them if your unit was housed next to theirs. It was like listening to an assembly in Cuban. The white boys were here also. Unlike today, they stood on their beliefs.

Ponto de partida, the gang structure now a days has crumbled to pieces. Now you havedesperate leadersstruggling to put back together a puzzle without the important pieces. Gorge’ on the inside is now merely a joke and a slap in the face to the founders with few loyal representatives remaining.

With a little under a year left on my sentence, despite a few setbacks, I am fortunate to have had made it this far.



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