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  • Nome Governo: Kenneth Key
  • Registre Número: A70562
  • Idade:57
  • Time Served:33 anos
  • Home Town:Chicago, IL
  • Sentença:888 anos (Natural Life)
  • Corrente de carga:Armed Robbery, Rapto
  • Pseudônimo:Blue & Ananyah Ben Yisrael
  • Data de Lançamento:N / A
  • Afiliação prisão:N / A
  • Círculo de Influência:Jamel Miller
  • Instituição:Stateville Correctional Center
  • You will rise in direct proportion to the decrease in your negative thoughts, words and actions

African Hebrew Israelites and Redemptive Struggle in Prison

Young brothers enter prison and become curious about religion and various spiritual paths. 30 brothers meet upstairs in the gym at Stateville Correctional Center (Joliet, Illinois) para ganhar a compreensão sobre hebreus israelitas ea forma hebraica de vida. Uma vez por mês temos uma pergunta e resposta no espírito da fraternidade universal e da justiça. The aim is to give all in search of redemption practical things they can do, as well as historical information on our identity and heritage.

The brothers are usually greeted with Shalom, which is to say peace unto you. We then open with a prayer and ketah (class) começa. Eu ou alguém abre com:

We realize that many of us coming into this search have myopic vision and have been so deracinated that often it is hard to get some very fundamental truths across to our audience. This mentacide is visible and our cognitive dissonance apparent. Now let me say that our class is based on Hebraic understanding and you will often see and hear in our writings and speech the use of “Euro-Gentile”. This is a term coined by the African Hebrew Israelite in keeping with our having seized the power to define and so the gentile suffix is a way of denoting a people or nation that is without the knowledge of the true and living God of Creation.

When using the term Euro-Gentile or Euro-American we are referring to the entire European family of nations and the United States of America, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Its usage is to show and reflect the pervasive and powerful socioecoomic, cultural and political influence these nations have wielded on this planet.

Thus we have come to the conclusion that these Euro-Gentile nations are responsible for having brought all of humanity and creation to the brink of destruction. NO RACIST OR OTHERWISE NEGATIVE CONNOTATIONS ARE INFERRED BY THE PHRASE.

All of our ketahs open with the raising of the Ark and greetings to the brotherhood and the moreh (teacher) comes up to teach. Beginners are usually taught from the text of Deus, the Black Man and Truth, known in Afro-Hebraic circles as the GBT. It is a comprehensive book. If you come in with any prejudice and are not open to the material you will probably become incensed. If you are open to learning most brothers, even if they do not cross-over, adopt many of the attributes of a Hebrew Israelite. The GBT is authored by Ben Ammi, which in Hebrew means son of my people. Ben Ammi was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago who had vision and like Moses led his people out of captivity.

The class continues with such fundamental questions as:

Why do economic woes, political setbacks and catastrophic events disproportionately affect us?

Why does the African American continue to wallow in the permanent underclass, prey to virtually every new immigrant arrival?

For those of us who are spiritual the answer is very easily attained and the GBT has pointed it out for us. We disobeyed the laws and commandments of Yah (Deus). We turned our back on God . . . and he turned his back on us.

Many will say, man you are crazy, but have no defense to the premise, especially if they have always walked contrary to what was given to us, his chosen people, in the Torah. We tell the brothers consider our premise and that what is being conveyed is no coincidence. Our condition is not fate nor destiny and to believe we are inept at anything is just crazy!

You must attain knowledge of self and the fact that your DNA is derived from a wonderful and glorious past. Our path back to our power which is Yah (Deus) has been redirected by others. And because we remain rootless and content in our deplorable state, we have allowed this modern day Pharoah to continue to have power and dominion over us.

I also usually share some of what Abba Ben Ammi shares in his book Revival do Espírito Santo (page 25):

If God is a spirit, then obviously those He created in His image and likeness are spirit. Posteriormente, the logical consistency of the creative process requires that He be worshiped as spirit and truth.

Those worshiping Yah according to this criteria are to be acknowledged as the true worshiper, enquanto aqueles que não definido simultaneamente como falsos adoradores.

If God is a spirit, we are spirit and must worship Him as spirit. We must be endowed with the understanding of the/this spirit. Undoubtedly the spirit is representative of the idea, the thought, the language of the God that made you a “Living Soul” in the Genesis.

The evident truth is that our worship has to remain consistent to the idea revealed in the Genesis Creative Process.

The accompanying effect will lead to other aberrations in every facet of your lives such as direction, vision, male-female relationships, parent-children relationships, occurrence of disease, e todos os outros processos biológicos.

This process is defined as God’s judgement. This is the law and words of the prophets.

Here we are given a key. I’m not here to convert anyone. I remind all, as Abba has so eloquently stated, “We must study in order to articulate the doctrine of true salvation and challenge the lies that have been spread the length and breadth of this planet.”

We have to study in order to be qualified, and so when a brother asks me why I walk a certain way, talk a certain way, I am simply a servant of Yah who understands our purpose, which is to be Yah’s witness(es) in the Earth and declare His works.

The Formula

Each day I am granted the breath of life, I am motivated to pursue life with my whole being. And so I stick to the formula. When the brothers ask about this formula, I tell them as it was given to me: (1) You must be blessed to hear someone articulate the formula (2) You must internalize the formula. You must be humble enough to let it into your soul. (3) You must trust in the formula and apply it. (4) You must remain aligned with the formula with continuity.

This is certainly true with anything you decide to take on. But in this redemptive struggle we have to move in a manner aligned with the scripture- loving Him with all thine heart, thine soul and thine might. The whole day in praise of Yah. Eu aprendi que as obras fórmula. And it’s like anything you desire to take on as a lifestyle, it requires discipline or the formula does not work.

My Change from Gangster to Spiritman

Whatever path you choose take time to listen, study and apply. When we begin to walk toward that higher being it in turn begins to walk toward us. You have to begin by starting to let go of certain vices. It doesn’t happen overnight, and that’s where your patience and discipline are required.

Your first step is to put yourself in an environment to hear the message and that message must be something than what you are used to hearing now. Ver, my turning began when I no longer was excited about the pain I was inflicting on others who I claimed to love- my gang family and my family and friends. It started when I began to feel the pains of the world that touched my inner-spiritman. Then my decision to leave the gang was easy. I no longer wanted to hurt anyone, use anyone, and misguide anyone. I wanted to point them in a different more positive direction and spiritual existence.

I encourage all to seek their path.

Below is a continuation of the Prisoners’ Regrets and Truths series.

Brother Morgan is 53-years-old and is serving Natural Life. He has served 35 years in prison. Biggest Regret: Not being able to spend time with his family, especially difficult for his mother who has a chronic illness. Message: Take control an inventory of your actions and pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Johnny is 30-years-old and serving a 36-year term. He has 8 anos. Regret: Joining a gang and being a follower instead of making his own decisions. Message: Follow good, not bad. Lead the ones who need guidance. Always do the right thing even if your peers disagree.

I really hope that you see there is no life in prison, the belly of the abyss! Find another purpose other than living the life of a gangster, drug dealer, scammer, etc.

My Yah keep you and continue to shine his face upon you.


“The measure of man’s truth is the measure of his love, and truth is far removed from him whose life is not governed by love.”

— James Allen




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