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  • Government Name: Omar Austin
  • Register Number: 204603C
  • Age:31
  • Time Served:since 2001
  • Home Town:Newark, NJ
  • Sentence:60 yrs + 7 consecutive yrs
  • Current Charge:Double Murder
  • Alias:K.O.
  • Release Date:2043
  • Prison Affiliation:Blood (Valentine)
  • Circle of Influence:Altariq Gumbs, Lester Alford, Pele Brown, Tewhan Butler,
  • Institution:East Jersey State Prison (Rahway)
  • If a real G can’t dissuade you youngins, okay, have it ya way, but at least let me prep you for the road.

Prison Life

This prison lifestyle is really something else. It’s like this, imagine waking up every single day to the same thing. Same people, same guards, on their same bullshit, and then prison politics. It’s mad crazy people in here. Imagine having the same view, if you even have a window. But if you do, it’s the same view, so you may be looking at another part of the prison for ten, twenty straight years. When you go outside, it’s the same yard and same cages. The cages are like an animal shelter. Nothing is moving. Nothing is changing. But at the same time, everything is moving and everything is changing. Just not for us. Our kids are growing older, facing realities and hardships that we can do nothing about; our parents are growing older, sicker, and dying. Friendships are falling apart. And when you’re doing life, or anything where your number is twenty five years or more, it’s like being in a closet for a generation. Airplanes fly over head some times while we’re in the yard, and on those planes people are planning their days, people are having a drink, eating some good food, and enjoying their lives. And we’re looking up dreaming of dreams that for many of may never come true. Imagine that and then imagine that is you. Which life would you rather have- Kanye West’s, Justin Bieber’s, Jennifer Hudson’s, or be a prisoner? Us prisoners eat cancerous food, wear no-name brand cloths, and are prisoners to fantasy and hopeless dreams?



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