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  • Government Name: Micheal Simpson
  • Register Number: 71247-198
  • Age:43
  • Time Served:15 yrs
  • Home Town:San Diego, CA
  • Sentence:25 yrs.
  • Current Charge:Bank Robbery
  • Alias:Mike Loc
  • Release Date:2025
  • Prison Affiliation:Crip (Rollin 40\'s Neighborhood Crip)
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler, DJay
  • Institution:USP Atwater
  • Regardless of tha color you flaggin, let’s come together and do some building/winning. We’ve done MORE than enough losing in connection to one another. I’m on the move in a POSITIVE direction, so keep an eye on me as I do what needs to be done.

Positive Thought

Sorry for the moderation in the frequency of me sharing my thoughts. On October 8th I was reimbursed the standard room to roam in what’s labeled General Population.

Already, I’ve added six (6) more certificates to my collection: Leadership Dynamics, Home Inspection, Literature and Journalism, Conflict Resolution, Think and Grow Rich, and Non-Profit Organization. Plus, I’ve put the finishing touches on the first installment of my fourth (4) book in the “Hoodstar” series, titled “Work-Call”. So do know that none of these stolen days are being allowed to pass as totally wasted.

Anyways, My people, it’s the very first one (month) of 2012, so as I begin this extension of thought, let me wish you the best, prosperous and a peaceful New Year.

A conversation I had just yesterday was very enlightening to me. In short, it was a conversation on positive thought and how your subconscious mind actually works. I was really into it, and thought of what it contained throughout the day, and when I woke up at 4:00 this morning, thoughts of that same nature reappeared in my chain of thought.

Now, outside, on this early and damp morning I’m peaceful, in possession of a positive and prosperous mindset, and I’m “good” with where I’m at with everything concerning me. After giving it a little thought, I realized that if I put the energy I put into everything and everybody I really care about, into myself and my goals, I will accomplish them. My dreams will be caught, not just chased. And my reality will become the exact reality I want it to be. So instead of just having one (1) New Year’s resolution in specific, I’m going to express that this year I’m going to be peaceful, happy, positive and prosperous. A ‘better person’ in short.

If you would, think of at least one thing you really want to achieve, and then start writing it down; really believing and seeing it every morning you wake up, and every night before you lay down to rest, and watch what happens.

Thanks for taking the time to view my mental.

Go ahead and Raise UP,
’cause it makes no sense in
staying down just to be doing it.

Respect and Love,
Mike Loc

Ironically it’s cold and snowing down here in hell today, but guess what? It’s tha FEW of you that I KNOW got my back that keeps me warm, and in position to stay focused and positive.So ima end this one with a good looking y’all and know that its all love all tha time.


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