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  • Government Name: Marco Miguel Robertson
  • Register Number: 62151-066
  • Age:38
  • Time Served:15 + yrs.
  • Home Town:Laurel, MD
  • Sentence:LIFE +24 yrs.
  • Current Charge:Murder
  • Alias:Marco Miguel
  • Release Date:Seeking post-conviction relief
  • Prison Affiliation:Orthodox Sunni Muslim
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler
  • Institution:USP Lewisburg (SMU)
  • I am a Maryland State Prisoner in the Special Management Unit of the federal prison system in the fifteenth year of a LIFE + 24-year sentence. NOPE, NONE OF IT WAS WORTH IT!

One Jealous Criminal

Shouldn’t I have the right to be jealous? Am I wrong for being envious? What am I speaking of you ask? Well, former Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky and pedophiles in general. Sure, Joe Paterno should’ve done more, and he was rightfully fired along with the other staff members whom met the same fate.

How can grown men and/or adults nonchalantly stand by while little boys are being taken advantage of sexually? How could the football program- players, students and other staff- turn a deaf ear and blind eye to child molestation? Then, carry on as if nothing happened! Frankly, this episode and others like it are not only disgusting but embarrassing to our country and our culture!

Just think, is it safe to allow American boys to be altar boys in Catholic churches? Is it safe to allow our precious children to join boys and girls scout troops? Or frequent local boys and girls clubs? Can we send our kids to summer camps or schools? Seriously, think long, hard and deeply about this!

Speaking as a convicted felon, I don’t think it’s fair that these sick predators get virtual slaps on the wrists and continue to be let out into society again to destroy the lives of more of our American children. Sure, there are various structures and organizations grounded in assisting these creeps and ushering them back into our communities with welcome arms.

It was divulged that eight young boys were inappropriately handled by Coach Sandusky. How many more has he been involved with? In my blunt opinion he and his kind deserve the death penalty. But, on the contrary minute prison sentences are given to pedophiles. Then, they’re let out to potentially alter other youthful lives.

From the proverbial beast’s belly I cry in pain knowing that forgiveness in our criminal justice system is only meant for the rich and/or most despicably heinous characters and not me!

God, please have mercy on our innocent children!!!

A strong heartfelt expression by Marco Miguel


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