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  • Government Name: Joe Champs
  • Register Number: N-94926
  • Age:42
  • Time Served:23 years
  • Home Town:Chicago, IL
  • Sentence:90 years
  • Current Charge:Armed Robbery, Robbery, Murder
  • Alias:Sultan
  • Release Date:2040
  • Prison Affiliation:Moor
  • Circle of Influence:Moorish Science Temple of America
  • Institution:Stateville Correctional Center
  • Most street organizations, at their inception, were never about the destroying of our communities, but the upliftment of ourselves and humanity as a whole.

My Peoples and Folks

Big city, bright lights, Chicago that is — Now listen up, I’m talking to you my peoples and folks. Stand up and pay attention as I unfold a thought for our future mission. Put down your guns and take back your reality. We must unite as one because there’s too much killing, young lives lost.

Black live$ matter in a broken criminal justice system.

We are losing in many ways – drugs, guns, prison, and death. Each one destroys us mentally and physically; not a care of the damage done to us and our future generations. Once again the slavemaster has found other ways to keep us down and out on all fronts. Fighting over blocks and corners that don’t even belong to us, just for the profit of a drug sale. We think we own the blocks we stand on to represent our street organizations that real brothers started in order to change the conditions of our people so we did not have to stand on the corner and sell drugs. Now we have turned back the hands of time. The slavemaster no longer has to oppress us because we do it for him. We rob, beat, poison, and kill our own people. We cause more physical harm to each other than they do to us, yet we refuse to unite for a cause greater than us.

We do not realize nor understand that each road taken leads to the prison system of modern day slavery and warehousing, just sitting in a cell all day everyday, wasting away. Meanwhile they send their kids off to school and families on vacation off the profits made from us through their prison jobs and prison-based businesses i.e. telecommunications, commissary and vending machines. The prices are marked up so high that we often pay five times more just because we are locked up.

If my peoples and folks did not hear me the first time — put down your guns, unite for peace, inside and outside, to bring about change and bring this madness to an end. Let’s build communities where little kids can play without the fear of being shot and everybody can walk free. Then we can begin build a political party that represents us – Folks and Peoples United.

Just open your mind and think:

Why does the government have money set aside for you to fail,

instead of investing that money in you to succeed?

Now you tell me that ain’t backwards.

Peoples and folks — I’m going to say it again: Put down your guns and #RaiseUP to save humanity and represent the legacy of them brothers for real.

Amani Na Bariki


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