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  • Government Name: Marco Miguel Robertson
  • Register Number: 62151-066
  • Age:38
  • Time Served:15 + yrs.
  • Home Town:Laurel, MD
  • Sentence:LIFE +24 yrs.
  • Current Charge:Murder
  • Alias:Marco Miguel
  • Release Date:Seeking post-conviction relief
  • Prison Affiliation:Orthodox Sunni Muslim
  • Circle of Influence:Tewhan Butler
  • Institution:USP Lewisburg (SMU)
  • I am a Maryland State Prisoner in the Special Management Unit of the federal prison system in the fifteenth year of a LIFE + 24-year sentence. NOPE, NONE OF IT WAS WORTH IT!

My Daddy’s Day

My Daddy’s probably dead and long gone!
But for longer than I thought he would, he held on strong.
Right now in my arms he belongs,
Where I could kiss him on his forehead
Like he used to do me easily and help him push on..

Oh Yeah, he taught me so much,
Tender to my heart he touched.
I clutch it gently,
Then gingerly firm,
Surrendering to misty eyes that burn,
Turning pages over volumes of reflection, reminiscing through wishful rain,
At once I smile at joy and grimace in pain.

Nah Mommy, Nakia, Connie, Carle, Kiara or Brandon don’t know how to tell me.
Like a book, I do read, indeed seeing with understanding clearly,
Still I want to hug and peck them on their cheeks in love, after all we’re family.
Listen to the Isley Brothers with Jimmy
Get to know my cousin Julius and Uncle Gary friendly.

Give a wink to the past,
Daddy I wouldn’t be who I am if you hadn’t whopped my ass,
Graduation wouldn’t have happened, morals wouldn’t be known.
You cut the TV off, while I was watching Yo MTV’s and BET rapping,
I was like damn man why Daddy keep yap yap yapping.
Why don’t he go call somebody on the phone, leave me alone.
Three or four hours straight he spoke,
Without joking quips of son you better listen or you’ll learn the hard way.

Flashing back to traveling the world before you were twenty one,
In the Navy cause of Vietnam,
Saying the prettiest ladies were in Barcelona (Spain);
How hungry people would flock at the dock’s by when came,
Just to eat, scuffling for trash, bragging of smoking the best weed, blowing hash;
Slamming dope and coke to cope with what you seen,
Leaving me in the library for hours, an essay you’d demand,
That’s why I got this pen in my hand.

Uncle Harvey and Jack Miller had the double barrel and twelve gauges cocked,
Yelling put that boy down before I blow your brains out.
Stopped doubtless you did,
When I was just a kid,
Crying like why is Mommy and Daddy cussing and fussing?
Told you was no good,
Your father ain’t nothing,
I took Mommy’s side.

During those rides,
You talked too much about money don’t grow on trees,
And life was rough.

You missed birthdays and Christmases too,
But when you did come through,
You looked out for my mother’s kids.

My sister Nakia
And brother Matthew too;
Daddy, I love you!

In my youth,
Through your tutelage I doggie paddled and breast-stroked by your side,
Ran a mile in the morning,
Played one on one basketball while you were high.

Son, they should legalize marijuana you’d say,
Then stress there’s a higher power,
You should pray.

The Maryland Terps at Cole Field House and Byrd Stadium we’d watch,
At Paul’s we’d eat kosher dogs looking at Mike Tyson box.
Shocked of how you ain’t understand that Hulk Hogan and Big John Studd were real.
Hulk slammed him on the Capital Center’s concrete floor,
With me the electricity you’d feel the roar.
Saw the Bullets lose before they became the Washington Wizards on the same floor.

Reel for reel with Washington Capitals hockey appeal
We’d laugh at Eddie Murphy,
Stomachs ached from Richard Pryor.
Marco be a man and tell the truth, don’t you be no liar
You said at the go cart track screeching tires
In your straw hat, okay I expressed
As you told your story at AA and NA in words
Some of the most fluent speech I heard.

In Lewisburg,
At the help of racism
I experience the picture you’d given.

Mommy cries in love for us both
Wanting a little us to hold in hope
Nope I can’t say it’s over
But the evil ones play in wicked ways that seem to multiply.

Your second child’s
First born boy’s brain is rattled
Chit chatter they do search for a method to have me babbling like a baby
Oh yeah they’re crazy.

Daddy why I ain’t never meet my older sister
Though I don’t know her, I miss her.
Mommy told me first,
You did your best,
I’m stressed and it hurts.

I love my Daddy!
Never met or saw a picture like you of Grand-daddy in Philly.
He’s dead,
But I hope to spend time with the Robertson’s before they kill me and I go
With my murder on my mind.

I recline with thoughts of the “ “ that Granny added knowingly for you and me.
I would’ve smacked Brandon helplessly
If he was in front of me
Like you used to do me,
Knocking down his sex feet two size thirteens
From the response he gave on the call I earned, “he did it to himself”.

I burned,
Knowing full well that’s how you taught him Daddy,
A piece of liver is small for my Daddy’s Hep C tragedy.
Basil, Bilal and Skinny, I took hostage in the rec cage at Coleman II
Crying just dying to talk to you.

I swear by Allah in care,
I sacrificed for you
I’d give my life if it would save you.

Attitude was real never fake when I wrote,
“Please Don’t Kill My Soldier”,
Sending it to Liz straight in Tampa (Florida) for her to recite over the airwaves,
My broadcast wasn’t heard live,
As it was refused,
While it played for me to give you a piece of your flesh to survive.

Mommy said your brother Brandon gonna wish he hadn’t gave Martin that piece of liver,
Though he refused to deliver,
Every mistake you made with me you were certain not to make with him.

As I stroke this pen in the pen,
Prostrating thinking of when you told me about your prostate
All you could do is eat,
Clenching diabetic snacks through your teeth
I don’t care
Whatever it was you’re loved
Daddy you’re equally pure to me.

Secure in Quranic teachings you’re the best of companions behind Mommy,
Too bad we couldn’t have been better friends,
Blending in yeses,
I got a bunch of regrets
I sweat with tears,
Searching for a way to replace those lost years.

Daddy you got my forever days
I’ll never ever give your heart, soul and body or liver away.
I’ll continue to fix my permanent gaze on that night star that’s you in the darkest sky outside my every window’s view always. I love my Daddy Martin Wardell Robertson’s day is every day!!!

A Dedication To My Main Man by Marco Miguel

Marco Robertson #62151066
USP Lewisburg
P.O. Box 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837


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