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  • Nama Kerajaan: Ausar Emmanuel Jones
  • Daftar Bilangan: 28486-050
  • Umur:29
  • Masa Berkhidmat:N / A
  • Bandar Utama:Jersey City, NJ
  • Hukuman:30 tahun
  • Caj Semasa:Pembunuhan, Penculikan, RICO, Untuk. Pembunuhan, Pelanggaran senjata api, Untuk. Pembunuhan seorang pemberi maklumat Persekutuan manakala dipenjarakan
  • Alias:Pembunuh-E
  • Melepaskan Tarikh:2030
  • Gabungan Penjara:Darah (Sesak)
  • Circle Pengaruh:Tewhan Butler, Altariq Gumbs, Kenneth Thompson, Cedric Brown
  • Institusi:FCI McKean
  • Mendapatkan Bloods untuk bersatu dalam perjuangan untuk pertumbuhan dan pembangunan belia kita untuk mencegah pemenjaraan lanjut.

Why Are You Still Associated with the Bloods?

Someone asked me, “why are you still associated with the Bloods after all that time you received?” I want people to know that you can only view the world based on what you know. People who know me understand when I say your perception defines what you consider reality.

What is overlooked is the created structure of our society and what entities we create as a people. We are divided in so many ways based on the simplicity of a title. Whether it’s religion, geng, bangsa, or whatever else you might want to add. The fact remains that based on these titles we create ideologies, philosophies, and an energy to our liking that controls the mind and gives sight to our own truth. Not the truth, but what we believe to be true, which becomes the foundation of our faith.

For us in the urban community we created chaos and fostered chaos with acceptance, so a child who grows up in that community wants to be accepted by his peers and transcend that environment at the same time. He no longer wants to be himself. He wants to be the title. He takes the pain inside of him and aims it at what he believes to be justice. He lives by a set of rules and morals that dictate his understanding of justice, and in his world the gang becomes government.

The power of an unseen force is underestimated by those who lack knowledge of their true self. So it’s up to us who are aware to do our best to offset these entities, especially since we are the ones who helped create them with a lack of understanding of what the power of thought can really do. We must build solutions. The source must be the target. And we must recognize the mind as the source.

How can we regain control of our own minds? That’s the question many need to ask themselves. Parents must do their best to build their child’s mind. The American Dream is built on the suffering of our people and an economic underclass that is largely uneducated and trapped in a warped reality. How can 1% of the people control the world?

The illusions we see are nothing but a distraction from the real problems we face, so it is my duty to help the kids open their eyes and create an entity that will educate them. Those of us who ventured down the wrong path must make change and lead the kids on a different path than the one that led us to prison. I already have made enemies in trying to do such, but that’s not important to me.

The only thing important to me is the future of our children.

It’s going to take more people like us on Live from Lockdown to step up and help raise awareness whether people like it or not. But what we are doing is just a small part of what needs to be done. We all want change. We all want the chaos in the streets to stop. But who is stepping up and sacrificing for real change? The only way we can make change is by developing our own schools, but that’s a whole other topic.

So my reason to stay associated with the Bloods is to raise awareness and develop the newcomers to the lifestyle the best way I know how and to show them my true love for them by not turning my back on them. Once they are enlightened then they will understand. And with that understanding will come different choices and manhood. So that’s what I have to offer anyone who questions why I do what I do in spite of my affiliation.


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