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  • Nama Kerajaan: Eric Van Buren
  • Daftar Bilangan: 11044-068
  • Umur:42
  • Masa Berkhidmat:14 tahun
  • Bandar Utama:Washington D.C.
  • Hukuman:HIDUP
  • Caj Semasa:Drug Conspiracy
  • Alias:Big Erk, Freckle Face, Beezer
  • Melepaskan Tarikh:Clemency Candidate
  • Gabungan Penjara:Another Chance 4 Legal (AC4L)
  • Circle Pengaruh:Marcus Martin, Another Chance 4 Legal
  • Institusi:USP Kanaan
  • There is no honor in coming to prison. It does NOT make you a man.

The Art of Winning Litigation


Hello my name is Eric Van Buren, the author of The Art of Winning Litigation. Dalam 2006, menggunakan The Art of Winning Litigation, I got my case remanded by the Supreme Court. Dengan berbuat demikian, I was introduced to an all too familiar experience for criminal litigants- the lawyer who doesn’t really care about YOU!

My LIFE sentence was subsequently re-affirmed, due to my counsel’s neglect. What neglect? He neglected to listen to my warning that if he filed the motion he intended to, on my behalf, my case would be re-affirmed. And it was! Malangnya, during this verbal volley with him about the correct WAY to argue my issue, he got slick. He stated, and I quote, “your constant whiny demands do not serve your purpose. You hired me to get you back and I did. No matter how you may feel, the courts will always believe me over you. Matters of this instance are best left to those who are better learned.” Huh? Spoken like a true loser!

Two years prior to this incident, I was teaching The Criminal Trial Practice Manual. I had no clue on how to win a case. What I did know, Walau bagaimanapun, was The Criminal Trial Practice Manual, and I knew it intimately. During this period I won a significant case that began my journey down the ROAD TO VICTORY. A friend of mine, a D.C. Superior Court inmate, had a tough case. An AWIKA (Assault With Intent to Kill While Armed). Long story short, I won and he was released from prison!


Fast forward to 2010. By this time I had taught Criminal Trial Practice Law for six years. I had won several cases and medical negligence claims. Even though I experienced victories, I did not follow The Art of Winning Litigation (THE WAY). One day I was in the law library and I picked up a law book and BAM! A light came on! Have you ever tried to remember something but you couldn’t, then all of sudden you could? Well that’s how I felt. My clarity was about law.
It was then that I began to absorb any and all materials to perfect my craft. To sharpen my skills, I studied logic, strategy, taktik, prosecutor tactics. I read constitutional treatises, habeas corpus manuals, manuals on criminal procedure, AEDPA, Rules of Evidence, Appellate court handbooks, the art of argument, writing, styling sentences, all kind of legal theories, neuroscience and books on the function of legal doctrines. I could go on. I could not get enough. The odd thing was, I was not just reading them, I completely understood them and how I wanted to apply them. Anyone familiar with the process of enlightenment knows what I mean.

Dalam 2012, my legal perspective had changed. I knew HOW TO EFFECT victory in my legal filings. I began noticing that my motions were being passed to higher ups in the office. The defendant, government and respondent began adopting my style of argument. One time I filed something and the guy got relief on a different motion. A motion
he wasn’t’ even eligible to file but was sitting on the court’s desk. I even had one dude, who had filed for two years trying to get relief in a medical negligence case, tell me he thought I was over-charging because I only did two motions for him before I forced the government into a five figure settlement. THE WAY became my life.
The Art of Winning Litigation became my path to freedom!


So why should you buy the The Art of Winning Litigation? Think of it like this. You are David. There are NO legal books for David and you face Goliath. If you are not an insurance, mortgage, or medical company; if you are not part of a large business, undang-undang, or financial firm; if you are not a municipality or the State or Federal Government; YOU ARE DAVID and THEY ARE GOLIATH. The Art Of Winning Litigation is your weapon, the weapon, to defeat Goliath. if you are David. If someone tells you different. They are lying to you. If someone tells you they know better than the The Art of Winning Litigation ask them if they have read it.

Pendek, you have the POWER. You have the choice. You can choose the The Art of Winning Litigation, a manual built on over 30 years of legal experience and knowledge, or you can continue down the path you are on. The beauty about the The Art of Winning Litigation is that you don’t even have to know the law to have it effect victory in your litigation!

Try the The Art of Winning Litigation.

“The Art of War for Lawyers”

– Earl S. Adams Jr., Harvard Law Graduate.

If you need to win your litigation, you need The Art of Winning Litigation.

– Eric Van Buren
Post Conviction Strategist

Legal Consultant to:
Another Chance 4 Legal
Bitt of Law
The Feldman Group


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